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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Aged Out


After returning to my normal routine of home activities, I find it refreshing. My race on Saturday proved my progress is going according to plan as I shaved off 4 minutes and 32 seconds from my time. This may not be a big deal to many, but to me, it is a monumental achievement. It was 80s and humid. I was concentrating so  much on my pace, I missed all the water stations. I did suffer some heat exhaustion but recovered by nightfall.

Jack Sprat killed the cat! In the midst of all this heat, I killed the George Jones dead. My lawn looks like a botched Brazilian. I have to approach Sheriff Mike about fixing my macheen but he is off to having eye surgery and it looks like I might bale hay by dawn. Not sure about solutions. Perhaps some garage saling might be in order this weekend.

I mean, really. Lord Farquaad complains about my circles. Can you imagine what he will say when he sees my back yard? He might go and mow it himself like he does my side yard. He is an OK dude but an ornery cuss.

Finally, I feel things are in order again and my response to my new lifestyle is positive. Not only do I have energy to accomplish the simplest tasks, but I can see my personal goals on the horizon this time. That's no joke. It used to take all I had to vacuum or fold clothes. It was the fact I can't live in total squalor that kept those things in order. No longer is there a gloomy forecast or pessimistic reactions when my mind thinks one way and my body goes another.

I find it odd I was not in tune with the steady decline and reality escaped me. Who was I fooling? And why? Was it monetary based? Was it denial? Was it being stuck in a rut and not knowing how to get the wagon out? I'm not sure. Your body is your castle. Don't be a dumbass like me. Get it fixed. Make it work properly. Stop being a stupid head.

The next stage of medical bills came in this weekend and instead of crying myself to sleep over them, I put them on the table and said, "Yep. Gotta make payments again and again and again." I laugh because my income has been reduced by 100 dollars a month from increasing taxes and benefit contributions on insurance which pays out less. WTF, govn't?   It's all good. Drink your Mimosas on the White House lawn. This time being middle poor...it will not defeat me. Well, what can they squeeze out of me? Nothing. They can make my life miserable by calling me every day but in the long run I can only pay what I can pay per month and that is the way it is. I'm pretty sure Paul Harvey said that.

Now I only feel travel restricted and long to return home to see the land I love and the people there who make me feel near family. BUT---I will get there. I just can't move around like I used to because of funds and vacation time.

Maybe it's time for a transition to another job. I am a little leery right now because I am now in the "unemployable" age. NO one wants an old lady with a bachelor's degree and experience. I never thought I would see the day that bachelor's degrees have become obsolete. Why do we do this to our kids? Why then don't they have a new employable educational system which does not bankrupt everyone. Academia are snobs. They do not value brains, the person before them, nor experience. It is only your title which matters.

I have become more and more accustomed to Indiana and not so tied up in my demise and choices of regret or states of confusion. Maybe it's the B12. Maybe I'm growing up or growing old. Egads! Run for your life, Batman!

I did start a craze at work. There are now 5 people on B12 or B12 complex. I am not sure how they are fairing and none of them are taking the B12 shots which are supposed to be a significant difference. I guess I might know the success if they start running around like crackheads.

Oh...and for those who spy? I am a good parent. I have wonderful friends here who help me when I need it and love my Bug like their own. They also take care of her and have "aunt" days and her friends (I've done NCIC checks on the whole family btw) have sleepovers and go to events as well.  I have a wonderful daughter which shows because of my family structure, values, and influence...despite my struggle with her teenage years. She does retain the slob habits of her father, but for the most part she is a bright star like me. So...piss off. If he has a problem or question with my parenting, he can surely call me. But if you feel you must go run tattle about my daily doings, then go forth. Last I knew, he could read and has access to this blog if he wished to view it. I could care less what he does on a daily basis. Oh, yes...Bug was at my race cheering me on and monitored by friends because (gasp) a 14 year old can't be on the sidelines of an event by herself secured by police officers and university staff. (gah). The next race we are doing together.

I love my Bug. I love my dogs. Family is most awesome. And my guns. Guns are awesome. I have many.

Now...to get to the range...


Well Seasoned Fool said...

non illegitimi carborundum

Allenspark Lodge said...

As Well says-

Don't let the b@stards grind you down.


Coffeypot said...

Instead of working on your masters, concentrate on upgrading your skills. Start with computer courses, programming, or computer languages. Maybe start nursing school. Nurses are in high demand and you are smart enough to ace the courses. And prostitution will never go out of style and can be very lucrative. Start a school teaching criminal justice or certification for private deceive licenses. Then there is the lucrative field of prostitution. Go into real estate sales and work into having your own agency. (as lucrative as prostitution with less medical bills.) There are many roads you can travel to keep you challenged and growing personally. And if you choose prostitution, I’ll take twenty bucks worth, please.

Old NFO said...

+1 on WSF... And try being over 60... Talk about NOT finding jobs... sigh

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Gotta love what Well said...(took 3 years of Latin - passed 2 of 'em)
Can't win 'em all, hmm?

klad to hear you're over the hump, as it were.
Must be something to that B12 stuff.

Stay strong & stay safe down there, dear.