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Monday, December 22, 2014

Tap! Rack! Bang!

I am really enjoying these moments of winter reading books. I get lost in them. It's my winter crack. Just recently, I finished Robert Black Whitehill's Tap Rack Bang.  (Although this is the third in the series, I did not have any problem following most of the story line, but I would recommend reading them in order. There were some things missed I would have liked to read, so I will be getting 1 and 2. Yes, that is a segue into my favorable rating of the book. )

Right now, you can get it at a good price on Amazon! 

Check out the links above. Mr. Whitehill is no stranger to writing (refer to his author page link for his biography) and his attention to details show in the book. I found myself conflicted when former Navy Seal Ben Blackshaw risked his undercover operation for a stowaway and a woman to boot. But that is a plus to his characters...they are flawed...flawed like any human being. Additionally, he is full of human compassion, not your impermeable hero type.  Ben Blackshaw is a complicated person and you can't help but want to continue to get to know him with each plot twist. He is...former military...tough guy...family man...investigator...non-glory hound.

Tap Rack Bang is a detailed, page turner, and full of intrigue. It will keep you involved and engaged. It was hard to put the book down in the middle and I found myself staying up late. I get wrapped up in these kind of stories which reminds me of the current short series-television shows-which take your mind in all different paths-- you thought it was going to happen a certain way-- it doesn't, and the investigation goes a  new direction. Tap Rack Bang is a unique look into a sinister world...one we maybe wish to ignore. It is unfathomable. Ben just happened across a surprise victim...an Internet website of torture...murder...missing children, etc. I mean this is really sinister stuff. It's deep. No shallow waters here.

The only thing I would change? Bigger print. I found the paperback version was a little hard on my eyes at my age. It didn't stop me from enjoying the read, however. I would highly recommend this book for anyone who likes mystery, intrigue, danger, and plot twists.

Now, I am off to ask Robert Blake Whitehill some questions...

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