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Friday, November 14, 2014

Random Scramble

I'm so far behind I'm ahead. So today's blog is random scramble. That's right. I have no idea.

My blog writing list:

1. 4 book reviews
2. Announcements
3. Heat In The New Hell's Kitchen (not Manhattan)-Ferguson
4. Some funny stuff
5. Bug updates (sigh)
6. Life updates (bigger sigh)

My last two weeks of work has been fulfilled with getting ready for our biggest event in conjunction with an International rock star festival. So let me put that on ice...
2013 Ice Scuplture: Exotic Animals

2014 Ice Scuplture: French Baker

The university does a fantabulous job and this is a big fundraiser dealio as well as a forum for international display of cuisine, dance, fun, cross-cultural learning, culture displays, and  international education opportunities. Last year they featured strange/cute exotic animals (real in the building) which was a big hit! This year was bug eating...meal worms and grasshoppers. Wow. College students love adventure. I watched with turned up nose at that section and Bug did not want to be anywhere near there in fear of puking while observing people trying out insects. I did take her to taste all the international food and yummy. She was most impressed with the Italian section and the Chinese section of food. Delish. I loved the African shrimp dish and the Italian.

She loved the African music in the lounge area. They switched it up with some other cultural pieces and it was fun watching the women dance with cymbals...not to be confused with my symbols...which is actually a new age way of cursing. I guess you could do it to music. I was, however, disappointed she would not go to the belly dancing show.  It is phenomenal. We have like 20 Shakiras.

Last night after the event, I could not moved and slumped into a deep sleep of international bliss. I did have a weird dream. I can't belly dance in my sleep, either.

Today...I cannot move and I do not feel like working. None of us do. This event sucks the life out of us, but it is the lifeblood of our fall activities. Our fair is about promoting study abroad education in the midst of the international fest. We recruit students for programs abroad in international education. That's my job. And keeping the faculty happy.

I need a drink on that note.

Yesterday was day 2 of diluted coffee. I think. I've lost track of days. See. No coffee=brain malfunction. When you get off the crack, you go into a numbing mode of fog and drift off a lot.

Today...I have had one cup. I feel sick and puny.

Anywhinypants, I have a lot to do. I'm about to roll out some more posts. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, check out this website and Google Plus for updates and educational materials on criminal justice. I might be there somewhere. LOL. Look for me! Follow!


1 comment:

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Okay...so you're doing DILUTED COFFEE?
Ehhhh, that's not that great, unless you're diluting it with BOURBON...lol.
(my preference)
Iced tea is a good "sub" for that caffeine jag.
Either sweet or raspberry.

Hey, at least you're not into those "E" ciggies (w/ cannabis oil...that's coming, trust me - it's already being tested for those "legal" states).
I'll stick to coffee (and bourbon)

Roll safe down there, Kiddo.