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Monday, December 1, 2014

Ferguson Burning: Making A Ruckus

I'm pretty disgusted with the way the nation is reacting to the Ferguson ordeal. It got me thinking...what is really going on?

Is it that they are in a race baiting bubble and can't get out? They are so far into a cause that is being fueled by untruths? Are people and media inputting something into the event and history that wasn't there? Or is everyone on the outside looking in full of crap and unable to see?

I just don't get it.

There is an economic disparity in the community. It is also mostly black with mostly white cops. So can it be fair with those ratios? And why had this risen to this level? There had to be something brewing before the shooting.

I wonder why the mayor jumped on the wagon to throw Wilson under the bus. I lost a lot of respect for him when the news hit of his lack of support and using Wilson as a scapegoat. It was almost as if "good riddance" was his message. Here is a man who could have played a leadership role in his city, yet he lies down like a dog. Maybe he is scared.

Then you have Obama who ignited a cops versus black nation persona and announced law enforcement needs to be reformed across America, by God! Bam. The gavel went down.

Do you believe that hate runs so deep our nation as a whole has a majority of lousy, bigoted cops? That seems to be the verdict handed down by many.

And what kind of leader gets up there and joins the mob? Is because he is scared? Wanted to calm the masses? Or because he believes that way? Or can't he part with the likes of Al Sharpton and is he running around like a puppet?

Then there is the opposition to this fiasco and chaos. Persons around the nation I would view as leaders. You saw them take a stand to make change the right ways, speaking out against thug behavior.

And what about justice? Do we just discard it?

I'd like to think Martin Luther King, Jr. would have been ashamed of the violent rioting.

Have we disintegrated to "your people" versus "my people"?

Does it feel worse than the 60's must have?  I thought that the other day.

Those were times of true turmoil and wrongs were done to many. I do agree America needed a change and I am glad it did. It took the sacrifices of many heroes and civil rights leaders making a stand against injustice.

But what happens now? Do we go backwards?

And damn the media clips bursting out with jaded headlines one way or the other. What happened to the truth? I can't even piece it together with 6 or 7 outlets.

It's a good thing I worked on the inside (from the cop side) because I have seen as a whole the good guys are more abundant than the bad. And I support them. I also fear for them right now. How uneasy of a feeling it is going to be for a while going into any situation and not knowing. Not knowing if you are going to be harassed, ambushed, attacked, killed, or persecuted like Jesus.

It falls the other way as well. Cops are not trusted even before they get out of their patrol car, but just because of the color of their uniform. Kind of ironic, isn't it? Colored lines.

Michael Brown is not a martyr. He is not a civil rights hero. He was a person who acted with thug behavior and made some choices that ultimately led to his death. His behavior should be condemned not elevated to sainthood.

Darrin Wilson is no hero. He is a cop who defended himself and did his job as he was trained. Now his life is upside down and his career ended abruptly, not on his terms, but by the only terms. How could he have continued to work? He couldn't have.

Look where we are today.

Businesses are burned to the ground. Football stars are protesting on the field on camera. Students are walking out of schools in protest.For what? For change? Or to protest cops?

Let's just put a blanket over America.

I am ashamed people have lost the ability to make a difference in the world by voice and by peaceful choices which would hail them heroes like Rosa Parks and Medgar Evers.

I also wonder what we look like to other nations. There is no need for them to declare us as an enemy and plot against us. We are burning ourselves at the stake.

Ok. I am done today with that soapbox. I keep waiting for this country to move on and do something positive about the problems of economic disparity, job markets, and industry failures. It seems my television is stuck.


constant listener said...

Thank you for this commentary. The bizarro world that Ferguson became in the past week shows what a warped point of view some people have.

Act like a thug, you'll be treated like a thug. And going for a cops gun during a physical struggle means that all bets are off and someone gets hurt. Thankfully it wasn't the cop...

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo,

I am glad you posted this stuff, I have been debating what to answer your post and I will not do another "long" reply, better blogger's than I have already said what need to be said.
All I can say...."Who benefits from the turmoil?" The black leaders that believe that there are klansman behind every bush while the tribute flows into their bank accounts? The Current occupant in the white house that uses Ferguson to distract everybody else while he continues his plans to transform the nation? The Media that shamelessly pushes a point of view that they know is wrong especially CNN and MSNBC but pushes a narrative...and gives them extra ratings....The many leftist groups that have used Ferguson as the figurative axe to grind against the system. The End results is that race relations have deteriorated to a point that I almost think it will take lots of blood to get past the hatred. I have no easy answer for you...I just see a lot of pain in the future.

A. Nona Moose said...

You mean that Mike Brown was not the darling angel? Right. Act like a thug, be treated like a thug. Act like an adult be treated as such.

We have gone so far to the right that no one is responsible for their own actions. There is always something to blame.

I am fat. DAMNED FORKS. Ban those forks and I won't eat so much.

RussianBear said...

A. Nona Moose...if you ban forks, I'll have to eat my gravy with a spoon, and that will not help me slim down. Ban spoons, and I'll have to drink it from the boat. ==> Rule of unintended consequences..spiraling out of control.

The whole Ferguson mess...started with a lie, hyped to hysteria, and ending with disaster....seems to parallel Obama's presidency to a degree.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Yeah, what Mr. G said...!

Stay safe