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Friday, July 31, 2015

Buckle Up! It's The Law!

Flashback Friday! I was scrolling through some old posts and came across this one which tickled my funny bone. Sometimes enforcing right and wrong goes totally black and white for kids and they put you in your place when you sway into the grey.

..Sometime in 2011:

Today, Glennifer, Bug, and I were landscaping. Yes, my landscaping company ignores the child labor laws. Bug was having a hard time buckling up her seat belt...

BUG: Mom, I can't buckle. It's against the law.

ME: What's the problem?

BUG: The latch thingy is stuck way down there and I can't pull it out.

ME: Well, just don't die, then. We will be there before long.

BUG: Mom, it's illegal!!!!

ME: It's fine. Just don't go through the windshield. You know when we were kids, we never had seat belts. Right, Glennifer?


BUG: But, Mom! That's because you traveled in wagons.

YES! I spit my coffee all over the truck.

I can't keep up with the chaos in today's world. The lion story does nothing for me. Trump is still high in the polls. Hillary is still dodging what is right, choosing what is wrong. And everything else is hell, fire, and damnation. Interesting news....I was encouraged to join the reserve police department here.

Nice offer, but NAH.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Straightjacket Talk #879

A strange thing is happening with the political tug and pull of Republican versus Democrat. I don't know if anyone is paying attention. You see...I believe if the RNC does not support Donald Trump and let him run a fair Republican race, then his threat of a third party candidacy occurs or something else comes to fruition, you can expect the US will hand the election over to Hillary Clinton, thus dividing and diluting the Republican votes.  Does this scare anyone?

Whether you love or hate any candidate, they deserve a fair race. Didn't we see the same sabotage and eating of our young when Mitt Romney ran?

Divide and conquer. Democrats are smiling at this circus act.

Hillary has not even run a race yet, displaying yet more of her crazy problems and lack of transparency and she might win? It is no joke that the parties need to get their poop in a group and I can't believe after so many years that the Republicans have sat around with their thumbs up their asses. STILL.

What is going on? Where are the orderlies?

Moving along to some non-related news...It hurts my head as much as the police shootings rise along with the abundance of citizen ignorance out there. I had no idea so many people just don't understand the basics of law enforcement, rules, law and order, and have gone bull to the china closet that the rules don't apply to everyone. The words they spew! Social media has really watered down our intelligence and common sense. I have been guilty of this a time or two and when I comment on a news thread, I try to have my poop in a group.

But what do you read out there? You read a lot of discourse and disconnection. You read a lot of negativity. People just are not happy and it exudes nation wide on all threads dealing with any news reel. It doesn't matter what kind of news it is, there are angry people out there. What has happened?

Is everyone off their meds? At once?

Businesses are bottle necked and afraid of even opening the doors due to boycotts, lawsuits, on controversial statement, etc. Am I defending all these actions which have led to businesses losing everything due to being accused of discrimination, hate, or mouthing off about cops? No. I'm just saying you must be very careful anymore or one sentence or one action can end your livelihood and that is very scary.

I feel the courts are banging their heads with all the lawsuits.  One state court rules this way and another that way.

What is wrong? What is right? We can't even all agree on that.

Excuse me, sir, may I buy that white jacket with the shiny buckles?

Education is such a mess, I think we could all get educated just fine off of Rosetta Stone and ACME U. Yeah that.

Have we focused so much on coddling and entitlement that we now have created a super bug of sorts in the minds of our youth? Some citizens want you to believe there are rules, but they want to choose how they are applied or how you conduct your business or how you educate my child. Sure. We should all be informed, but should we dictate that Little Johnny gets a green book instead of a yellow book even though he is at the same reading level as the others? Should Little Johnny be allowed to have his parents at his college advising meetings although he is an adult and there are FERPA laws and HIPPA laws? Does he now give proxy to his mother?

Liberals are abundant in academia and they are afraid of their liberal students. I shit you not.

Nurse! Nurse! I want red jello not the lime kind!

And we still have not really moved forward with discrimination issues with gays and race. How long before we iron out the kinks and trod on, America? Now we have so muddied the water with Muslim issues, immigration, and banking?

Doc! Hey! Could you tighten these straps? Thanks.

So because all of this US disruption (I will refer to it as IN-fighting) is sensory overload-is  the answer sought out by our youths to shoot up everything? For our government to allow terrorist acts to go to committee before we act? What happened to our president's military leadership? Do we just shout out on social media and let our voices whither with the newsfeed rolling to the bottom? Where is the action?

The bars are too small in my room. I need to talk to someone about that.

I feel the cops are now being played in a real live video game defending their six, having to focus on a 360 degree turn. Do the youth really think you have extra life and phone a friend works? I guess at least I can still have fun trying to disperse some common sense on news outlets on Facebook. Come on...let's all get millennial and try out some of that instant gratification with likes and replies!

Chaos is unfolding.

I am a unicorn!

I think the Lousiana thingy sounds like a murder suicide thingy. Possibly. News is unfolding. Minute by minute. Gosh. Can you imagine if we had to go back to the old way? Eek. We might have time to report and absorb the facts. What would that be like?

Heck with world problems, let's fix America first.

At least I get a nice TV and internet in my room.  That is standard or I will sue.

What are you doing about it?

Do we have solutions? Workable ideas?

I know. I'm going to open a bottle of wine. It's all I got. It's workable.

You betcha I'm into smuggling contraband. Duh. Don't worry. We made it in the kitchen.

Man, I bet someone out there blames this all on Bush. He is so powerful and reminds me of the Tazmanian devil mixed with Pig Pen from the Peanuts. I mean, really, that's an accomplishment. Sigh.

Sorry, SQUIRREL! I think I see Tammy Faye...I am going to ask about makeup tips.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Changes By JL Curtis

Long overdue are some words about  the new book in They Grey Man series, Changes, by JL Curtis. I must say I have enjoyed the series very much. First, it's about great cops and nasty criminals. What a great combination. You will get drawn up in the details Curtis puts on every page. It's all about law enforcement and action, with a little western flare. So how could you not like it?

During the high drama moments, though, Curtis gets a little brazen with his characters and puts them at risk often. Sometimes it is grave. John Cronin has managed to make it through when the dust settles. Whew. I hate it when authors kill off the main character.

Changes involves more of Jesse, his granddaughter, and the Cartel's continual backlash which is relentless but realistic. She is married to her marine. I couldn't help but crack up when she met the women of the military wives. Talk about a fish out of water. Read how she tackles that. If you read the last book, you would remember Jesse was injured in an incident. I won't give any more details in case you are "one of those" who has not read it yet. Jesse hobbles around Changes recovering from injuries where Curtis had her in the line of fire. It was nail biting but she made it through. In the evolving storyline, she shows off her Cronin spirit and adds some new substance.

The book is full of thrills and action with excellent character details, expertise in combating crime, and some occasional humor-all wrapped up in the lives of some characters you will grow fond of reading. And then you will get attached to the series. Pick up Changes at Amazon. In fact, pick up all three if you have never read them. You won't be disappointed.

Bravo, Mr. Curtis! I await the next one...impatiently, of course!

Monday, July 6, 2015


What Would Trump Say?

"He would say I need to secure my borders and that germs should be met with a wall. Mexico needs to build it. The borders are a mess. It's disasterous. All the germs getting in here are raping my throat and creating havoc."

A few emails from my faithful readers have sparked me to let you know I am alive! I am alive! The plague struck me at the midnight hour sometime in this last week. Not really. I think they call it a "virus of the unknown." It's like the FBI took over CDC and I have an unsub. I tested negative for strep. That was important. I don't have any STD's either. Not that I was tested in the mouth and throat for those. Never mind.

Here is a selfie pic from the 4th just to show you I am alive. Consider it blog ransom. I even posed all fake seductive for you.

Selfies are the gateway drug to pornography. Not really.

While the plague had me down, I did not get my runs in. Not runs as in diarrhea, but as in foot pedaling on the pavement type of runs. I really missed them. It will be nice when I blow all this snot out of my head and clear my throat while hitting the bricks this week. It's nice to feel like running again.

Dear running shoes, 

Oh, how I've missed you!


Meanwhile, Oliver thinks he is a cat. I lurve him.

We watched US take the World Cup. Yay USA! Now what?

I await Longmire. I looked it up because this is the first summer I have had no Longmire. Season 4 is to premiere in March? MARCH?

Dear Netflix,

March is unacceptable. I must have Longmire now. I could get hit by a bus by then and miss the whole season. Please speed up your release. 

Wait. I read an old article. March has passed. Now we are on to August or September? Ugh. The suspense is killing me. Please get a move on. Please. I need some Walt. Don't interfere with The Walking Dead Season. I might have too much mind channeling and sensory overload with both Daryl Dixon and Walt Longmire at the same time.

Thank you for your consideration. 


That's what I get for reading old news.  My bad. Ally Walker is cast in the next season. Did she take over for Walt's daughter or is she a new character? I looked up the release of Season 4 and Katie Sackhoff tweeted probably August or September but no guarantees? WTF? The cast is filming in New Mexico and have wrapped up the season from what I've read. All 10 episodes are to be released this fall.

It's a good thing Bug loves Longmire because it will dominate my fall TV schedule. It seems it will come out before The Walking Dead.

What Would Trump Say?

"This Longmire delay is unacceptable. I can make it happen. I'm rich."

Well, I'm excited to get out there and run tonight. For reals. Not this fake running stuff I've been trying to accomplish.