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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

#TheStupid:Translation-Pound The Stupid and Bless The PoPo

Somewhere like 11 posts ago, I hit 1500 of those suckers. Some of which as you know are detailed in my books. Not all, but some. Go me! Yep. End of celebration. On to the next post.

Memorial Day weekend was full of epic failure in the exercise department. Maybe my body needed a couple days off. It was pitiful. I did have overuse injuries last Friday which concerned me and have been a chronic problem but I keep torturing myself. Not really. That's just a fat man's way of making excuses. No, really...I did suffer from chronic swelling in the feet and hands. Hands from circulation and dehydration and feet from being upright too long. Apparently, this signifies I must nap in between things throughout the day or lay on one of those couches talking to a wonderbrain about my problems...or resting poolside. That's it.

Today has been a great start to a new week. Fresh goodness packed for lunch and lots of coffee.

I'm vacillating (isn't that a dirty word?) on whether I am ready for a half marathon by August. I have time to vacillate more. Vas-sil-late...say it slow. It's dirty sounding. It sounds like you have an infection. In the vagina.

So...plagued in the news are cop slayings, floods, and flags upside down or stomped on.


The sky is falling.

Prayers to all those suffering from the severe weather and bless the PoPo.

Pac Sun pulled their shirt off the market. Duh. I believe their company boobs had no marketing sense and never had an ounce of patriotic blood in their bodies. Boobs. It went viral. Prepare for boycotts because the masses are pissed. I never have purchased this brand in my life. I'm not into it. But if I had...
Screen shot off AJC.com

Cops are going to start wearing purple uniforms in order to be more "soft" and less intimidating to the public. This according to an article by Call The Cops. (This is satire, people) 
Photo credit: callthecops.net
It is, however, so close to the truth that it is plausible. 

Barneys. Not Barney Fifes, either. 

Call Barney. The purple dinosaur. With a badge. 
I love you, you love me. Together we're a happy family...

Yes, I'm being ridiculous. And purple. Time to change font. 

Mainstream media and local news outlets are removing picture comments on their Facebook pages. This defeats the reason why I read them. Those sometimes are better than the article itself. I certainly won't be able to comment any longer unless I go on a written rant. Some people are visual, MEDIA! Censorship. Bastards.

I must end with some funny...

Note...The Rock is oiled...and ready for me...

At least that's what my fantasy says, bitches!


Slamdunk said...

Exercise smexercise. It was a weekend with BBQ grills fired-up on every street corner. You will make it up!

And I saw the AP shirt story yesterday and then the subsequent backsteps by the company. What is sad is I am sure there are 10 other companies willing to take their place if a dollar can be made.

Enjoy your day MF.

Old NFO said...

A day here or there isn't a bad thing... Just sayin...

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
See...if 'ya came up HERE for some good eats and brews over the weekend, you wouldn't NEED exercise.
(but you would need a nap...lol.

Agreed on the LEO-front...100%!
I mentioned the Kelly-Fuhrman exchange last night on FOX...sounded just like me (for the past several years).

Glad the asshats at Pac-Sun (sounds like some kamikaze squadron) pulled that shirt, too.

Good post.

Roll safe down there, dear.