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Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Well, this week of renewal has panned out well. I  am sitting at my desk right now in much more pain than past days. Is there enough ginger root and Ibuprofen in this world? Maybe I should try medicinal marijuana. Wait. Scratch that. Just kidding, Mom. I really don't want to be living life in a fog anyway.

The pain is in my neck, middle spine, and right shoulder, but most apparent right in the middle of my spine between the shoulder blades. Odd. I thought all of this stemmed from my rotator cuff, but I am not sure now. I still have almost full range of motion with a lot of crepetus. BTW, Blogger spellcheck suggests "crepes" for crepetus and does not recognize it as a word. Believe me, it's a word. And believe me, I think crepes sounds a lot more appealing.

Why aren't you going to the doctor, Fargo, you might ask?

Answer: Because it costs too much and this is how poor people handle it. So when you look around at crippled old people...they were poor.

Forget that. On to the positive.

Week 1 of DO-OVERS, I have lost 3 pounds. I can tell you this meal plan is so bland I feel like I should be in an old folk's home or on the geriatric ward of a hospital. Thank the good Lord above it does not have canned peas on the menu.

Actually, everything is fresh. It does not recommend anything canned.

The upside of that is I am not hungry so far.

I thought the bathroom would frequent me with this new lifestyle change, but it hasn't. I know every one and their dog needed to know that information. I like to share.

Now for some cops and politics. They go together like root beer and dragon fruit. Yeah. It's my analogy. Don't hate.

Some interesting subjects came up yesterday at work:

1. Fargo, you know whom I really hate who a lot of people like for a Presidential candidate? Elizabeth Warren. Her book The Two Income Trap is stupid and for a feminist she really degraded women by telling them to stay at home and because they wanted to work, they ruined the middle class. I really hope the Democrats choose Hillary as their nominee.
My face kind of looked like this. Credit: Pinterest

First...Yes, I needed an eject button for this person.

Second, I have not read the book. So, I pondered Amazon for a look-see. I told her..."it seems to have gotten mostly good reviews and some negative. It says she thought a lot of the middle class demise is because the generation after hers got very materialistic. I would agree with that assessment. It says they want bigger houses, bigger cars, and don't know how to live on a one person income. I think that makes sense." I also told her I didn't think Elizabeth Warren was a feminist (in the negative sense) but was forward thinking for women. Elizabeth Warren is a Democrat and I gave myself kudos for saying nice things about her. I also said I like her. That's a big step for me. Not really, I often like or dislike politicians because of what they stand for and decide in Congress. I just like to poke at Democrats. It's fun. And easy. Too far left or right is terrible anyway, in my opinion.

Yeah. It turned into a femi-Nazi war. I couldn't reason. Now I have to read the book so I can poke some acid in the wounds and dig it up again.

2. Fargo, what do you think of the race war against cops? Do you think it is as bad as they say it is? Or do you think the media and small groups are exaggerating that cops are racist?

Photo credit: Pinterest

I think he awakened the great sleeping bear in me. Well, first, I think the departments which have mostly white cops but patrol mostly black neighborhoods are going to have to do some affirmative action hiring to alleviate the appearance of disparity. Then, I would say...NO. I think a lot of it is HYPE and RHETORIC. Yes, there are some problem cops who need to be fired or departments which need reformation...however, most cops are NOT racists. Media and race baiter idiots. When I was a cop, I saw the reverse. It took years to build a rapport where race was not a factor for the black neighborhoods. It took years for me to gain trust and not on my end. Cops never trust. We just appear to. Still there was a division. Perhaps because they perceived us as the enemy and it had nothing to do with our color but only our uniform. I don't know. I can't read their minds. But I did state I thought the issue was being magnetized into something that was not really there as a national problem. It is departmental and neighborhood specific. I get tired of blanket parties.

Oh...we both agreed on this issue. It was a male colleague who asked the questions. He thought the same. 

The bear went back to sleep.


Coffeypot said...

The problem in the black community is the race bating of the politicians. I agree that most cops are not operating under racists beliefs, but I do know they still profile. They have too. The New York mayor has lead to a down sizing of arrest and police activity by 60%. The NYPD boos him on the street and they are doing the 'Blue Flu' type thing to show their contempt. They only go after the hard and fast cases. I applaud them. He needed to have their backs, not the demonstrators.

Old NFO said...

It's a tough time to be an LEO right now. Just sayin... And hope you get to feeling better soon!

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo,

I will be starting my weight loss program, I had to return from camping....Trust me...Camp food ain't healthy...it is designed for Kids....And I am not looking forward to this.
Lemme have a go with your first subject...Elizibewth Warren...she says that women need to stay home....Well to be crass, part of the reason women have to work is that if you figure out all the taxes a family pays....the lesser salary(usually the women...Don't hate...it is statistic) is used to pay the tax burden that the average family has to deal with. the democrats talk about trying to help the middle class, yet they promote policies that destroy the middle class...They want a bunch of poor people, if you depend on the government for your cheese....you will support the government as long as they keep the cheese coming.
Second one...part of the reason there are a lot of white cops in predominately black areas is that most of the blacks will not pass the background check. Also there is a culture against any blacks that "try to pass", by being cops, or anything that will better themselves, so they pull each other down. And the race baiting politicians use that to keep themselves in power...Just a quick and dirty analysis....Hope you don't mind

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Sorry to hear abiout the back problems...(living with it myuself).
For me, "some days are diamonds...some days are stones". (hey, I think there's a song title in there...lol)
As for item 1 - when it comes to women politicians...gotta run with what they STAND for...period. We're agreed on that one (again)?).
As for item 2 - (sigh)...I think we have too many folks on the WRONG side of the shield telling everyone else what it "appears" to be on the RIGHT side of the shield...not the best way to make a point and tell the TRUTH...but it's convenient for the drive-by media.
--And AFFIRMATIVE ACTION goes ONLY as far as the number of minorities that APPLY to the department...AND can make it ALL the way through academy into probationary patrols. Even after that, some will wash out.
It's a numbers game and you cannot MANUFACTURE numbers that won't add up...although there are some who WILL try.

Excellent post and comments.

Roll safe out there this year, dear.