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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Gunsmoke=Aromatherapy #FUNATTHERANGE

Thanks to Ammoman.com, I got to use great ammo instead of those Busch Light reloads at the range. Old guys drinking terrible beer making reloads in their garages is not so great. BUT-nice ammo is great! So let me tell you about my day with the shotguns...

BTW...shotguns and shotshells go together like peas and carrots. Random fact.

In the land of guns and ammo,

I sit all dressed up in camo.

They are hiding! They are lurking!

Fun at the range while most people are working.

So I stood and aimed my barrel at a bird,

It blew up into twenty pieces or more-it was absurd!

They are flying! They are falling!

I am pretty sure trap shooting is my new calling!

Shooting a gun causes the same chemical reaction in the brain as a long passionate kiss. True fact. It might even be better. Possibly. I would have to test them side by side to know for sure.


Maybe I should try some skeet shooting next time as well and move on to sporting clays. Let me demonstrate my fun in a well made video borrowed from YouTube. I could have found another video, but I prefer the British accent...

I would also show you pictures from the range, but there is nothing left. Here is a simulation from my artistic portfolio:

Get your steel target loads or any other ammunition needs at Ammoman.com 

They package them like gold. They shoot clean. 

I used 12 and 20 gauge-destroyed the birds!

I guarantee you will be very satisfied with the products and service! Ammoman.com treated me like a princess. It makes me happy!


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
ROFL - "Busch Light reloads"...priceless!
(and the beer is cat-piss)
Love the shooting-chemical reaction comparison...gotta agree (and don;t forget that smile that always creeps across the face).
If I missed it,, refresh my memory as to what type of shotgun you're shouldering, and what would you prefer to shoot skeet with.

A very good post.

stay safe (and nail those clays) down there, dear.

Tennessee Grammie said...

Keeping the 20 gauge from rusting while Bug is away = cool !! :)