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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Tactical Practical-Pity Da Fool

Today has been a barrage of news from all kinds of sources...

Photo credit: Pinterest

Obama fled the office while Govenor Mike Pence resigned amidst the backlash from the Religious Freedom bill. Where is Hillary? The Bahamas trying to avoid prosecution. VP Biden was detained inside Mount Rushmore to save the country from further peril while Mickey Mouse landed in DC to take over the Oval Office because he could do about the same caliber of presidenting.

My favorite....
Tactical kilt holsters from 5.11 Tactical-why? Because they are tactical practical. 

You might want to know I survived the Cinnamon Challenge. I then googled it to find it could kill you. LOL. Hopefully...I live and well. 

About that range day? Hmm...thinking this weekend is going to be some fun. 


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
ROFL...I LOVE that Mr T meme!!!

Kilt holsters??
Leave it to those SCOTS!

"are you wearing that Desert Eagle BACKWARDS on your thigh...or are you just glad to see her?"


Roll safe down there, dear!

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