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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

It's Damn Good Police Work, You Namby Pambies!

I have a stick in my craw. Always hated that little quip because although craw is a stomach or insect, it sounds like butt or crotch and, by golly, that's gotta hurt. Or at least be "durned" uncomfortable. My stick is the way things are twisted these days. The GunDiva posted a diddy on PC and microaggressions yesterday I found interesting. Candy asses. Now that is a word of the future: microaggressions. Dufaq, you say! 

Let me have Wikipedia define it for you because all things are true on there: "Micro-aggression is a form of "unintended discrimination". It is depicted by the use of known social norms of behavior and/or expression that, while without conscious choice of the user, has the same effect as conscious, intended discrimination. "

Well, my aggression is macro because I go big or go home. Really, I have no intent to ponder that theory, I just found it interesting the world is dissecting every word we say and all of it or some of it is going to offend some daisy out there. Well, sue me. You can't squeeze blood out of a turnip. 

What is "aggressing" my craw is the media spinning a good thing into a bad word which sparks everyone around you to shush you when it is uttered: PROFILING.

Profiling is just damn good police work, you namby pambies. 

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Let me direct you to Google for this definition: "the recording and analysis of a person's psychological and behavioral characteristics, so as to assess or predict their capabilities in a certain sphere or to assist in identifying a particular subgroup of people."

Oh, and I found a ditty on the definition of "profiling" from Urban Dictionary which shows what dopes they really are: "Basically stereotyping for police. It's when an officer think a person is committing some sort of crime simply because they are of a certain race, culture, etc. And as Ron White would say it, it is wrong.They pulled me over, but they were stopping everyone on that sidewalk, and that's profiling, and that's wrong."

All I can say is the dudes behind Urban Dictionary are just dingbats and have no clue about word verbage and their definition would more likely fit "racial profiling",  a much different term.

Raise your attention to all alarmists! The police are coming! The police are coming! 

(jazz hands and chicken dance, circling in panic)

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So if I was walking late at night or jogging (great cover for a burglar casing a joint), and got stopped by police, I would have no problems with that and comply. Why? I have nothing to fear, it is not considered a burden to me, and I have done nothing wrong. Would I consider it harassment? No. Maybe I am alone in that line of thinking.

I would appreciate it in my neighborhood. I would also appreciate them checking to see if I was alright. After all, I did a lot of that during in-climate weather or odd hours of the evening. Unfortunately, you often discover victims of violent crime, domestic violence, or homelessness as well. Yes, all persons are checked for warrants and I logged their information. It was very helpful at times when our logs would assist during armed robberies or we just so happened to cross a fleeing suspect and did not know it until later. However, that intelligence was revisited and we were able to locate the persons to recontact and arrest. Those are just some examples. The police are not the enemy, however, it seems like the media want to portray them this way.  Especially, with recent events, the police are under fire from all different sides, even their friends. 

I digress.

Let me add in that racial profiling does not count white people. Why? Because in the color wheel, white is not a color. White is the absence of color. It is also considered a shade in the art world. So racial...just means "people of color." Let's say you are a white dude targeted in Chinatown communities...say of L.A. or the Projects of Detroit or Chicago. If you are white and targeted by police because you look out of place (white person roaming around in a different cultural neighborhood)...it is still not racial profiling. It does not apply to white people. OK. Point made. Hey...it's not my definition.

Let me get your awareness modules up by showing you the ACLU version of  their definition of "racial profiling":"Racial profiling is a longstanding and deeply troubling national problem despite claims that the United States has entered a "post-racial era." It occurs every day, in cities and towns across the country, when law enforcement and private security target people of color for humiliating and often frightening detentions, interrogations, and searches without evidence of criminal activity and based on perceived race, ethnicity, national origin or religion. Racial profiling is patently illegal, violating the Constitution's core promises of equal protection under the law to all and freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures. Just as importantly, racial profiling is ineffective. It alienates communities from law enforcement, hinders community policing efforts, and causes law enforcement to lose credibility and trust among the people they are sworn to protect and serve."

I have to agree with Sunil Dutta who said this in an article: "True racial profiling, in which people are targeted solely because of race or ethnicity, is both illegal and immoral. It destroys public trust and reduces the effectiveness of the police. There is no place for it in law enforcement. "

Add a word "racial" in front of it and it becomes a big  no-no. It is wrong to target someone solely based upon the color of their skin. That's not what I'm talking about. 

I mean to speak of the times an office is patrolling his/her area and looks around...notices odd behavior, one thing doesn't look like the other, persons walking around late at night, or that one car when you glance and you go...hmm..."probably up to no good". It also sets well in the hearts of veteran cops to know when you observe things in your area, you can pick out those dealer cars, those vandals, robbers on their way to robbing, etc. Isn't that something all of America would like? 

Communities United For Police Reform say this:  “Stop and frisk” and other discriminatory policing practices have spiraled out of control."

So what do officers do? 

What is profiling, really? And how do officers stop doing it? Should they stop doing it?

They watch, they surveil. 

Profiling all by itself with no adjective,  is made up  of observations combined with street knowledge, emotional intelligence, and situational awareness. It helps to add in years of experience on the job and time in a certain area, recognizing crime patterns and target places. Then you have a good Fox Moldy and a Danish Scully officer who really has some substance. 

But we are told this is bad?

If the person commits a traffic infraction, police might use that opportunity to get some Intel, pull them over. Perhaps they just let the bad guy know they are there, give them a warning and let them go on their way. Maybe...maybe...they smell drugs in the car. Or better yet, the person has a warrant. 

What about the person walking down the street at 3:00 AM?

Duh. "It's the witching hour, let them thar warlocks go on their way, stop at Mini Mart, and get  a cup of coffee. But any other times, it is good to stop and chat 'em up." 

No not really. You contact them. It isn't harassment. It's damn good police work.

Most of the contacts are just that...a simple and brief contact...perhaps offer assistance... and you wish the person a good day or evening or safe travels. WHAT IS THE BIG FAT HARRY DEAL?

Sure, you have issues when the police go over the scope, harass, act like assholes on every contact, shake up the town, and go beyond legalities to push too far. I get that. Those are bad things. But the every day regular Joe Cop isn't a bad guy nor does he need disciplined because he follows the rules. Rules of police work work properly if followed correctly. Say that five times fast. And good cops prevail. 

So what now?

Or add in the new language...we now have categories..."criminal profiling" versus "racial profiling".  Oh, and the little old ladies book club applauds and  thinks "criminal profiling" is OK because the word "criminal" makes it worthy.  

Can we just stop with the semantics and word juggling all the damn time? PC is getting ridiculous and everyone is now transparently thin-skinned. Or do we have to be that specific?

I am just worn out with the blanket parties of people thinking "police" is a dirty word. 

I also despise the PC takeover and reformation of dumb things by Namby Pambies. Stop it. 

Trite. That's a word.

Focus on things that matter. Oh, and by the way, most police organizations have asked for reform for years in the form of training and equipment. It just takes money. Now it's someone else's great idea and the FEDs will throw money at them. Hopefully, they will not come up with overly mandated programs with under funding. Again. 

Also...to prevent bad cops...it takes great leaders and role model examples in several positions. 

Basically, leaders...get your balls out of your purse.


Murphy's Law said...

Stopping a car full of young white kids in an inner city neighborhood known for drug sales and where few if any white people live.

Profiling? Or sound policing based on a better than 50/50 chance that they are either lost or buying drugs? The latter has always worked for me.

Momma Fargo said...

Murphy's Law...the latter. Or we could just say they were lost. LOL

Murphy's Law said...

"Your Honor, I stopped them because I thought that they might be lost...however, when I casually inquired as to whether or not they might have anything in their car that I needed to know about, they handed me this bag of weed."

Momma Fargo said...

But Officer Murphy, why would you think they were lost? Because of their lack of color? Or can you pinpoint criminal activity afoot? Is being lost reasonable suspicion? You can chat with anyone on the street for no reason, but stopping a car? I would hope you had an infraction. Me thinks you are ghost profiling because you can't racially profile white folks. Or...why what a nice gesture, Officer Murphy, and a little weed whacking in the process...I say score one for law enforcement.

Old NFO said...

Well said, and I'm not even going to get into what we do/did in the military... :-) Profiling IS a valid tool. Period.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

So let me be a bit contrary, as I am a contrary old goat. Worked with a man who was my age, married, kids, both of us car salesmen. One difference, he was black. So I am driving us back from lunch and he calls out, "Frankie, COPS"! My response, "So what"? He was conditioned by life's experiences to fear the police. Me? Only if the blue and reds were flashing behind me. Says something, what I'm not sure, about our culture.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
BRAVO...forgive me if I take a moment...(thunderous applause of one)...there, much better.

Wonder why you and I share SO much in common on this issue?
(because, it's the TRUTH)
Yeah, that's gotta be it.

Great job you did w/ splainin' this erroneously hot topic.
Sad to see the PC-pundits gin up something out of nothing.

It IS damn good police work, and you covered all the bases on PROFILING better than anyone on TV or other media sources.
(You need your own cable-access show...lol)

It's all about common sense...and the people that choose to USE it, eh?

Excellent post (and comments).

Roll safe down there, dear.