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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Random Sh*t and Stuff

Random word of the day: piney-- "full of pines."

We all knew it would be a matter of time before the DOJ's review hit Ferguson and started up the animosity amongst the masses again. I feel like Ferguson is an eddy of Witch's Brew and people just can't get out no matter which way you spin the outcomes. The cesspool of Missouri, if you will. The new chief is going to have his or her hands full. How much money would it take for someone to work in that environment? Eh? We might joke they can only go up from here, but really, the pressure of NOT failing. Any stress while making improvements and change is heavy.

Prayers to the injured officers and my justice be swift to the bad guys!

I've been working on a new piece for my serious side which should be completed soon. It seems the more I write about the topic, the more tense it gets in that writer's world and my brain wants to explode. I may have to ease up a little bit and make it draw readers in more than sounding like a textbook. I mean, it's based on acumen, the word..well, and its meaning as well.

My neck is better and it gets worse. I assume it will be this way for a while until I find my groove and the level of pain or discomfort I will have to live with until it moves to a different stage of annoyment (that is a word). In the meantime, I am capitalizing on the feel good moments. 

My body has finally accepted the Eat Clean, Poop Green lifestyle. I was taken out to lunch and it went out as fast as it went in. REJECTION! This was followed by a long series of gas. Much obliged, Scotty!

Photo credit: Pinterest

As said before, I started marathon training again. Yes, it is slow. Being out of commission for so long, I am lucky to make it 3 miles without crapping out. I assume if all goes well, I will be ready within a year's time, so perhaps by Spring 2016, I will enter my first local marathon.

I won a prize at my university employee working well program. Yay! Free classes, concerts, and membership to our 40 million dollar rec center plus free rentals for outdoor equipment including paddle boards and boats. I am in hog heaven! Woo hoo! Yay me! I went to the running track last night and it smelled and felt like schweaty balls. I think they had the temp up to 90 degrees and with Indiana humidity, I felt like I was plastered between two ball sacks. But...it is an extremely nice facility.

The IRS still sucks balls because they owe me, but my ex owes them and so they are punishing me with his half of the unpaid tax bill. It is the way of the world I know. I was prepared somewhat but I found out they may be holding the remainder of mine because he owes from 2012 which was long after the divorce. Boo hiss, IRS, you can't do that. Be prepared for scrutiny and cursing! Just kidding. They scare me. I'm nice when I talk to them.

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I was not hit by the Anthem breach for tax returns. Thank you, baby Jesus. However, I am concerned about identify theft for myself and my daughter. I mean, really, who wouldn't want to be me?

I just hope they pay all my bills...


Bob G. said...

MOmma Fargo:
Funny you picked the word PINEY...that's what we used to call the peeps in "joisey" who lived back in the Pine Barrens...LOL.
Glad you neck is better...maybe the flareups are a result of that writing gig?

Green poop?
(no comment...to each his/her own)
And may you NEVER run low on T.P.

Agreed on the OTHER flareup...the one in FERGUSON.

You don't want to know what all I think about my former employer (the IRS)..
But I'm much better now...heh.

Good post.

You roll safe down there, dear.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

Ferguson has been co-opted by all the SJW's out there...I can see in the future that Ferguson will be held with the same reverence that "Selma" has for the civil rights movement. The DOJ no matter what they tried couldn't try to stick it to Darren Wilson, so they to pacify the mob made up some bull about the popo being racist..because of the number of people of color being pulled over and arrested...well duh...When the population is 70% minority..you will have a large proportion of minority getting locked up...follow the logic. That being said..logic is not part of the DOJ's thought process.
No comment on your green poop....TMI, TMI....

Old NFO said...

Yeah, that whole Anthem thing is blowing up... Apparently even if you're NOT in there but were treated in an area where Anthem is the provider, you're at risk... I got that lovely notice today...