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Monday, January 26, 2015


Are you lying in wait for the next big news blast on cops?

Or a new riot to break out?

How about the storm to hit the east coast?

Come on. You have thought about this...How many of you think it is karma biting The Patriots in the butt for cheating? It was a thought.

How many of you are waiting for your city or state to fix the potholes? I almost got swallowed up by one yesterday...

For a break...take a look at my latest serious side...follow along if you like...

It's quiet out there. Shhhhh. Don't say the "q" word. I know. I know.

A few random schmandoms today:

New vocabulary:

impo ent (two words due to the pause): spelled i-m-p-o-r-t-a-n-t--im·por·tant
  1. of great significance or value; likely to have a profound effect on success, survival, or well-being.


Had a couple (more than two) questions on email to address:

1) What are your plans? Are you happy? What is in your future?

I first took this as a questionnaire resembling what you would fill out on an online dating site, but then I knew that was not true because I have never been on an online dating site. So...I wouldn't know. It just sounded like something you would fill out. Are you asking me out?

Must love dogs. Must embrace crazy. Must be able to keep up. Must have a job. 

There...I shaved my list of requirements way down from the original 40.

1-I have many plans, some of them are spinning in place, some in motion.

2-I am happy most of the time because I am crazy like that. I do get sad on occasion and have other emotional episodes including drama because I am a girl, but I act like most normal types. My daughter would say I have stone face and resting bitch face. That applies to some situations. I like to laugh a lot. Life is good.

3-If only I had a crystal ball...

2) Why do you defend cops when you know they are moving toward a police state right now?

That is a loaded question, isn't it?

I believe most cops are inherently good. It's funny how the media spins every move they make now into one end of the spectrum or the other which I think influences the public to one way or the other as well.  I am pretty much sick of it. Let's move on. Weed out the dirty cops. Get rid of them. But most are good. Don't give them all a blanket party. As far as police state? Bwahahaha. Don't make me laugh. You people don't even know what a police state is. Yes, I said, "you people" which is only directed at those liberals who think we have a police state with our law enforcement. I wish the cops could be left alone to do their jobs. Right now they are under a microscope. Perhaps this is warranted with the way the world has changed and if they are doing their job and by the rules, no worries. Right? Wrong...because they still get criticized. Society as a whole doesn't just chew off the top layer, they want the officer naked. It is to the point, I think many forget they are human beings in a uniform...no perfect robots walking black and white with no grey matter. Grey matter is sewer, but in this case I am referring to those cases where there is no black and white answer or solution. I suggest attending a citizen's academy or some law enforcement event. Get to know your community instead of being on the sidelines. I could go on, but why bore you on a Monday?

3) Where is that book review you promised?

Yes, it is soon. Patience, grasshopper. 

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Old NFO said...

Loaded questions seem to be the 'flavor' of the day lately... And if you don't answer in the 'expected' way, you're on the s**t list... sigh