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Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Faces Of Evil

Although the FBI will not commit that the mental disorders or illnesses of active shooters contribute to the antisocial behavior and later act of murder, I'm going to take a leap and say that it does. Nor will they make a conclusion that the shooters all had some form of mental disorder or chronic depression. It is mentioned they have seen a counselor or mental health professional, but any diagnosis or medical conclusions are left vague for the public. Maybe it is HIPPA issues. Call me crazy, but forgive them for their rules. I think that is just a Fargo sarcastic funny and actually, they are afraid to make foundation on anything dealing with mental health in that fashion. That would be admitting the nation has a serious problem and they can't blame it on aliens. For some reason, the government does not want to make a solid connection as to mental illness is the cause of the shootings and label their findings as "indeterminate." Sounds so scholarly. Perhaps it is fear of commitment to a social problem.

We could line them all up and lay it out on the interwebs, and what is it going to show? They were (the deceased) and the living ones are MENTALLY ILL and were/are suffering from a MENTAL DISORDER. The rest of the world is noticing, why not the FBI? Why is the government reluctant to call out the truth? Is it because it is more glamorous to label it a mystery?

The FBI uses the coin phrase "social isolate" which also seems to go along with their "quiet nature" and lack of social interactions with peers. Is it a cause or symptom?

If you haven't read Well Seasoned Fool's post on the suspect profile he posted about, you should. Go now. It is quite interesting.

So, of course, red flags were up long before the mass shootings began and long before the parents gave up. Maybe the parents were never present. It is no shock that these shootings were all planned far in advance and not spontaneous actions. Someone had to notice odd things.

The shooter is never described as "the nice boy next door." So why did people walk on eggshells around these subjects? Or did they ask for help but received none or get put on a long waiting list? Analysis has to also go back to the parents and the household behaviors as well. I bet they are all along the same script.

Are these simply the bullied kids turning into heinous killers? No.

Although I have no wonderbrain or multiple PhD backing, I disagree with professional assessments which publish in journals that the shooters feel there is no other way to solve their problems other than by violence. It's not their last choice. It's their first choice. It's not that they are at the end of their ropes. I don't think they are solving a problem. They are emotionally disconnected and socially withdrawn. They plan. They plot. You have to believe they are smiling about while doing it, visualizing the outcome which they know will be death or jail. They have no remorse and are filled with hatred of so many factors in their lives, it is hard to pinpoint one cause. They are miserable persons. So, I may jump to conclusions, but without these feelings and emotions, there is no need to "solve a problem" to make them feel better. It might be more to do with being so evil and much greater than we can ever imagine a young male adult to be and him fulfilling a self-satisfaction of ultimate control and power.

We have heard that Roof's rampage was based upon hatred of race. Yet, that was not his motive. His motive was control which made him feel powerful. He was not repentant, nor remorseful, and actually displayed glee. I have never been in an interview with him, but I would imagine his act was more about how brilliant he viewed himself and how he did the world a favor. I wonder how he feels that his act does not start a revolt. And if that is what he wanted, did he only shoot blacks so they would protest their slayings at the hands of a white person. This is not hatred of a race. It is a plan to use color to rile up the nation. He only could shoot someone of a different race because he is white.

Or his hate for blacks may have been a sideline component to his target or really wasn't that deep. After all, was he a leader or rising star in the KKK or the Aryan Nation? No. Does that make his hate unreal? No. But he was a lone wolf. He was a lone wolf in the act and in social settings. I find it odd that a lone wolf would be a racist without some type of social influence. To me, it seems he is using that and fueling a made up story line.

I think he would have done the same at an establishment with white occupants if his agenda was different. What is the hot button in America right now? Racial tensions. It gathers up the news. It rallies the masses. He said he wanted to start a revolution.

Well, nothing happened when schools were the targets, so he thought up something else which would make him bigger, more famous, and still have the ultimate control-even if it was for a short period of time. Why not use the hot topic in America as a means to show the world how you had power and control? He almost poses with smirks of joy for the camera. And now his life will be burned in history. He wasn't happy nor sad with real life-he was disconnected. So this act, gives him a high. Once it subsides, I would be interested in seeing how his prison life goes and how long before he rides out his high.

Cameras rolling.

If you shut the damn things off, at least that would take away some of his thunder. But that's not going to ever happen. In fact, media have gotten bigger and better at coverage and someday maybe they will zoom in on their Underoos and we will start talking about what mass murderers wear. It will be a fashion analysis. Ok. Perhaps that was a little too far fetched.

In the meantime, we await to hear what Roof has to say and if it is in fact a manifesto or a fantasy he has fabricated because feeding the fire of hate and racism will keep the conversation going. Meanwhile, check out his bowl cut and facial features and gander whether WSF is on to something.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Some of the kids my kids knew growing up were FAS kids which lead me to ask questions.

Allenspark Lodge said...

It may be time for the media to take charge and help prevent the next mass killer from thinking the coverage would be an ego boost.

Headlines like:

"Leading Psychologist Speculates that Suspect Probably has Abnormally Small Penis"

"Suspect May Have Suffered From Abandonment Issues Stemming from Perceived Rejection by Sheep at Petting Zoo"

And in court, they should have to attend in "Hello Kitty" pajamas.

The next nutcase might not think it would be the kind of publicity HE is wanting...


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo,

He wanted his 15 minutes of fame and he got them. When he was arrested, he went quietly. I got into a minor pissing contest with some flakes on FB, they had posted a "racial" thingie about the difference on the way the cops arrested Roof vs the way they arrested the saint of loose tobacco Eric Garner. They were implying a racial angle...well such stupidity deserves a response...I commented " As I recall from the video..one resisted arrest, one didn't. I guarantee the cops hoped Roof would resist arrest so they could ventilate him. But you gotta continue the narrative that the cops are racist." Aw man I kicked over an anthill lemme tell you...but debating with liberals with their emotions on their sleeves is like shooting fish in a barrel. But I digress.....Must be my ADDHD or something like that....wait a squirrel?.....
Had to chase the Squirrel....My bad. But anyway They say he was medicated and a lone wolf.....That is why I carry...Lone wolf's you can't predict.....And the blood dancers immediately started swinging off the stripper poles pushing the gun control agenda...you notice that every 2 years there seems to be a shooting? Things had settled down from Sandy Hook and this crap happens. Well the democrats will immediately push gun control and ammo restrictions....Gotta stock up on more ammo....Oh wait...Squirrel!......Sorry I am back, saw a shiny, I have noticed that it is more than medication, they are blaming it all on the medication that caused this kid to go stupid. First off you gotta ask...why prompted this kid to believe what he believes...this didn't come out of the blue...what was the root cause of him hating blacks? I believe that this is a symptomatic of the social breakdown, we have a generation of narcissistic kids that all they want is their 15 minutes of fame...look at the explosions of the "Selfie". They are looking for a purpose in their lives, When we were a kid, we had a purpose somewhere....but now the society is almost stifling in the restrictions and all they can do is act out in the horrendous way. Perhaps I am either on to something or I am chasing another squirrel.

Old NFO said...

"It's not their last choice. It's there first choice." They like the power, and the 15 minutes as well. Most of them won't off themselves, they want to be put on trial and given a WIDE audience. I say ignore them, refuse to name them, don't cover the trials...

Rawknrobyn.blogspot.com said...

I have so many thoughts - all in agreement with yours. Hello government, mental illness exists and cannot be cured or explained. It can be treated, though, but it won't be - so long as you don't acknowledge it. We're so far from preventing heinous crimes like this, it's sobering, isn't it, MF?

Slamdunk said...

I think you are on to something MF, with that assessment. I see too many items published in academic journals that just does not pass the smell test. It is sad that the journal "gate keepers" too often prioritize the accepted articles based on themes, rather than the best work.

It will be interesting to see what more is released about the shooter. As I am sure his defense attorneys will add lots to the discussion.

Bob G. said...

MOmma Fargo:
I think that the entire "mental health" issue is rarely mentioned in depth because of it's PAST treatment, and by that, I mean the asylums and "hospitals", many of which were akin to modern-day torture chambers of horrors.
With the advancements in medicine and science, I think we could honestly REVISIT this option for the mentally disturbed and thereby keep many of the dangerous ones OUT of the mainstream society.
Of course, there will always be someone like Ted Bundy, who will defy most any profiling.
But society would be better off, as would the deranged (when they're locked away from the rest of us).

Just a thought.

Roll safe down there, dear.