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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Gym Thoughts

Here are some thoughts running through my head while I was at the gym...

How do you heal a nation of us versus them with the cops when every police contact becomes a potential tinder box? You need to create community partnerships and "interface" the cops with the public through other means rather than just beat walks and daily "chattin' them ups."

Fargo predictions...

The Future Evolution of Law Enforcement

Leadership development will take precedence as police administrators reinvent their departments with those who will implement forward thinking and positive growth. Leaders may not fast track in the traditional chain of command advancement, but from any level for the betterment of the organization based upon department needs and leadership characteristics of selected persons. Additionally, leaders will be expected to contribute in progressive needs and positive change at all levels of law enforcement from patrol officer to chief, regardless of rank.

Police standards will increase in response to the public outcries for excellence. Officer development tracks will be revised to raise the expectations and merit of the profession. Departments will focus efforts on quality rather than just quantity; addressing career path development, enhanced training, and certifiable skillsets. Reorganizing internal procedures such as officer evaluations will have to reflect qualitative information along with quantitative data and productivity. Emotional intelligence, business acumen, and competencies will become forefront in hiring processes, evaluation, and retention. Training deficiencies and acknowledging standard shortfalls will have immediate responses from management followed by more stringent retention policies.

Community policing is not a new concept but one which will become redefined. Officers will expand communications with citizens to engage in partnerships, projects, events, youth activities, and charities. Public input will be key in centralizing efforts to improve neighborhood problems and address community concerns. Some of the partnerships and projects will use best practices to combat crime as a village, focusing first in target areas. Activities and events will be designed not only to be educational but also mesh police with community members, humanizing the badge. Not only will this allow community buy-in to law enforcement goals, but as relationships are built, it will reestablish rapport with citizens and create law enforcement trust.

Police organizations will have to integrate new technological and equipment upgrades which in turn will have administrators reaching out to city government for budget increases to affect these changes. Technological advances will aid in record keeping, evidentiary value, and officer/citizen accountability.

With all that said, most all of law enforcement has welcomed positive changes but has been constrained by financial limitations.

I have no idea why I think of these things while running. My brain does not stop, I guess.


Old NFO said...

The sad part is and will continue to be the low level of pay... And I don't see that improving.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I agree that policing HAS already been "redefined", and the net result is not a pretty picture (or is that mugshot?)
Why ELSE would DHS be directed to buy 8 MIL rounds of hollow-point ammo and those several thousand MRAPS?

There's some sort of "plan" afoot.

Lemme toss in 2 cents here:
---Leadershop Development = bringing words to a violent situation and being PC.
---Police Standards = LOWERING the bar, plain and simple.
---Community Policing = only works when you HAVE a "community".
---Tech/Equp. upgrades = lots of neat stuff you NEVER get to use for fear of lawsuits.

There, how's THAT sounds?
Let the police do the JOB we hire and pay them for.
Good guys WIN - BAD guys LOSE, kapeesh?

Stay safe down there.