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Friday, June 26, 2015

Wut, Wut? Applesauce and Pokery?

You gotta love Judge Scalia. People may mock him, but he is refraining from putting curse words down in history in his opinions with the most glamorous use of jibberish vocabulary known to SCOTUS. The man made me smile more than once yesterday. I would love to be a Justice for one day just so I could come up with some brilliant word phrases like he did as he spoke out in dissent of the ruling on Obamacare. I also have to admire each and every one of our SCOTUS Justices because they tell it like they see it, no holds barred. It's pure applesauce and interpretive jiggery pokery.


So entertaining and I see where he is coming from. His verbage is right on my mind channeling.

Maybe he's been reading my blog and learning word mastery from me. I'd like to think so.


If you happened to be watching Fox News at hours where no man is alive, you would have watched the France event go down in history with the Lt. Col. telling the Fox News anchors how he felt about the terrorist organization. You can say that on television?

Apparently, the sphincter muscles on all the anchors were shriveling up in haste as he said you have to fight back and described the reaction to the incident as "hysterical." He did not mean it was funny, but that it was a sort of news hysteria. From his gist, I gathered he didn't like the ISIS agenda being sensationalized because they want the word out and the news was doing it for them. He said you have to take them out (fight back).

Once he said it like we all feel, the anchors tried to smooth that one over by saying they had to report the news to the people and make everyone aware.


That is exactly what the Lt. Col. was trying to say...blowing things up for ISIS by promoting their dastardly deeds.

Shortly thereafter, they took a break and shut the poor man down. Of course, he got in an apology that "he did not give them what they wanted to hear", but he ended it with "it's the truth."

I know.

You are wondering when I am going to stop with the new WUT phrasing and lay off the B-12 crack. I can't decide if I should run it to death, or maybe stop there. I guess it depends on what spews from my fingers next.

Carly Fiorina

In other non-related news...where did Carly Fiorina come from? That woman is hard balls. I really enjoyed how she diplomatically lays it out on Hillary and the US issues. Although the HP family scowls at her (there are failure business endeavors along with triumphs), she is a very intelligent world analyst. I was amused when she compared herself to Hillary and said, "flying is an activity, not an accomplishment." Bwahahaha! Snort.


I am pretty sure everyone is wondering what I did yesterday after work. Burning a hole in your mind, eh? (That's my Canadian Expressionism)

I went trap shooting. Ta da! So fun. Plus my buddy, the Tuminator was here from Wyoming and I brought him as Show N Tell. He is a great shooter and trap shoots all the time back home. Needless to say, the old farts lapped him up and adored him, plus he shot at the top of the bracket. We were all hosed by a cute North Carolina kid who was in the 100 club. He did not miss. He got to be partnered with me in the Protection Class and I apologized in advance. We had great fun.

So Fargo bragged to all the new guys about Ammoman.com and they all checked out my empty boxes I brought and agreed it was a top notch company. Apparently, they already knew about it, and declared they alternate buying from the club, online, and local sales.

And my shooting?

Suck. Excellent. Suck. OK.

Yeah. It was not pretty. My left shoulder went out and 'ol Tom (an 80 year old sharp shooter) said, "Kathryn, you gotta git yer elbow up."

I was like, "Tom, I don't have anything left. I can't raise it above my elbow."

Yep. I looked like a seizure patient trying to one arm a shotgun, but by golly nothing was going to stop me from finishing.

Then my glasses fogged up from the humidity and sweat and I was shooting blind. I actually did better.

I swear.

Then, in the truck, the Tuminator and I were swapping stories about our ailments and showing each other our bulging discs. The thing about cops, is we are always trying to one up each other.



And then I told him we were ridiculous for talking about our ailments. Next it would be incontinence.

I have no idea how to explain how I went from 29 to ancient in about 2 years.

But at least I got to wipe gun powder on my forehead and drink it through the sink when I went to get some water to gulp down to ward off the humidity strokes we were getting.

And so this morning, I was Googling "how to get woman strong" and I was pretty sure my picture would come up. Close enough:

Kim Lyons

Me and Kim Lyons...we're like twinsies. The other link was something connected to caveman days ending with "ugg" because of the way I typed my words in the search window.

Yeah. Ugg.

Yeah. No.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Rebel Jack Panic: Playing Capture The Flag and Clearance Sales on Grey Items

Shiver me timbers and call me a monkey's uncle~

Today is a day of ridiculous.


I don't have a fight in the flag issue. It matters not to me what they do in South Carolina. BUT...it is creating nation wide rebel jack panic coupled with erasure of everything in Civil War history unless you are a Union home.

Have we gotten too sensitive? Or are we insensitive?

Like we are all surprised that taking down the Confederate flag has led to other trends like removing statues, changing names of highways and high schools. Now we are getting ridiculous. History cannot be erased, and even though we do not now agree with their agenda...wait, I think MOST Americans disagree with the Confederate agenda. Oh yeah, you mean the majority of Americans think slavery was bad? Duh. Yes. It was a horrible crime. Unfortunately, many of our ancestors-of all colors around the world-had slaves, servants, or indentured workers (slaves). They were not all African-American. Some were white. Some were Asian. It was HORRIBLE. I still cry at movies depicting the inhumane treatment. However, it is OVER. America now has to deal with human sex trafficking. Another HORRIBLE crime.

1. History cannot be erased unless you are a liberal. Believe me. I tried to wipe out my shady past and forget my ex-husbands.

2. Confederate politicians and figureheads still played an important role in the development of our country and laws. The Civil War did happen.

3. Strangely enough, after the abolition of slavery, politicians still worked together. Forgiveness? 

4. Our country has evolved over the years and change still continues. Both the Confederates and Union soldiers were comprised of Christians.


5. If we are going to erase all the Confederates, let's erase all the far left wingers. 

6. Confederates were Democrats. 


How many times can the Republicans say that in a news cast?

7. Perhaps we can just look at names, statues, and the past as what happened then, where we came from and look at where we are going, rather than erase it like it wasn't there. Magic Erasers! Going like hotcakes!
Yes. I thought of this all by myself. Terrible humor attempt.

8. Just because there is a statue, doesn't mean it is a shrine of honor. It is commemorating history...good or bad. 

9. The Republicans keep the flag talk going to take the heat off the gun issues. 


No shit, buddy. We aren't stupid. Deflect!  Over here! Deflect!

10. Oh, yeah. I wore a BLUE uniform. Like most of my life. Booyah!

11. I am getting rid of all my grey clothes as to not confuse anyone and disassociating with that color. Forevah. 


I have a grey car. It's not possible to trade it off.

Poop. Shit.

I bet all grey clothes, cars, paints, and other items go on super clearance sale.

Maybe Crayola will no longer make a grey crayon.

12. The Democrats are cringing at the association with their Confederate army days so as not to lose African-American voters.


Obama is a Democrat.


13. Confederate Rebel Jack Panic is now a medical disorder. 

OK. See how ridiculous I can get? 

I really am just watching on the sidelines and have no strong feelings one way or another except we make some positive peaceloving changes. The End. 

In the meantime, I am inserting my humor everywhere because it looks like someone poured vinegar on the ant pile. Now the word "racist" is diluted. It could mean anything. To me, it is still a very dirty word and I reserve it for those who deserve it.

Maybe we can all agree to drink beer together. 


We would argue about that too.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Faces Of Evil

Although the FBI will not commit that the mental disorders or illnesses of active shooters contribute to the antisocial behavior and later act of murder, I'm going to take a leap and say that it does. Nor will they make a conclusion that the shooters all had some form of mental disorder or chronic depression. It is mentioned they have seen a counselor or mental health professional, but any diagnosis or medical conclusions are left vague for the public. Maybe it is HIPPA issues. Call me crazy, but forgive them for their rules. I think that is just a Fargo sarcastic funny and actually, they are afraid to make foundation on anything dealing with mental health in that fashion. That would be admitting the nation has a serious problem and they can't blame it on aliens. For some reason, the government does not want to make a solid connection as to mental illness is the cause of the shootings and label their findings as "indeterminate." Sounds so scholarly. Perhaps it is fear of commitment to a social problem.

We could line them all up and lay it out on the interwebs, and what is it going to show? They were (the deceased) and the living ones are MENTALLY ILL and were/are suffering from a MENTAL DISORDER. The rest of the world is noticing, why not the FBI? Why is the government reluctant to call out the truth? Is it because it is more glamorous to label it a mystery?

The FBI uses the coin phrase "social isolate" which also seems to go along with their "quiet nature" and lack of social interactions with peers. Is it a cause or symptom?

If you haven't read Well Seasoned Fool's post on the suspect profile he posted about, you should. Go now. It is quite interesting.

So, of course, red flags were up long before the mass shootings began and long before the parents gave up. Maybe the parents were never present. It is no shock that these shootings were all planned far in advance and not spontaneous actions. Someone had to notice odd things.

The shooter is never described as "the nice boy next door." So why did people walk on eggshells around these subjects? Or did they ask for help but received none or get put on a long waiting list? Analysis has to also go back to the parents and the household behaviors as well. I bet they are all along the same script.

Are these simply the bullied kids turning into heinous killers? No.

Although I have no wonderbrain or multiple PhD backing, I disagree with professional assessments which publish in journals that the shooters feel there is no other way to solve their problems other than by violence. It's not their last choice. It's their first choice. It's not that they are at the end of their ropes. I don't think they are solving a problem. They are emotionally disconnected and socially withdrawn. They plan. They plot. You have to believe they are smiling about while doing it, visualizing the outcome which they know will be death or jail. They have no remorse and are filled with hatred of so many factors in their lives, it is hard to pinpoint one cause. They are miserable persons. So, I may jump to conclusions, but without these feelings and emotions, there is no need to "solve a problem" to make them feel better. It might be more to do with being so evil and much greater than we can ever imagine a young male adult to be and him fulfilling a self-satisfaction of ultimate control and power.

We have heard that Roof's rampage was based upon hatred of race. Yet, that was not his motive. His motive was control which made him feel powerful. He was not repentant, nor remorseful, and actually displayed glee. I have never been in an interview with him, but I would imagine his act was more about how brilliant he viewed himself and how he did the world a favor. I wonder how he feels that his act does not start a revolt. And if that is what he wanted, did he only shoot blacks so they would protest their slayings at the hands of a white person. This is not hatred of a race. It is a plan to use color to rile up the nation. He only could shoot someone of a different race because he is white.

Or his hate for blacks may have been a sideline component to his target or really wasn't that deep. After all, was he a leader or rising star in the KKK or the Aryan Nation? No. Does that make his hate unreal? No. But he was a lone wolf. He was a lone wolf in the act and in social settings. I find it odd that a lone wolf would be a racist without some type of social influence. To me, it seems he is using that and fueling a made up story line.

I think he would have done the same at an establishment with white occupants if his agenda was different. What is the hot button in America right now? Racial tensions. It gathers up the news. It rallies the masses. He said he wanted to start a revolution.

Well, nothing happened when schools were the targets, so he thought up something else which would make him bigger, more famous, and still have the ultimate control-even if it was for a short period of time. Why not use the hot topic in America as a means to show the world how you had power and control? He almost poses with smirks of joy for the camera. And now his life will be burned in history. He wasn't happy nor sad with real life-he was disconnected. So this act, gives him a high. Once it subsides, I would be interested in seeing how his prison life goes and how long before he rides out his high.

Cameras rolling.

If you shut the damn things off, at least that would take away some of his thunder. But that's not going to ever happen. In fact, media have gotten bigger and better at coverage and someday maybe they will zoom in on their Underoos and we will start talking about what mass murderers wear. It will be a fashion analysis. Ok. Perhaps that was a little too far fetched.

In the meantime, we await to hear what Roof has to say and if it is in fact a manifesto or a fantasy he has fabricated because feeding the fire of hate and racism will keep the conversation going. Meanwhile, check out his bowl cut and facial features and gander whether WSF is on to something.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Broken Crayons

I was oblivious to what had happened until the morning. I picked a fine day to go to bed early. There are no words to describe the devastation a nation feels when innocents are slaughtered in a peaceful church setting. Additionally, the plot thickens when it happens at a historical church led by a reverend senator of utmost moral character. It is a gut collision course much the same as a school shooting.

Amongst the unexplainable notions is not the gun control rallying. That is expected. Liberals cannot wrap common sense around the fact that society is deteriorating and our mental health is unstable. They can justify the mental illness and disturbed nature of citizens in our day in time as a nation in economic and moral collapse thanks to Republican reign, and then grab ahold of an issue which does not exist.

Over time, we have moved away from corporal punishment and have saved our kids from everything from discipline to hurt feelings. Instead of spanking, we taketh away privilege or put you in a timeout corner. This is exactly where the liberal gun control agenda stems from-gun timeouts. It may sound preposterous to all of us who disagree with this solution, but it makes perfect sense to a liberal. Whereas all of us who believe in upholding the 2nd Amendment, want to spank the criminal instead of feed and clothe him and rehabilitate him for life.

So try to get inside the mind of a gun control advocate and you have a steadfast, angry mule who is determined to take your crayons away and break them so you for sure can't color. It's the new way of the world. All of this alternate thinking has also contributed to the mental health of our  youth and the lack of their coping skills. If  you cloak all the kids and protect them from getting dirty, they get a mean nasty virus. The concept is also true to their mental well being. They can't cope.

So we have not succeeded in building the ultimate child who does not hate, who is not prejudiced, who is a master creator of science and cures. We have created a weak and frail physically and  mentally dysfunctional society. The family structure has declined which seems to be OK because dysfunction is the new black. Except there is no village to make up for the parents' deficits. The village has collapsed as well.

It all happened before our eyes and instead of building a progressive future, our country is headed for a revolution. We seem to go back to the past elements which didn't make sense back then and don't make sense now.

But it is not our fault, because to blame ourselves and take responsibility is not the new way. To find viable solutions is too harsh because it might involve unsavory decisions with consequences. If the child is diabetic, you take away sugar. If the country is killing itself, you take away guns. See how that makes sense? Except it is a failed solution because you didn't change the mindset. The child can be tempted with sweets and will eat them when you look away because you didn't teach him about lifestyle choices and consequences to a point where he can make his own intelligent decisions to change. You made his choices for him. And the bad man will find a gun or some other device and still kill but you just successfully disarmed law abiding citizens.

It is delusional for gun control advocates to think that the majority of America are gun toting freaks. It's what the liberal press wants to reveal to you. They give us this illusion that the rest of America doesn't carry guns and only the morons do. What they fail to show you is how many events are deterred, how many of us never have an incident. Yet, just seeing a gun in the open is "scary". In the minds of gun control supporters, those who oppose eliminating the 2nd Amendment are probably just buying up 20,000 rounds, 60 machine guns, and assembling a posse to assassinate the world.

It is preposterous, but their imagination and fears rule over common sense.

You or I may have thousands of rounds of ammo and multiple firearms, but not one of them was used to kill a person. Color me crazy. I have never had those notions to become a mass murderer.

We, the freedom fighters, do have no qualms about using one in self defense. I have to live with that. You don't. It has nothing to do with my cop training, but everything to do with my upbringing and my own inner drive for preservation.

What is not celebrated as a victorious moment to most is the miracle of God's work in this Charleston tragedy. Non-believers are just poo-pooing the reactions of Christians as "those silly people." People cannot fathom why the congregation and community are showering the suspect with forgiveness and not bitter resentment and calling on strength. God bless each of them. Sure they are full of sorrow and anger but they don't let it overshadow their beliefs and fill their hearts with hate. After all, that would be accepting defeat and dishonoring the dead, let alone God. However, they rally together in a united front to show the world that love will overcome.

But will it?

I fear we will slip further into not only another economic downturn but we may reach moral bankruptcy. And neither has anything to do with guns.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Spam Breach

Yep. It's time for Fargo Was A Bitch Today and took a technology breach risk.

I did receive this in my inbox through email:

And since they already had my email address, I responded:

I wonder if they will really spam my inbox now or ignore me and take a funny.


Crepitus. It sounds creepy. I hear it every day coming from my left shoulder. Simple things throw it out of whack like reaching for a bottled water out of the fridge. Pooping. Wiping. I noticed my right side is more sleek than my left arm. It has no elasticity. Now that is creepy. Erg.

Speaking of creepy, the doom and gloom news is coming in threes again. Hillary is still running for president but has fired the press guy. California balcony collapsed. Who wants to be the engineer of that project? A Wyoming Highway patrol trooper was struck by a semi. You should see his car. Thankfully, he was not killed. Prayers go out to him for a speedy recovery.

Amidst these horrific story, there are some good ones. Rachel, The Clearly White girl has resigned. Yay, one less crazy in a high profile position. Go World! Al Qaeda's No. 2 is dust in the wind. I think someone wrote a song about that.

Neutral news...Jeb Bush announced he is running. I am not sure who I support yet, so right now this is neutral news. On one hand, I am excited about several putting their hat in the race, but I worry there are too many which will dilute votes. I guess we shall see.

And what is Fargo up to?

Living the dream of a hermit. It's what I do best. I work. I work out. I go home to my pups. I am alert. I read. I watch TV. I am alert. I write. Sometimes I work out again. Sometimes I mow the lawn. Erg.

Interesting enough, we heard two very loud and close gunshots last night in Mayberry. I sat right up from the sofa and jump to my own defense. Of what? I don't know, but it was the same reaction you get from hearing the sound of a slide action on duty. You know someone is getting ready to pop a cap in you by the racking sound. This time it was full on cannon blast so I knew it was close. Yep. Next door. Damn hillbilly imposters. There aren't even any hills for 10 miles. Murph was not impressed and tried to take out the shooter through my window. Good dog. Who said poodles aren't vicious German Shepherd wannabes? And wouldn't you run fast if a lion was chasing you?

Rawr. Photo by Aleea. Hair Do by Pampered Pooch
In other news, we have a state county with an epidemic of HIV, this was prevelent in drug users they say, so they now pass out condoms. Another county just announced an epidemic of Hep C due to shared needles in drug users, so now they are passing out clean needles and starting a safe drug use program-no questions asked. I say, what?

If they just let natural selection work, we would have a lot less hassle in this world. Erg.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Clearly White

This weekend I mastered my new found recipe for Thai Chicken. I made it myself and brought it to work last week.

My boss said, "Whatcha got there? It smells wonderful."

So I told him the ingredients.

He said, "Where did you get the recipe?"

I said, "In mah head (Fat Bastard voice). I just put things together that sounded good."

He replied, "Were you Thai in another life? That is exactly how my wife cooks Thai food. It is so yummy." His wife is from Thailand and a most beautiful lady inside and out.

It looked like this. But this is not my food. It's Google. 

For a few minutes we took a timeout at work and we were pondering what in the world happened to me and if I was Thai in another life. I channeled my inner Thai. I would just be happy with their beautiful skin. Could I have that? Just once?

So he gave me one more ingredient: Thai basil. Well, I just so happened to have it growing in my herb garden. And this weekend, I again made my Thai chicken recipe which turns out is authentic Thai cooking. I added the basil. It was so good. It was so spicy, I lit my fire pit with my breath. Yummy.

It is weird. I think I am Thai!

Speaking of someone who is pretending to be someone they are not...what about Rachel Dolezal?
Photo credit: TheShaderoom.com

So weird. I wonder what other frauds she is perpetrating? Maybe she has some deep rooted psychological problems. Her brother said his sister had the "best intentions." What were her intentions? Couldn't she be an advocate while white? I guess this will be a lesson to us all. I'm not sure what lesson, but in the end, maybe we will find out. In the mean time, this makes for some strange news. What a bunch of cray-crays out there. I mean, come on, didn't she know someone from her past would blow her cover? We know she wasn't in WITSEC. It's too high profile to be moving up the ladder in the NCAAP. Geesh. Weird.

My workouts are increasing in length. I have hit a plateau where I am not getting leaner. I decided I should do 300 squats last night. I forgot to carry out my plan. The dogs distracted me. Oy. So tonight, I am increasing the running and doing some strength training to build leaner muscle mass. Wish me luck. It's hell getting back to my fighting weight.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Gunsmoke=Aromatherapy #FUNATTHERANGE

Thanks to Ammoman.com, I got to use great ammo instead of those Busch Light reloads at the range. Old guys drinking terrible beer making reloads in their garages is not so great. BUT-nice ammo is great! So let me tell you about my day with the shotguns...

BTW...shotguns and shotshells go together like peas and carrots. Random fact.

In the land of guns and ammo,

I sit all dressed up in camo.

They are hiding! They are lurking!

Fun at the range while most people are working.

So I stood and aimed my barrel at a bird,

It blew up into twenty pieces or more-it was absurd!

They are flying! They are falling!

I am pretty sure trap shooting is my new calling!

Shooting a gun causes the same chemical reaction in the brain as a long passionate kiss. True fact. It might even be better. Possibly. I would have to test them side by side to know for sure.


Maybe I should try some skeet shooting next time as well and move on to sporting clays. Let me demonstrate my fun in a well made video borrowed from YouTube. I could have found another video, but I prefer the British accent...

I would also show you pictures from the range, but there is nothing left. Here is a simulation from my artistic portfolio:

Get your steel target loads or any other ammunition needs at Ammoman.com 

They package them like gold. They shoot clean. 

I used 12 and 20 gauge-destroyed the birds!

I guarantee you will be very satisfied with the products and service! Ammoman.com treated me like a princess. It makes me happy!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Gym People

A lady in a suit of armor (pseudo) and you take that away...what do you have? A naked lady. Like exposed. I'm exposing myself.

Some setbacks (not an offset in a wall-the other kind) of an aging body have slowed me down as of recent. But soft, what yonder blows?

My Shakespearean ways have taken over. Prepare yourself!

The quality of mercy be swift and just. Mercy on my feet, pedicures if you must.

If music be the food of love, play on and make it R & B with undertones of sex and feelings of lust.

Master, go on, and I will follow thee, to the last gasp, with truth and loyalty.

Parting is such sweet sorrow. Alas, fret not. I am sure I will write more tomorrow.

You doesn't want to see Eminem erect? Anyone?


It's a Shakespearean Thug Life. I'm not sure what any of it means except I am snap, crackling, and popping today.  I thought I had evened out, moving forward with health and now I have reached one of them thar hills. I suppose this is going to happen now and again because I'm not 25. Dabnagit.

I feel meloncholy. I don't like that word. It has a depressing feeling about it.

I miss Bug. Poo.

It's going to be a long summer. I had better clutter my calendar with tasks to make it go fast.

No time for poo pooing around.

I am scheduled to go to the gym every day. They don't even ask me who I am any more, but recognize me by my last name and pass me through. I told them that was creepy. They told me that was a good thing. It means I use the gym.

I said, "No, it means that I will get moved to Albuquerque."


"Witness Protection Program."


"Pretend you don't know me."


"I'm kidding."


Yeah. They think I'm weird.

The gym people. So serious.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Behind The Curtains

There will be no argument that I can be a catty bitch. Like anywhere. I can also be a sneaky bitch.

In 2007, David Bush went on trial for murder on a 1990 cold case. While it was no mystery that he was probably an atheist in the early days of his life, he had also discarded religion for most of his adult life as well. He made several comments he was against Jesus...like it was a political race or something. I have no idea why, since Jesus did not run for office, but that was the way he was. He was against about anything in life except David Bush.

So, I had a plan.

Maybe a plan to poke the bear.

My good friend owned a boutique and made the most exceptional sterling silver and semi-precious gemstone jewelry. She whittled away on her art and came up with many creations.

This is one I kept for a momento. 

Yep. You guessed it.

Every day to trial, I wore a new Jesus necklace. Mostly they were big and bold crosses with lots of bling to catch the eye. Gorgeous, they were. My partner Mattman knew what I was doing. I paraded them. I periodically touched them...not in a creepy way. You know, the girl thing.

Later, she sold those artistic creations in her store and told the story prior to purchase. Maybe it helped promote them. I don't know. Only she would know. You might ask her. Regardless, it was the truth and kind of special. How may detectives do you know get their costumes made exquisitely for them and sold to the public? Like none.

Here is one of her creations. You can like her on Facebook at The Cadillac Cowgirl, Casper, Wyoming. She also ships and custom creates. Ask for Kathy.

It was pretty fun to be a sneaky bitch like that.

Now you know the rest of the story.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Rage On Vaughn

In other non-poop news, Vince Vaughn is rattling news outlets with his 2nd Amendment defense and views on firearms. I'm sure he knew the fallout from his liberal buddies was coming, but he has big balls. Plus, you have to admire the man for standing up for what he believes is truth, backing it up with facts, not feelings.

Of course, our favorite leftist extreme from the UK, Piers Morgan, had to give his reaction to Vaughn via the American media as if we care about his extreme gun control views or even value his outburst.

Greg Gutfield responded nicely here.  Oh, and here are the liberal media peeps weighing in on the matter with the slam highlight coming from Morgan.

And a right view at Young Cons here. 

Yes, I'm not balanced. Why? It's an unbalanced argument.

You're wrong, Piers. I think we can be on a first name basis. Perhaps it is because I talk about your shenanigans so much.

Actually, professionally, I refer to people by their last names. So let me rephrase.

You're wrong, Morgan.

I say, "Bravo, Vince!" Finally, someone in Hollyweird has some sense. Not only brains, common sense, and big balls, but he backed it up with facts, not emotion. He also said it with assertiveness in public being a lone man with knowledge amongst the "scared of firearms" left wings of his profession.

I'm not even going to touch on Geraldo's ridiculous remarks and comparison. Oh, yes I am.

Wow! Idiot! Geraldo, you're dumb. Piers started it.

Long live Vince Vaughn's balls!

He has to have a motorcycle hide his balls because they are so HUGE.

Piers Morgan will never get it. He wasn't raised in an environment which rendered him a free thinker nor open minded. That's just one flaw. Sure, I disagree with this viewpoints and political stances, but it's not just because he is a lefty. It's because he is wrong and uneducated about the matter. His mind is stuck in Judge Dredd mode. I'm pretty sure he thought the comic books were the holy grail of life.

Good one, Piers. Maybe next time you should not bring a knife (your brain) to a gunfight (Vaughn's balls).

Monday, June 1, 2015

The Final Call

Sometimes death reaches far without any boundaries or state lines.

It is a somber feeling to be in the midst of a police funeral whether it was an officer you knew, worked with, or just wore the same color of uniform as you did but maybe served in a different town, county, or state.

Any law enforcement officer can tell you we didn't and don't like police funerals but of course, we will all stand up next to each other from near and far to support a department and community.

Maybe the death was natural, an illness, a suicide, or a duty related death. It doesn't matter. At that time, everyone grieves together as a united front. The community mourns the loss. In fact, it goes beyond that.

Let's take Officer Kerrie Orozco, for example. Why? Because it is an officer slaying being felt differently across state lines,  and let me tell you why I believe this. Why? Because it's my blog and I say so and no one can stop me. ( A little Fargo humor in all this seriousness which I could cut with a knife. It's heavy in here right now. Whew. Like humidity, but different.)

So what does it mean?

When an officer is slain, I think it hits all of us in the guts and that if people have lost respect for law enforcement, what is next? Is it me? Is it you? That's the general take which initially might go through everyone's mind at one time or another. 

Officers are the barrier between law and disorder for their communities and once they have fallen, it takes a piece of us...far and wide. It doesn't matter if you knew the person. Kerrie Orozco's death is different. 

I know several females I used to serve with have told me their mothers called them after this tragic incident. Mine was glad I am no longer on the force. The War on Cops is hitting the United States below the belt. 

What makes Kerrie Orozco's death reach farther and wider than any other officer in the United States?

Maybe you have your own thoughts. I have mine. I believe it is because of her story and the fact she was a woman. No matter how equal we all think the world is between men and women, there is still some unwritten rule about women and children being killed. They are a protected class. Her story was one of the saddest which touched our hearts knowing her newborn child would never know her mother. She was exemplary in her service just like those men whom have fallen before her. She was involved in her community. 

However, she was the first woman officer slain in the line of duty in the city of Omaha and the first officer in 10 years. Bam. It was a like hitting a wall and the city felt it. I felt it and I am an outsider. 

I have not heard such finer words spoken of an officer by her chief, "I can't think of a better representative of our profession than Kerrie Orozco," Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer said at the service, "She got people to look past the fact that she was a police officer. I see her legacy as that of breaking down barriers."

There was a sea of blue and thousands of people who never knew her attending to give their respects. Citizens blocked the Westboro church. Two of my friends live in Omaha and were hit hard by the loss. They didn't know her, but they felt it was a part of their community lost and the situation so tragic it tugged at them to attend. 

A week later, two more of my friends are still saddened by the incident and bring it up in breakfast conversation. 

I had an opportunity to talk to some OPD officers who still wore black bands while in uniform. It is much different from losing an officer to an illness whether sudden or lengthy. Although both losses are great, slain officers leave an uneasy feeling in all citizens. 

If there is to be a final postscript, let it be that the officer served well to an extraordinary level and with pride and honor. Doesn't everyone want to be remembered as the one above and beyond? 

The OPD is still taking donations for her family...

Regardless of gender, all police lives matter. I know this. I read their stories. It pings my heart when a law enforcement officer has fallen. Just expressing an observation or my opinion or rambling...whichever take you see. Good, bad, or indifferent, it is what it is.

RIP Kerrie Orozco.

Ronald Reagan said, "Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." A cop has a calling. It's not about the money. It's not about the daily risks you take or dancing with the devil. It's about helping people and the sacrificing of oneself for others. It's a calling. I truly believe this.