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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Career Squishing

A while back, Well Seasoned Fool asked me to address police character in an email many moons back, and I am a little pissed Gmail has lost it in the oblivion of the Internet Cloud. I don't permanently delete anything, so it must have dropped off the face of the earth, which means I took entirely too long to address it. For this, I apologize.

I will set the scene, and if it is way off the mark, Well Seasoned Fool will certainly tell me I am full of shit. He is a straight shooter.

Let's say someone, a local, youngish, hard working, good man (yes male) gets into a bar fight or just a brawl over words or protecting someone's honor, or maybe he is just damn pissed off at some punk running their mouth and had enough. It could be at a bar. It could be at Walmart. It definitely would not happen at Target because we Target shoppers are pompous assholes. Kidding! Anyway, fists fly and dust blows. Cops eventually show up. The cop may or may not cite or arrest or perhaps he (yes male-this is a man story) talks to both parties and the fight is over and both go home, no charges, no consequences. It might be like the good old days. See. Cops are not all assholes, although it is your own damn fault you got into a fight in the first place. I would come bearing gifts. Anydigression, the cop makes a comment to the nice youngish man that his aspirations of being a cop are over and he should not think about law enforcement.

First, this statement from the police officer on career squishing is not entirely true. Could one simple fight ruin someone's chances of being a law enforcement officer? It depends is the correct way to look at it. If it does, just go join the military. LOL.

I know several great cops who got into an occasional brawl, got misdemeanors, or even smoked pot. The departments look at the time frame, age of candidate at the time, and if it was pattern behavior. So, Well Seasoned Fool...I wanted to tell you that you still could have tested and you still would have been able to be a cop. Most departments would expect honesty in reporting those things, but it would not hinder all possibilities. Unless, you applied for the FBI and they only take nerdy sissies. Just kidding.

Ok. So...this last month has been a rally to boost emotional spirits in law enforcement by myself. I, along with many of my peers are so passionate about the profession. One of my former colleagues shared his parting email upon retirement from my department. Yes, it is my department and always will be. I didn't work for anyone else. So there. Mine, mine, mine, mine. I am still part of it, although it no longer is a part of me. Get it. Got it. Good.

I wrote this along with some words from my buddy Detective Fedora. You might remember him from some stories on here and in the books: You can CLICK HERE. Tell me what you think. Do you agree with us? Are we too passionate about law enforcement? Are we unrealistic? Are we spot on? Do you agree or disagree as an outside perspective? Are we pie-eyed and stoned? No. We don't do drugs. At least not illegal ones. Right now I am on some muscle relaxers and pain killers (temporary and non-narcotic) for my neck. Believe me, they are helping as is physical therapy. I've gone once. Yeah. I know. I'm a little optimistic.

So back to business...speak the truth mighty citizens. What do you think?


Well Seasoned Fool said...

The email was along these lines. An uncle was the Sheriff in an adjacent county. His advice was for me not to consider law enforcement as a career based on me be ejected from every high school football game. I have no patience, a bad temper, and a short fuse.
Police need to have a fighter mentality tempered with a lot of self control. Emphasis on self control.
In my old age I have developed about a three minute fuse as opposed to my youth when it was a thirty second fuse.

Momma Fargo said...

See...I knew I screwed that up. LOL. Well, they would have passed you through even with that history. You are one of those parents. :) It might have come to be a problem later, but you would have passed the first part of recruitment. Yes, police need to have a fighter mentality with self control. Absolutely. No short fuses.

Perhaps, I will have to write another post.

Old NFO said...

Pride of service and the life changing experience of law enforcement will NEVER leave you. You will never forget that time, those people or select things that happened. Nothing wrong with that at all!

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

I was asking about the entrance exam for the county Mountie job and they all said the same thing,"As long as you disclose it in the interview process, it will not be held against you. This prevents possible blackmail problems later. It also establishes your Integrity."
I am glad I didn't get the PoPo job when I got out of the service, I had major anger issues back then.