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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Random Tuesday Musings

Home. Where do you define it? Is it where you live now or where you grew up? OR-is it where you were born?

For me...it is where I grew up and where I make my home location-both-BUT...they have different home feelings if that means anything or makes sense. It makes sense to me. It's where the heart is, right? But when I think of HOME...it is Farson, Wyoming. I think I could find my inner peace anywhere in Wyoming, but when you go into Mitch's Cafe in Farson...there is always a familiar face and big greeting. It always was home.

I don't know what it means to Bug. I've asked the question, but I get a vagueness stemmed from the teenager mind. Maybe she will come to know and understand that later.

For now, I feel comfortable in the Harry Potter House. It is a happy house. I am attached to it, but not seeing myself forever living there. But while I am, I will be a good steward and improve it as I can.

Now...the state. Right now I am so not happy with the backwoods/backwards government. I even tweeted non-stop to Gov. Pence. Think they might send black helicopters my way? Nah. It wasn't hateful. It was asking for a repeal of the religious freedom law which to me makes no sense how they can pass something in contradiction to federal law and civil rights. 

Oiks. No cake for me!

Our university president even sent out a public statement. For the most part, people are shouting out for action to repeal it. I do have friends near and far who think the law is a good idea based upon the fact that religion has come under fire and it is almost a "crime" to have religion. I understand this as well. I just don't think this law is the answer and it's like moon walking to woods. Shameful.

Word to the Govnah!

In the last week, so many huge events have pulled out like a train or...or just like the old "let's not get sperms in there pullouts" and may never return. Talk about economic impact. And the Governor didn't see that coming? Duh. This state's economy sucks ballz anyway. You can't find a good paying job anywhere. Plus, the government corruption and mishandling of funds is immense. So stupid is as stupid does. And they wonder why the state flounders.

Another thing getting my goat? Weather. It sucks ballz. I have a box of ammo to review and I want to get to the range. This last weekend...17 degrees...30 degrees...rain. Ugh. Thursday...I have the first day planned to get there after work and I have to go speak to a class. BEAT ME! #*$%)_@#*(&$_@$ Lots of symbol cursing going on. 

Have I felt my crack moment from my B12 shots? Nope. Not one thing. Have I felt better? Yes. Mostly from the organic food intake, I surmise. Today is a struggle. At 10:00 am, I ate my breakfast and my lunch. Why? Because I was hungry. I must choose and package meals together in thingies more wisely. I also forgot my nuts. I know. You don't say? Yes. My boost of protein before workout. Poop. Shit. 

I had a crazy weekend and time to get back on schedule. Last night Bug and I worked out in our garage. I was kicking my own ass with my jump rope. I have a high quality Rogue jump rope. It's a really really go fast and efficient competition jump rope. Go really really fast now. Still have not mastered the double unders in a long run, but I can master the speed of singles. Bad thing is when it stops. Yeah. F*uck that. I know what it is like to get caned in the shins. 

I had worked out on lunch also. It was mostly neck exercises and posturing. That's what I call walking with a book on your head. Only my book is imaginary because I don't want to look too stupid in the gym...just sorta odd.  And the other thing? I hate vagina sweat when you have to go back to the office. Yes. I clean myself up, but it is humid in there and the condensation continues even after you clean up and change. It's Hoo-ha Sauna with undertones of Bahamian Blast and Hawaiian Night Bliss. Blah. I also hate butt crack sweat. I always wear black so you can't see the stream from the front or the back. It just lays there. Accumulating. Going somewhere. Running. Dripping. In a puddle. Feels like... you peed your pants. Smells like...Yeck. No I don't bend down there and smell myself while running. I just imagine it smells like a tuna in the locker room. Ok. That was creeptastic. 

What did you learn about today? Oh...I read about Fargo's vagina. 

Yeah. Sorry. Many moments of your life I can't give back. You're welcome!


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Informative? Yes. Necessary? Not so much, but thanks for sharing.

Coffeypot said...

I have not read the bill, but from what I hear, religion, sexual orientation, color or any one group or person is mentioned. It simply states that someone has the right to follow their convictions and not be forced to serve, treat, fuck or anything else just to serve their conviction. It is not a racist law nor a discriminating intended law. It just gives freedoms back to people just trying to make a living. Being forced to comply with someone because that someone believes or behaves in a certain way is wrong. And all the ‘mouths’ that are protesting it (celebrities, governors, etc.) are just doing so to get the limelight and camera/media face time. Someone has to take a stance and he is one who is in the limelight (even though some states already have similar laws on the books.)

Bob G. said...

MOmma Fargo:
Home is where the heart is (or cat)....at least that's what some folks say.
My first home will always be Philly, PA...but the way THAT town has climbed into the societal cesspool...well, I've heard that you can't really GO HOME.
Now I know why!

As to the RFRA thing...we can always agree to disagree, because my stance is opposed to yours.
(NO biggie to me)
Be nice to sit down and chat about it.

I just look at it as a preventive measure against all the anti-Christian rhetoric that seems to be thriving these days.
(got nothing to do w/ gay people at all)
Maybe the way I splained it today makes some sense to someone (besides me...lol)

Yeah, this Indiana weather - changes by the minute (that's when it's nice out)

And ballistics IS affected by air density, temperature, humidity...well, you know that already.
Love that "Group Therapy" sign...LMAO!

Can't relate to the healthy eating thing...I come from Philly...LOL.
Cheese-steaks and hoagies forever...with a side of scrapple.
(and I still weigh the same I did 20+ yrs ago...sue me)

B-C sweat...that's a bit much, but I understand.

And thanks for the anatomy lesson.
(I think)

Roll safe down there, dear.

lotta joy said...

Preachin' to the choir sistah.

I had to stop my B12 because my insurance stopped paying for it, and this particular B12 was a necessity. It also cost $400 a month. FOR A VITAMIN???

But due to crohns disease, I can't absorb common B12.

Women have roots in their homeland soil. Men are merely leaves on the tree and easily float around. My structural home is in Floruba. My "HOME" will always be southern Indiana and I mourn for it.

Ms. A said...

I live within 10 miles of where I was born. My house/heart/home, is where I am now, because I've been here longer than anywhere else and the majority of my memories are here.

Old NFO said...

Home is where the hell ever my suitcase is... sigh...
But Texas... :-)

Allenspark Lodge said...

When I moved up to Colorado, a friend from Albuquerque asked me if I missed New Mexico. I told him "I feel pretty at home here in Colorado, now." He stared at me and said "You are an orphan."
Maybe you need some sort of hemp g-string to exercise in?


Anonymous said...

Awesome post. - J