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Friday, May 22, 2015

Something About Nothing At All

There are times the air is so thick that I have to push through clouds of bullshit.

Photo on Pinterest embellished by Fargo

Like lately.

I'm sick of cops getting slaughtered. I emphasize this because it's a big sick.

I'm sick of the War on Cops. NOW they have to wear soft uniforms. 

I'm sick of race baiters.

I'm really sick of hearing "All cops are corrupted" when I walk into work. It's happened more than once. Today it put me over the "bitch slap" moment and jail thoughts. I could go on here like I'm still mad and I even Facebooked about it. Now I'm blogging about it. Yeah. I'm still mad.

Normally, I would take medication for all these sicknesses. They aren't prescription type.  Nope that won't help.

I really want to throat chop people.

It's like an urge. Similar to the urges that serial killers have when they serial kill. Only different. 

However, that has consquences. Like jail.

I tried to change my outfit like girls do to make themselves feel better.  Notice the new look of the blog.

I went to Bug's ceremony where she was inducted into National Junior Honor Society. I am so proud.

I ate chocolate.

I drank.

NONE of it made a change in my cloud of attitude. It's heavy. Why?

Because I'm weak, Bitches.

OR-because these topics are relentless and kept coming at me like a nudnik on a pest wagon.

All these clouds of bullshit are:

1) on the news
2) on Facebook
3) in email
4) on Twitter
5) through personal contacts

I'm an advocate for living off the grid away from PEOPLE. Dogs are good. Humans are bad.


I just thought there would be this glow.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

"Soft" uniforms? In 1969 the area just west of Denver incorporated as "Lakewood". As part of their brave new world their newly organized police wore slacks, blazers, and ties. I don't know how long that lasted but for years they have been dressed as bad ass po po.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
We are SO on the same page here with the entire anti-LEO rhetoric.
But, the ONE thing the leftys won't tell you are the FACTS aka the STATS.

Very FEW officers are of that RAMBO mindset. Those that are get the pink slip on their way out the door.
Very FEW unarmed blacks are shot and killed by police without reason.
Hell, more WHITES are involved in police-action shootings...wonder why the whites aren't "burning down the house", as the song goes?

And the poverty stats speak volumes as to HOW people are being manipulated in the wrong direction.
Over $40K a year (for welfare) isn't poverty-stricken by ANY means.
And our "poor" have everything the OTHER poor in OTHER nations wish they could have.
Yeah, it pisses ME off too.

Congrats to BUG, too.
(Now, about the banshee scream-fests...lol.)

Good post. Stay safe down there, dear.