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Monday, July 6, 2015


What Would Trump Say?

"He would say I need to secure my borders and that germs should be met with a wall. Mexico needs to build it. The borders are a mess. It's disasterous. All the germs getting in here are raping my throat and creating havoc."

A few emails from my faithful readers have sparked me to let you know I am alive! I am alive! The plague struck me at the midnight hour sometime in this last week. Not really. I think they call it a "virus of the unknown." It's like the FBI took over CDC and I have an unsub. I tested negative for strep. That was important. I don't have any STD's either. Not that I was tested in the mouth and throat for those. Never mind.

Here is a selfie pic from the 4th just to show you I am alive. Consider it blog ransom. I even posed all fake seductive for you.

Selfies are the gateway drug to pornography. Not really.

While the plague had me down, I did not get my runs in. Not runs as in diarrhea, but as in foot pedaling on the pavement type of runs. I really missed them. It will be nice when I blow all this snot out of my head and clear my throat while hitting the bricks this week. It's nice to feel like running again.

Dear running shoes, 

Oh, how I've missed you!


Meanwhile, Oliver thinks he is a cat. I lurve him.

We watched US take the World Cup. Yay USA! Now what?

I await Longmire. I looked it up because this is the first summer I have had no Longmire. Season 4 is to premiere in March? MARCH?

Dear Netflix,

March is unacceptable. I must have Longmire now. I could get hit by a bus by then and miss the whole season. Please speed up your release. 

Wait. I read an old article. March has passed. Now we are on to August or September? Ugh. The suspense is killing me. Please get a move on. Please. I need some Walt. Don't interfere with The Walking Dead Season. I might have too much mind channeling and sensory overload with both Daryl Dixon and Walt Longmire at the same time.

Thank you for your consideration. 


That's what I get for reading old news.  My bad. Ally Walker is cast in the next season. Did she take over for Walt's daughter or is she a new character? I looked up the release of Season 4 and Katie Sackhoff tweeted probably August or September but no guarantees? WTF? The cast is filming in New Mexico and have wrapped up the season from what I've read. All 10 episodes are to be released this fall.

It's a good thing Bug loves Longmire because it will dominate my fall TV schedule. It seems it will come out before The Walking Dead.

What Would Trump Say?

"This Longmire delay is unacceptable. I can make it happen. I'm rich."

Well, I'm excited to get out there and run tonight. For reals. Not this fake running stuff I've been trying to accomplish.


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Glad you're on the road to recovery.
Having a snot-filled head isn't the best way to go through summer...(blech!)
Like the selfie...you got some of that "cute" going on, and I don't need my glasses to see that!
Glad you made a distinction between the "trotskys" and exercise...LOL!

Oliver looks SO damn content.
( I miss content)

Longmire...haven't seen it (probably should).
I watch Broadchurch.
Surprised you don;t get A&E channel.

BTW, regarding Trump...I think he's got more brag than substance, but he DOES speak a lotta truth...he just says it in a a manner that is not as "PC" as some would like (my opinion, naturally).

Good post.

Stay safe down there, dear.

Anonymous said...

That virus that is going around is a tough one to kick. Happy running. Running means you are feeling better. The Queen

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Wish "the Donald" would find some other hobby. Buffoon.
My friends in the car biz are like a bunch of giggle girls about his "candidacy". Wonderful example of how to succeed in business by taking your companies into bankruptcy after milking the assets.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo,

I am glad to hear from you...I was going through "Fargo-withdrawal"...wonder if it is a CDC recognized illness or affliction;)
So I will have to wait until this fall for Longmire? dang...

I am glad that you are feeling better and I do like the pic:)

Old NFO said...

Glad you're recovering... Now get back to blogging...

lotta joy said...

I've been sicker than hell on a hot night but was told it was food poisoning to chicken liver not cooked properly. Lasted 6 days. So far Trump has voiced my thoughts, and it would take a LOT of money to buy him off......everyone else says what will get them elected, then will bend over and grab their heels for anyone with enough money. Methinks I'm being more attracted to a rat who tells it like it is than to a rat pretending to be a mouse.