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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Love Me Tinder

I never thought I would say the English language is becoming obsolete. Today, I have learned new slang words used by college students and the like. These words disturb me because of the bastardization of vocabulary.

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The hippy days provided words like "swell", "groovy", and "hey, man." Later came "rad", "radical", "airhead", "barf me out". Within the last ten years we have become accustomed to "the bomb", "bling", and "beyotch."

To keep abreast of the latest chapter in the Urban Dictionary you must know:

bae or bey: term of endearment, upper cool or babe

brah: male friend

on fleek: the quality of being perfect, perfection

shifting: open mouth kissing

snogging: french kissing

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Not only must you know the new language of the Urbans, but you should know the ways. Do you know how to use Tinder? It's a great app which allows you to find in your immediate area people who are willing to "hook up" (another 90s term). In other words, it puts a GPS literally on your ass and you can find people next to you who want to have sex on a whim. Kids are using it everywhere. It is worldwide. Scary, right? How about we just label that a "Jeepers Creepers" app. 

How about Instagram and the new Uglies. Those are pictures or yourself or others which are ugly, compromising, or silly. You shame people. It's shaming time. 

WTF does bae even mean? Shifting is the bomb, dude. Totally. How about a snog, brah? I'm going to own this slang LIKE A BOSS.


I've dumbed down, America. 

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And as kids, we thought Shakespeare talked funny. 

I just have to keep up with this so I can monitor my kid's life. This is so complicated. To think, my parents knew we could be located in the pasture or the barn. Now I have to worry about Instagram, Tinder, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, the park, the corner, the flop house, the boy down the road.



Tennessee Grammie said...

Makes me even more glad I'm not raising a teenager in this era. How do we protect them from the instant information overload; and have they never heard of AIDS? Sheesh!!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I agree with you 100% on THIS one.
(and that co mes from someone who hitched up with an ENGLISH teacher...lol)

I mean we had "our" words in the 1960s, but they WERE ALL STILL ENGLISH.
Cool, boss, far-out...whatever - still the spoken word.

Add to that our parents and teachers that all but drummed correct speaking into our skulls growing up.
(nothing wrong with that).

We ALL can't be as erudite as a Dennis Miller or even a William F. Buckley, but by God, we can take the time to learn how to speak AND be understood.

Perhaps, like bell-bottom jeans, proper English will come back "in style"...
We can but hope, hmm?

Roll safe down there, dear.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

What do you call someone who speaks only one language, and that poorly? An American.

lotta joy said...

I blames it all on the herd mentality that started out by accepting the word "fone" (that is actually spelled as such in our phone book). Then comes the usage of Baby Mama by those who should know better. Snoop Dog's fojizzle, and words that have no meaning except for groups with access to rap and the neighbors. I still can't grasp HOW these words suddenly become common place. If I hear one more commercial using the word #hashtag, I'm going to open fire. But at least it's spelled correctly.

Old NFO said...

Good luck. Glad mine are on their own... I'd be pulling my hair (what little I have left) out...