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Friday, March 6, 2015

50 Shades Of Green

Shh...I was not on the ball and did not create this post before or after work like usual, so I am doing it at my desk. Shh.. If anyone asks, I will have used my 15 minute morning break.

I have some random schmandom.

One thing is for sure, my Eat Clean Poop Green lifestyle is finally making a difference. I am not talking about the 50 shades of green which may or may not be the color of my poo. That depends on the intake veggies. But anyway, this post is not talking about the colors of feces.

It has taken quite some time to finally get all the toxins and bad "gunk" I will say, out of my system. My attitude is much better and I didn't realize how far in the hole you can get with a broken neck and constant pain until it becomes better. Although, I longed to run again and feel great, I didn't realize how much your body compensates for the discomfort and most importantly, how much it affected my attitude. I was really a bear. In my mind, I thought I was doing fine and at times I felt sorry for myself because my life is no where near where it needs to be, but I kept putting one step forward. It was a farce. I really wasn't fine. The physical pain and unhealthy status of my body really drug me down and it snuck up on me.

I think I had resting bitch face and denial. I will always have goals and move forward, but my outlook and despair was ridiculous.

Lastly, I was in a roller coaster relationship that wasn't for me but I think I tried to force it to work. I tried too hard and expected too much. Then the truth of the matter was unveiled in a shocking reveal similar to an episode of Jerry Springer. I don't think about do-overs because it is what it is and you can't change history, but I lost a good friend and I miss the camaraderie. I would rather have had that friendship than all the drama and chaos of being the other woman of the other woman. He could have kept his drama at home and we could have just been friends. Just a random thought because I think the relationship woes and actuality brought me down, too.  But, that is water under the bridge.

Holy smokes! My ex must have read the other post because he just put money in my account for Bug's ring and some for her lunches! I got a text message from him right now. Checking bank account...

Yes, random things happen when I write posts.

Anyway, I stopped suddenly a couple days ago while looking in the mirror. I HAVE AGED. Drat and what in the hell in Tarnation?!?! Why didn't God tell me I was old?


Look for yourself...

Ok. No laughing. Stop it. Yes, I have no makeup. Yes, I am old. Poop. Shit.
It is a huge difference. Now, brace yourself because I am hoping to turn back time with clean living and more exercise. Maybe I will shave a wrinkle or two off and drop a chin.

Maybe pooping 50 shades of green will help.

Wait. I'm getting interrupted again.

Frankie just shared a story with the office. His smallest child got in trouble at school and he was called. Apparently, his little girl was being picked on by a boy and she handled it. The school didn't really like how she handled it. Thus, she got in trouble. Apparently, the boy was a bully and continued to a point until she wrote him a note:

"Stop being a little bitch." 

Yep. Luck would have it that other kids grabbed the note and read it, laughed and it sparked a plethora of the other little kids writing notes to bullies to stop being little bitches. 

That's some funny shit right there. 

Happy Friday!


RussianBear said...

I was expecting to read that Frankie's daughter had bitch slapped the bully, not send him a note.

"Stick's and stone's may break my bones, but words will wound me to the core."

Momma Fargo said...

I know, right? I was expecting black eyes. Frankie is a tough country dude. LOL

Old NFO said...

LOL, gotta love the PC police. Punish the victim, NOT the perp... And glad things are looking up for ya!

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

Keep on rocking...btw you don't look old. with those glasses you look like one of those smoking librarians. (egads..that sounds stalkery)

Anonymous said...

My children were taught never to start and argument or altercation, however if pushed into a corner to defend themselves. My daughter had an older and somewhat physically imposing bully in middle school. After days of torment she informed him of the consequences should he continue his behavior. 3 warnings later she strategically placed her foot with some force into a sensitive region below the belt. When he attempted to retaliate, other male students intervened and informed him without getting physical in no uncertain terms that such behavior directed at the female classmates would not be tolerated by them and may result his bodily harm.
Administrators conducted a thorough and complete investigation consisting of one question directed to each. Did you hit him? Did you hit her? Both were suspended for 3 days.
My daughter was never bullied again by anyone as the bullies knew she would defend herself The perpetrator also changed his behavior and had no more issues during his school career and yes they both graduated. Years later he said he quit acting as he did as he liked his nose the way it was and did not want to explore other arrangements of the same.
Sometimes children can police themselves.

Momma Fargo said...

OldNFO...yes. To be blunt...PC sucks sometimes, doesn't it?

Mr. G...thank you and maybe you should get your eyes checked. I don't mean to be rude, but I would hate for you to miss the targets at the range. This is just a sign you might be going blind. ;)

Anonymous...I agree. I think adults interfere too much sometimes and times have changed so much that we don't allow the peer corrections or street justices to occur.


it's been awhile but I'm glad you're well and you know, everything else is always a challenge it seems. Here's a great motivational song for you... MOVE ON UP by Curtis Mayfield. Just keep on truckin', my friend!

Bob G. said...

MOmma Fargo:
I think you;'re doing pretty (very pretty) damn good with your lifestyle "adjustments".

(I don't like change for change sake...lol)

If we HAVE to deal with change, it should be AFTER we've faced some challenge...and it made us BETTER as a result.

You hang in there and keep doing a good job.

Roll safe down there, Kiddo.

dennis hodgson said...

"Yes I am old"

Give me a break Momma. I must be more than 20 years older than you, and I've just cycled 100km, including three hills with gradients of 20% (I did another 60km the following day).

And if you really need inspiration, please read about Young Sid, which I wrote in response to someone else your age complaining about getting old.