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Friday, July 31, 2015

Buckle Up! It's The Law!

Flashback Friday! I was scrolling through some old posts and came across this one which tickled my funny bone. Sometimes enforcing right and wrong goes totally black and white for kids and they put you in your place when you sway into the grey.

..Sometime in 2011:

Today, Glennifer, Bug, and I were landscaping. Yes, my landscaping company ignores the child labor laws. Bug was having a hard time buckling up her seat belt...

BUG: Mom, I can't buckle. It's against the law.

ME: What's the problem?

BUG: The latch thingy is stuck way down there and I can't pull it out.

ME: Well, just don't die, then. We will be there before long.

BUG: Mom, it's illegal!!!!

ME: It's fine. Just don't go through the windshield. You know when we were kids, we never had seat belts. Right, Glennifer?


BUG: But, Mom! That's because you traveled in wagons.

YES! I spit my coffee all over the truck.

I can't keep up with the chaos in today's world. The lion story does nothing for me. Trump is still high in the polls. Hillary is still dodging what is right, choosing what is wrong. And everything else is hell, fire, and damnation. Interesting news....I was encouraged to join the reserve police department here.

Nice offer, but NAH.


Tennessee Grammie said...

If Bug thinks 'wagons' in your youth, she must think 'walking' in mine! LOL Trump is being Trump and I am thoroughly enjoying his stirring the beehives - he's got to be scaring the daylights out of the enemy in the East! And, NO to being any type of LEO - I already have enough of them to worry about.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
It WOULD be nice if all this crap didn't affect us...but it DOES, and we can;t hearken to the call of EVERY damn emergency all over the planet.
It's hard enough to maintain sanity on the street where you live these days. Everything us pulling us in every damn direction.
I ain't no Stretch Armstrong...and neither are you, Kiddo.

If the "reserves" seems a good fit...give it a shot.
(It would better there than in OUR city, that's for sure.)

Or, YOU could run for President (you already got my vote for a great many things).


Good post.

Have a great weekend & roll safe down there, dear.

Old NFO said...

She got ya with that one... :-) I don't think I ever used a seat belt until I started racing in the late 60s. Before then, I don't ever remember putting one on.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Did growing up with your driving influence her determination to wear a seat belt?