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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hold The Donuts

I suppose an offline hiatus was in order. However, it didn't change much. No one noticed I was missing. Tada! Here I am!

(((((((((Jumping up and down like a lunatic. Wait. Shut it.))))))))))

Donuts at High Noon

While I was gone on my sabbatical, my Alma mater department (the mothership) had a police shooting. The suspect was well known to me and he and his twin brother were frequently mingling with police. I would like to say they loved the cops and were spirited young men, but I would be fluffing. Am I surprised his life ended this way? No. I am surprised it didn't come sooner. It is sad that this happened by his choices and it now affects his family, the officers, the officers' families, the department, and the community as a whole. Wow. That's a wide spreading tragedy. I bet most people don't think about that.  And now his friends have called for a riot on police through social media. Swell.

On the other hand, I pray for my peeps and I am glad they came out of the situation without bullet holes in them. They did what they were trained to do when shit went bad.

The world has changed. In the last few months, the mothership has experienced two police shootings which was unheard of even for that large of a city with a fairly bad crime problem.

I fear it is only going to get worse out there in that mean world of law enforcement.


Now we can add fuel to the national fire with Garner's family getting millions from the "chokehold" case. Egads! I am sure police policy will change all over the US. Not that some of that isn't good change, It's just forced change. Forced change is not the way to do it.

Police will have to tip toe and flit around like fairies to enforce law and order, spraying fairy dust to hypnotize their clients prior to any arrest procedures. If that doesn't work, then they will have to resort to the magic wand.

The Idiots Have Landed

I love the idiots on social media who say officers are not allowed to shoot anyone who aim a gun at them, that they need to wait to be fired upon.

You said, "Wha?"

Or the ones who say officers need to shoot to wound. Whiskey-tango-foxtrot. Idjits.

It causes me to symbol curse. *)&@#$)#&$*Q#&$*(Q#&#$*(UQ#

Why does this idiocy make me want to climb the highest mountain and curse until my lungs dry up? It really gets my goat and I don't even have one to get. So crazy.


I wonder if I will get in trouble at work for Googling, "What is wrong with me when I have black tar trots?" Holy crap, Batman! This is what resulted from the interwebs: "Black stools are a worrisome symptom because it may be due to bleeding into the gastrointestinal tract, most often the esophagus, stomach or duodenum. Red blood cells are broken down by digestive enzymes and turn the stool black. These stools tend to be tarry and foul smelling. This can be a medical emergency; black tarry stools should not be ignored."

Really, I just think it is because I ate spinach.

Could it be from eating too much hot spicy food and now I ripped open my stomach lining and I will bleed a slow painful death? Ok. Not really. That was a little dramatic. 

I wonder if I should be concerned. 

So...I looked on another site: "Changes in stool or poo colour or texture are a common experience for most, usually due to changes in the diet. The colour of a normal stool is brown due to the presence of bile. It usually takes two to three days to digest food. If food is digested quicker, then the stools will look green as the bile did not have enough time to break down. If the stools are chalky-white, then it is more likely that there is no bile in the stools due to an obstruction of the bile duct.
Bleeding in the upper digestive tract (oesophagus, stomach) tends to cause black, tarry stools as the blood is digested for longer than bleeding from the colon, rectum or around the anus which tends to produce red stools or fresh, bright red blood in the stool." 

Please excuse me while I go check my butt.


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Somehow, I can ALWAYS tell what kind of day I'm gonna have by reading your "stool stories" ...ROFLMAO!

Seriously, going online for diagnoses WILL drive 'ya nuts (even if you DON'T get behind the wheel).

And you KNOW I agree 100% about the current LEO SIT-REP across the fruited plain.
We're forcing those who would normally consider getting INTO law-enforcement to back the hell away from it like the damn plague.
(same with TEACHERS, believe it or not)
Cops can be diplomatic, but they are NOT HIRED TO BE DIPLOMATS.

There is no "diplomacy" in criminal activity or behavior.

Love the cat meme...LOL!
("speak idiot"...that would work where WE live - beats ebonics...heh)

BTW, ONLY The Lone Ranger would "shoot to wound"...yeah, he was THAT damn good, so there!
Reality tends to dictate otherwise (target main body mass).

Wait until YOU are shot at FIRST???

Another damn fine post.
Roll safe (and stay dry) down here, dear.

Jim Meinen said...

Ha! I hope you were bluffing instead of fluffing!

Old NFO said...

These changes for LEOs are NOT for the better... And I'm betting there is going to be blue flu/flight in a lot of these cities...

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo,

Yep it is getting more dangerous for the PoPo in this day and age, you have many people "Monday Morning quarterbacking". WHodda..shoulda...Coulda..." jeez, the PoPo have to make a life and death decision...and if they choose wrong, then their friends mourn and the perp gets support from his community.....Like Old NFO said, the cops are going to get tired of all the hijinks and have a case of "blue Flu" Baltimore is already experiencing it...so will all the other major cities....I think the next 2 years are going be a rough ride.

As far as "Poo" goes...as long I make the toilet...it comes as it comes...