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Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Conferences put a damper on my personal life. Plus too much pub hopping and computer sessions give me a total brain drain. However, they are much necessary in the life of academia according to the powers that be. So Yeah.
I was sitting at a table networking against my will ( I hate people-they suck my batteries down) and low and behold a conversation about politics unfolds. A lady I just met stares right at me and said, " Well, I don't know how to put this, but well, I like Republicans...but"
Right then I knew she was a racist. And a Democrat to boot.
"...they are just well, so far cutting our budgets and they don't care about people and that's why rural people love them and city or urban dwellers see it the real way because we are affected."
Yep. That was the way it was and it continued.
"Well, but we might have a chance with Hillary. She really cares about the middle class."
"Yeah. She wants to be a Champion," I said with no sincerity.
I snorted water across the table at my new found friends.
"Sorry. It is customary to give you a shower of my friendship upon the first greeting. "
I choked on the water going up my nose. I had to excuse myself. Once I returned, the conversation was still about Gov'ner cutting and doing some insane things with education.
"Yeah. Yeah. But Hillary is going to make a difference. I think she will get elected because all the Republicans are wingnuts and crazy assed off to the right. I really think she has just waited all these years for Bill to do his thing, but she really called the shots and she wants to make our country better."
"I think she is evil. She is only self centered and geared toward the upper class. Her middle class marketing ploy is just a game. It isn't real.  She eats her young. She creates scandal every where she goes. Look at her track record. It looks like an  F 4 tornado. If you want someone who goes for the throat on the American people, she is the one. Foreign policy? Yeah. We've seen that. Or have we? We still don't get answers."
I was then looking at a bunch of Cupie Dolls full of wide eyes and silence and had to say my good byes. They won't even look at me. I'm THAT one. THAT ONE REPUBLICAN in the group.
Or so they might guess...or maybe I'm just a Hillary Hater and not included in fan club. I'm really sad I'm not going to get those newsletters. I'm surrounded. Is it possible to teach school and be the only conservative? I think so.
"I'm Hillary Clinton and I'm running for President. I want your vote."
Oh HILL no!
In non-related news...wait until tonight when I post my conversation on the cop news.


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

I do know what you are talking about...My last employer was Ford Motor company, and I was a shop steward, the only republican in a union office. The rank and file were 50%+ conservative....but with the exception of "me" the leadership was all democrats. I had a lot of fun with them...they would try to pick a fight with me and they would run up against the "logic wall" and I would piss them off..".Hey sucks to be you where y'all believe in emotions and not logic". Like shooting fish in a barrel...hehehe

GunDiva said...

I'm very, very afraid of that woman. But I'm more afraid of the people who would vote for her just because she's a "woman". Bleh.

Coffeypot said...

Well, of all the candidates she has the most kills under her belt. And hidden files in the White House. And got kicked off the Watergate proceedings due to dishonesty. And she deleted her files so the truth couldn't be know. And she is hated by the White House staff. And she hates the military. And she had done nothing but ride in on Bill's coattails. No! I won't vote for her.

Tennessee Grammie said...

I dislike political parties and think they do more harm than good so I usually don't talk politics with many people. We should do away with political parties; allow any citizen who meets the legal requirements to run for Pres or VP to do so; have campaigning for ONLY 1 MONTH before the election; then hold a free-for-all election. Vote separately for Pres and VP; and I bet the results wouldn't be any worse than we've had in my lifetime. That way, it's thankfully over and done with for another 4 years.

Old NFO said...

Yep, ROBOvoters... Sigh... and they are the ones that TRULY don't get it...

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Hillary for President? Makes me gag.

dennis hodgson said...

If Hillary Clinton becomes president, the world is fucked. Can't you Americans come up with some better candidates? Mind you, looking from the outside, the Republican hopefuls don't look a whole lot better.