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Monday, February 23, 2015

Oscar The Grouch

A night of the Oscars. As a kid and young adult, I used to enjoy watching them. The glamour and the great films would leave me awestruck. Believe it or not, I was really into fashion watching in college and enjoyed in anticipation of the new fashions striking the red carpet and Hollywood gossip which accompanied it. I got over it.

Now, the Oscars and other awards shows strike me as a joke. Even though I will hail the many great actors and actresses, musicians, and the like- they have lost their class. The acceptance speeches are rants or an opportunity to make a political statement which takes away from honoring the motion picture industry. If this is truly the free platform Hollywood wishes to embrace, they could go buy themselves a cause. I will not partake in the shenanigans. Thank you, God, you put The Walking Dead and Downton Abbey right smack at the same prime time.

Boo hiss to the platformers, which is my new coin phrase going out to the Hollywood actors and actresses who want to use family time and awards for their agenda. Hooray for The Walking Dead. What plot twist can we have now? Will Judith grow up?

My morning madness started with dogs and toy carnage, hot coffee, and news. It was all wonderful except the death of yet another duct taped dog toy and the news. The news I find is less informative a the days go on. Is it all sensational spin and propaganda garbage? I'm beginning to enjoy the b.s. segments of food ideas for families.

And what about ISIS claiming to target Mall Of America? Pshaw. DO NOT MESS WITH SHOPPING WOMEN! Gah. Do they announce it, to set up a decoy? Warn the masses to effect commerce? Whatever. I am disgusted we have not come down on them with wrath. That is all. Truly disappointed, I am. I especially like the theory of giving them jobs to cure their violence. Wow. Brilliance in the making that one idea is.

Photo Credit: Facebook Friend JL
In non-terrorist news...Bug and I have vows for Lent...I am going to work on my f bombs and being a better mother with more loves and she vowed to be nice to me and do her chores without whining and to cool the tantrums. You see where this is headed. If you do it for 40 days, it becomes habit, right? The first day...I muttered under my breath.."eff that"...when I was watching a news piece of our lack of action on terrorism. I didn't think it counted because I didn't actually use the words. Bug said I needed to find a better substitute like "popcorn" or "nuts" or "rats." Bug said, "Mom, you have already ruined 'Lint' in one day."

Photo credit: the containerstore.com

Needless to say, part of being a good mother is to teach better church practices pertaining to an important sacrifice and lead by example. We need some Lent lessons. I also need to lint roll my pants. 

Physical therapy showed great strides in my neck mobility. I actually feel like a new human being. My therapist was quite pleased with the progress. After therapy is all over, I have been instructed to continue deep tissue massages and my at home exercises along with weight lifting and strength training. I start the sessions of proper lifting and strength training on Wednesday. I'm kind of excited about this. I must prepare to wear the proper pants for bending and no heels. 


Old NFO said...

Hypocrisy thy name is Hollywood. American Sniper was snubbed, yes SNUBBED because it portrayed actual American military values and the toll they take, and because it was directed by Clint Eastwood. It brought in more money, I believe, than ALL the other nominated movies combined. Yet they still got up there and spit their histrionic little rants about this and that. DIdn't watch, didn't care. Good luck with the Lent vows and that's good news on the physical health.

Rawknrobyn.blogspot.com said...

Haha! Oh, that Bugs. She's feisty but a bit naive. Lint was ruined back in the days of the world's first feline.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo,

Man if you quit dropping the F-bombs and fowl language...Will you be able to communicate? On a serious note, I quit paying attention to Hollywood a long time ago....A bunch of self aggrandized idiots.....

Coffeypot said...

Were the Oscar's on? Oh well! As for lent... I gave up lent for lent. Works well for me.

GunDiva said...

Thank God for the Walking Dead :)

Never even crossed my mind to watch the Oscars, because Sundays are TWD nights and that's it. Nothing else happens on Sundays. Well, except for my post-TWD debrief, the Talking Dead. But other than that, nothing else exists on Sundays :)

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I agree w/ Old NFO - hypocrisy reigns on Tinsel-Town.
And yes, I DID watch The Walking Dead also...lol.

As to the mall "alert"?
Well, the MOA does have a NO GUN [policy, so the ONLY ones there with firepower would be those wanting to do harm to others.
Still, a bunch of PMS women hunting for BARGAINS is definitely something NOT to be trifled with.

Stay safe and warm down there, Kiddo.