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Friday, June 19, 2015

Broken Crayons

I was oblivious to what had happened until the morning. I picked a fine day to go to bed early. There are no words to describe the devastation a nation feels when innocents are slaughtered in a peaceful church setting. Additionally, the plot thickens when it happens at a historical church led by a reverend senator of utmost moral character. It is a gut collision course much the same as a school shooting.

Amongst the unexplainable notions is not the gun control rallying. That is expected. Liberals cannot wrap common sense around the fact that society is deteriorating and our mental health is unstable. They can justify the mental illness and disturbed nature of citizens in our day in time as a nation in economic and moral collapse thanks to Republican reign, and then grab ahold of an issue which does not exist.

Over time, we have moved away from corporal punishment and have saved our kids from everything from discipline to hurt feelings. Instead of spanking, we taketh away privilege or put you in a timeout corner. This is exactly where the liberal gun control agenda stems from-gun timeouts. It may sound preposterous to all of us who disagree with this solution, but it makes perfect sense to a liberal. Whereas all of us who believe in upholding the 2nd Amendment, want to spank the criminal instead of feed and clothe him and rehabilitate him for life.

So try to get inside the mind of a gun control advocate and you have a steadfast, angry mule who is determined to take your crayons away and break them so you for sure can't color. It's the new way of the world. All of this alternate thinking has also contributed to the mental health of our  youth and the lack of their coping skills. If  you cloak all the kids and protect them from getting dirty, they get a mean nasty virus. The concept is also true to their mental well being. They can't cope.

So we have not succeeded in building the ultimate child who does not hate, who is not prejudiced, who is a master creator of science and cures. We have created a weak and frail physically and  mentally dysfunctional society. The family structure has declined which seems to be OK because dysfunction is the new black. Except there is no village to make up for the parents' deficits. The village has collapsed as well.

It all happened before our eyes and instead of building a progressive future, our country is headed for a revolution. We seem to go back to the past elements which didn't make sense back then and don't make sense now.

But it is not our fault, because to blame ourselves and take responsibility is not the new way. To find viable solutions is too harsh because it might involve unsavory decisions with consequences. If the child is diabetic, you take away sugar. If the country is killing itself, you take away guns. See how that makes sense? Except it is a failed solution because you didn't change the mindset. The child can be tempted with sweets and will eat them when you look away because you didn't teach him about lifestyle choices and consequences to a point where he can make his own intelligent decisions to change. You made his choices for him. And the bad man will find a gun or some other device and still kill but you just successfully disarmed law abiding citizens.

It is delusional for gun control advocates to think that the majority of America are gun toting freaks. It's what the liberal press wants to reveal to you. They give us this illusion that the rest of America doesn't carry guns and only the morons do. What they fail to show you is how many events are deterred, how many of us never have an incident. Yet, just seeing a gun in the open is "scary". In the minds of gun control supporters, those who oppose eliminating the 2nd Amendment are probably just buying up 20,000 rounds, 60 machine guns, and assembling a posse to assassinate the world.

It is preposterous, but their imagination and fears rule over common sense.

You or I may have thousands of rounds of ammo and multiple firearms, but not one of them was used to kill a person. Color me crazy. I have never had those notions to become a mass murderer.

We, the freedom fighters, do have no qualms about using one in self defense. I have to live with that. You don't. It has nothing to do with my cop training, but everything to do with my upbringing and my own inner drive for preservation.

What is not celebrated as a victorious moment to most is the miracle of God's work in this Charleston tragedy. Non-believers are just poo-pooing the reactions of Christians as "those silly people." People cannot fathom why the congregation and community are showering the suspect with forgiveness and not bitter resentment and calling on strength. God bless each of them. Sure they are full of sorrow and anger but they don't let it overshadow their beliefs and fill their hearts with hate. After all, that would be accepting defeat and dishonoring the dead, let alone God. However, they rally together in a united front to show the world that love will overcome.

But will it?

I fear we will slip further into not only another economic downturn but we may reach moral bankruptcy. And neither has anything to do with guns.


lotta joy said...

I was in Walmart today when a mom bought her darling monster a Light Saber. He saw me, headed straight for me, and swung for my head! I grabbed the light saber when I really wanted to grab his dick and twist. Mom was conveniently looking elsewhere. I said "When you hit someone on the head, they usually hit back." She gently pulled the darling closer to her instead of smacking him, and NEVER mentioned he was not to hit people.

A lesson unlearned is a future act of insolence without fear of repercussion.

The only thing that can stop a bad man with a gun is a good man with a gun.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I've yet to meet a gun control advocate, of either sex, that isn't a pussy. That includes a cousin with 27 years or Army service and two Purple Hearts.

Old NFO said...

Sadly, Sharpton is on the way, so this will be blown even further out of proportion...

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
VERY well said...amen to that.

Roll safe down there, dear.