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Monday, December 15, 2014

Santa's Bag O Goodies-Unique Finds

Ho ho ho!

Did I startle you?

How did I know your name?

Were you paying attention?

Guilty conscious?

I bet you heard me call out you by name and thought...OH HELL TO THE NO! she did not just call me that. Maybe I was just gardening happily while singing a song. How do you know I wasn't?


Ok, enough with the shenanigans. Pay attention. Here are some great Christmas gift ideas....

                                                        photo credit: Pinterest: simplystacie.net

                        Hunted Lyon--C-S Wilson

                        The Grey Man- JL Curtis
                        The Grey Man: Payback-JL Curtis

                        The Boogie Man Is My Friend
                        The Boogie Man Is My Friend: The Rookies
                        The Boogie Man Is My Friend: Behind The Shield

                        NYPD Bomb Squad Series by JE Fishman

SPA PRODUCTS: Angelic Skintimacy by Angel Shrout
                                                 Mount Sapos by Cheryl Lorance

POTTERY: Gary Rith Pottery

All of these creations were crafted, written, and made by some very talented people (minus myself, I'm just snarky). So get some new and unique gifts for your loved ones or just pamper yourself!


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Sounds like some good "must haves" to make the season "BRIGHT" (could also be that light-bar on the G-ride, though)

Roll safe down there.

GunDiva said...

I'm reading the first Grey Man and enjoying it a lot, thanks for the tip :)

(And thanks for the shout-out)

A. Nona Moose said...

if one more person says shenanigans