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Sunday, November 2, 2014

No Sugar Coating

Let's not sugar coat this. We are witnessing a rare moment in history with the serial killers being arrested right now in America.

No, it's not the fact that they seem to grow in abundance.

It's not that they have exponential victims.

It's the fact the two most exposed ones right now are both black. That's right, folks, most serial killers are white males. So what is going on? HELL if I know. Probably just a fluke.

So which one is going to have the most gruesome history and the recognized patterned victimology-Jesse Matthew or Darren Vann? It is the prostitutes versus the college girls. Once again, I don't create this, I just watch it unfold in the news.

It just sickens me to think of all the families who have suffered for a long time dealing with all the head games of "what ifs". And believe it or not, even if reality has set in their mind, the families always have hope. You can't help it. It's human nature.

Amongst all this pain and suffering,  at the same time a real cop will confess (if he or she is the real deal and has the ballz) that the mind of a serial killer is fascinating. What makes them tick? We want to know. We want to know all of the pieces of the puzzle. Why are they prone to killing for sexual gratification? Fooled ya! Yeah. Power and sex. It all comes down to that or so you think. Sick.  Yet, it really isn't about sex.

They would just like you to think that. Not that there isn't some sexual dysfunction there. There is plenty o that. The main ingredients they seek are power and control and in turn this creates a high. What kind of high, you ask? Think about it. Pleashah! You get it now?

The really good ones make it an intriguing game of control...everything is about the thrill of the hunt. When the kill is completed...the cycle starts again.

The disorganized one is haphazard, working on impulses. I would even say sloppy at times and easy to catch. But the organized...those are the ones who are mysteries for years until something breaks in the chain. They use intelligence, due diligence, care, and are methodical. Yep.

Next time you are on a first date, check to see if he is disorganized or organized. Then run!

I would like to tell them to their face that they are dysfunctional. Boy, wouldn't it be fun to sit across from a serial killer and get their goat? It happened once for me...only not in an interview in which I would have desired (no sicko pun here), but in my patrol car. Yep. I wrote it all down and the lieutenant back then told me I could not turn that report in because it would sway the jury that the man was nuts. Guess what? It would not have. It would have shown how evil he was and it was excited utterance. I wish I had not been so naïve back then. He got life anyway, but it has always bothered me that I had to keep our transport conversation out of the report by orders. It would not have effected the outcome of the trial. Really, that is a long story for later.

Oh the brain stump question of the day? Why don't they refer to black serial killers by their first, middle, and last name like they do the white serial killer dudes? Yeah. I don't make this shit up. It's true. I looked...

I think the media outlets are all racists. That's the rumor I am starting. I'm going to go on the bandwagon and think fascists.  In all fairness, CNN had one article I found with "Darren Deon Vann" as a headline. But still. I think it is a little suspicious.

Serial killers are a psychiatrist's crack. They and the FBI are going to have a lot of puzzles to put together.

And you just thought they were the nice, quiet boys next door.


Murphy's Law said...

Organized or disorganized, black or white, they all hang the same, or at least they would if this country still had a Justice system that delivered justice.

Old NFO said...

+1 on Murph... Bundy et al were LONG TIME plotters and murderers... Sometimes they only get caught by sheer luck. And I think you're right, it's ALWAYS about power...