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Monday, June 15, 2015

Clearly White

This weekend I mastered my new found recipe for Thai Chicken. I made it myself and brought it to work last week.

My boss said, "Whatcha got there? It smells wonderful."

So I told him the ingredients.

He said, "Where did you get the recipe?"

I said, "In mah head (Fat Bastard voice). I just put things together that sounded good."

He replied, "Were you Thai in another life? That is exactly how my wife cooks Thai food. It is so yummy." His wife is from Thailand and a most beautiful lady inside and out.

It looked like this. But this is not my food. It's Google. 

For a few minutes we took a timeout at work and we were pondering what in the world happened to me and if I was Thai in another life. I channeled my inner Thai. I would just be happy with their beautiful skin. Could I have that? Just once?

So he gave me one more ingredient: Thai basil. Well, I just so happened to have it growing in my herb garden. And this weekend, I again made my Thai chicken recipe which turns out is authentic Thai cooking. I added the basil. It was so good. It was so spicy, I lit my fire pit with my breath. Yummy.

It is weird. I think I am Thai!

Speaking of someone who is pretending to be someone they are not...what about Rachel Dolezal?
Photo credit: TheShaderoom.com

So weird. I wonder what other frauds she is perpetrating? Maybe she has some deep rooted psychological problems. Her brother said his sister had the "best intentions." What were her intentions? Couldn't she be an advocate while white? I guess this will be a lesson to us all. I'm not sure what lesson, but in the end, maybe we will find out. In the mean time, this makes for some strange news. What a bunch of cray-crays out there. I mean, come on, didn't she know someone from her past would blow her cover? We know she wasn't in WITSEC. It's too high profile to be moving up the ladder in the NCAAP. Geesh. Weird.

My workouts are increasing in length. I have hit a plateau where I am not getting leaner. I decided I should do 300 squats last night. I forgot to carry out my plan. The dogs distracted me. Oy. So tonight, I am increasing the running and doing some strength training to build leaner muscle mass. Wish me luck. It's hell getting back to my fighting weight.


Coffeypot said...

The honkey white bitch resigned from head of the local NAACP today. She should give back her degrees and all the money she made from claiming to be black for prefential treatment.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Wonder what tanning solution she used? Given how "white bread" Spokane is, the NAACP had to find someone to staff the office.

Old NFO said...

The world is going absolutely bat s**t nuts!!! Where in hell are these idjits coming from... Oh the left... Never mind!

Allenspark Lodge said...

NAACP...National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

She was PERFECTLY qualified. She chose and applied the color herself.


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
That Thai chicken sounds good (I like spicy)...how's about a recipe?
Better yet - trade 'ya for some fresh oregano and sage from our garden (and tomatoes with red chilis in another month)

Stay safe down there.