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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Land Of The Lost

I am beyond disgusted as I await the black helicopters to swoop down on my house after getting vocal on my Boogie Man Facebook feed and perhaps on some national news feeds. I was bored. I was home sick. I ranted about the President making public comments on every law enforcement action and court case in the country. It makes me furious and he doesn't know what he is talking about. Plus he is inciting an "Us versus Them" mentality. Could someone please cut his puppet strings or pull Al Sharpton from the behind the curtains and expose this puppeteer show?

Let's just screw all the law enforcement officers in all The Land as well as throw away the judicial system. Why do we need Congress? How about let's go with a dictatorship. Yes, that's the ticket.

And thank you for taking away all the free equipment and grant programs from law enforcement. Don't worry, those MREs sucked ballz. I hated them. They were good in a pinch if I needed to be constipated for days in the woods. I got to drive Russ (armored vehicle), thank you. That was cool. Now we have to give it back. Well, probably. You might ask for it back.

It's like when your big sister asks you what you want to do and she makes you play her game, do what she wants to do, and eats your candy bar. Then, your big sister tells you what to do anyway. Then she plays with your toys, lets you touch them, then takes them back. That might have all actually happened.

The President is a grumpy cat.  Not only that, he is not a cool cat. These statements will probably be taken as racist, too, because calling someone a cat is racist. Or something. He has some ego. The biggest ego in all The Land. He has some nerve. Who does he think he is? Kim Jung-un? Oh, wait, he thinks he is The President. Yet, he isn't acting like one. He's acting like Rush Limbaugh or Anderson Cooper with a liberal accent. If we needed a commentator for all of The Land and all police actions, we would have added that in the job description. So, where were you on my last traffic stop? Where were you when I was in fights for my life? And what about the time I bought lemonade from kids or sled down the hill with them or jousted with the boys in the park?

I am witnessing with my very own eyes and additionally, all of America's eyes, the craziest happenings in this country. I have to blink and wipe my eyes, then go back and rewind. And drink. It's causing me to drink a lot. I hope the government will pay for my rehab and other benefits when it comes time for my intervention. 

It's quite unbelievable actually. And no one is stopping him. No one is putting up their hands. Wait, that was a bad choice of words. 

This is fucking ridiculous. There. I feel better now. Sorry, Mom. 

CNN has pissed me off to no end with their racist remarks and untruthful scrutiny. They are banned. 

I really wish I could write a letter and ask Obama to do a ride along with me. If I was a cop, I would. However, any chief might frown on that because we are not to be regular citizens writing to Congress or The President. 

But if he ever were to take me up on a ride along, you can guarantee it would be interesting and fun. And he might get to see the real world of the streets. Oh, and I would be the real Fargo minus a couple f-bomb for clarity and politeness, but still the same me. 

Here's another tidbit. To the police administrators: you had better accept the body cams without discontent because if you don't play along, there you go. The world will persecute you like Jesus. Sure there are disadvantages as with everything. Absolutely love the car videos, not sure I would like the body cams, but your leader has spoken and by golly, he knows everything about law enforcement. I think in the long run, it will vindicate several cops even at the sacrifice of discomfort and awkwardness. If you want to come along and pee with me, then I would gladly wear one. I peed a lot on duty. Sorry about your rose bushes, Mr. Shenanigans.

Mr. President, you work for me. You are fired! I always wanted to play Donald Trump.  Maybe I am giving you a pink slip?....detention? 

Ok, could you please get your act together? It's just a simple request. 

This movie is the worst horror film I have watched in real time. 


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Patience, and wait your turn. There are not enough black helicopters to pick up all who need picking up quickly.

Momma Fargo said...

Wsf...I am first!

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo,

You will have to wait your turn at the black helicopters and the FEMA camps....There will be a lot of people going into them. I figure about 10% of the population will have to be "reeducated"or vanish before the statist can have their way for the utopia on the hill...if only we would do what they say....it would be there for all to enjoy.
I have quit raising hell at the TV, it is counterproductive, I just buy more ammo:)
I would love for Obama to do a "ride along" with some cops in some urban setting like Detroit or Trenton and he can see the urban denizens at their finest. Obama is an elitist with nothing in common with them, they would embarrass him.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I hear the FEDS are using the black helos to take people to the place where they BUILD 'em...so they can be trained to make more to grab EVERYONE...lol.

I agree with you 100%.
Feds need to get their damn thumbs out of the local law-enforcement pies.

The "o" is a narcissist of the first degree...the name Mussolini comes to mind for some strange reason.
Love the memes, too...funny as hell.

A "ride-along"...HA, like that would happen (but it SHOULD).

Hell, take the whole race-baiting crowd along, too (maybe a full size window van?)...to the worst parts of our cities and let them SEE (hear and maybe feel) the REALITY there.

Sure makes me wonder why the feds bought ALL those hollow-points and MRAPS...and we have these (new) "empty prisons" across America.

I know who DOES belong there, and it ain't us, Kiddo.

Good post and comments.

Roll safe down there

Suzanne McCarley said...

A comment a friend tried to post:

America. What an astoundingly strange thing you are.

The best of everything possible and the worst of all that can be. You can put a pod on a commet racing through space at half a millions kilometres an hour, yet have leaders who stand on the corpses of people in foreign lands to ascend into a rarified stratosphere of White House residency.

America, I adore you for your passion and scientific contributions and strange products and services that leave me in awe. You are the greatest performer of soap opera at its finest and never fail to capture my curiosity both born from admiration and horror.

This article is terrifically written. I say that because it comes as an arrow shot straight from the heart.

Thank you.

JR Brook.

Momma Fargo said...

Mr. G and Bob G-LOL. Maybe we should all go into the black ops biz. Of course, between us, we will be fighting for riding shotgun.

J.R. Brook and Suzanne McCarley-welcome aboard! Thank you for your comment and I bet we do look like a soap opera from far away. I am quite ashamed at how our leaders are acting and how our people are living in pure turmoil minus any common sense right now.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
You can do "shotgun",...I'll take a door-gun (I like the view)

Roll safe down there, Kiddo.

Suzanne McCarley said...

Glad to be back Momma. I still don't spend much time in blogland, but I've missed it!

Old NFO said...

You're on the money... sigh... NOTHING he's done is supporting the Constitution...

Murphy's Law said...

If they round you up, I'll either bust you out, or plan a break-out with you in the event that they already got me too. Either way, if enough of us can make our way out west, we can have our own country and dare them to come do something about it.

Momma Fargo said...



Old NFO,

Oy, I agree with your assessment.

Murphy's Law,

Thank you! I'll be the one waving jazz hands to get your attention.