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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Gym People

A lady in a suit of armor (pseudo) and you take that away...what do you have? A naked lady. Like exposed. I'm exposing myself.

Some setbacks (not an offset in a wall-the other kind) of an aging body have slowed me down as of recent. But soft, what yonder blows?

My Shakespearean ways have taken over. Prepare yourself!

The quality of mercy be swift and just. Mercy on my feet, pedicures if you must.

If music be the food of love, play on and make it R & B with undertones of sex and feelings of lust.

Master, go on, and I will follow thee, to the last gasp, with truth and loyalty.

Parting is such sweet sorrow. Alas, fret not. I am sure I will write more tomorrow.

You doesn't want to see Eminem erect? Anyone?


It's a Shakespearean Thug Life. I'm not sure what any of it means except I am snap, crackling, and popping today.  I thought I had evened out, moving forward with health and now I have reached one of them thar hills. I suppose this is going to happen now and again because I'm not 25. Dabnagit.

I feel meloncholy. I don't like that word. It has a depressing feeling about it.

I miss Bug. Poo.

It's going to be a long summer. I had better clutter my calendar with tasks to make it go fast.

No time for poo pooing around.

I am scheduled to go to the gym every day. They don't even ask me who I am any more, but recognize me by my last name and pass me through. I told them that was creepy. They told me that was a good thing. It means I use the gym.

I said, "No, it means that I will get moved to Albuquerque."


"Witness Protection Program."


"Pretend you don't know me."


"I'm kidding."


Yeah. They think I'm weird.

The gym people. So serious.


Tennessee Grammie said...

Darlin' if you think yer snappin' cracklin' and a poppin' now, wait 20 years! The secret is to keep her body movin' 'cause the day ya stop, it's all over...

Old NFO said...

This will give you a chance to get your body back where you want it without any interruptions! :-)

Powdered Toast Man said...

I have been working out at home so I can be in shape for the gym.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I thought a GYM was a nickname for someone named JAMES...(I'm not getting all my memos these days)...

You gotta do what you gotta do.
As for body noises?
Hell, eat a bowl of CAP'N CRUNCH to drown out those snaps, crackles and pops...lol.
(works like a charm)

I would suggest you (marathon) RUN up here to visit...but I wouldn't want to:
A) change up YOUR fitness regimen
B) get beat about the face and head

You can always drive.
(and return with nice parting gifts)

Stay strong.
Stay safe down there, dear.