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Monday, August 17, 2015

Decompression Day #959

I learned a lot about myself this weekend.

First, I haven't fully decompressed from police life, but I see a progression.

Yesterday, on a hunt for an old but new fishing spot, I realized that man cops are wound really tight. I used to be like that. Not a man cop, but wound really tight. Plus, everything they do, they think they are going to be jeopardizing their man cards, so they tread lightly and go afraid.

Trudging through the river and rocks for some distance, we were pointing out some good spots where the bass might lie in wait. Mind you, I'm a trout person, so this is somewhat different for me. Good thing most river fish think alike so I didn't look too stupid.

As I was walking along the rocks, I noticed a natural phenomenon. I stopped suddenly. The man cop behind me kept making noise and talking about the great rock area on the bank as the best place to cast.

Then it happened.

I was surrounded in tornado fashion by hundreds of butterflies. They landed on me. I put my arms out to enjoy all the magic.

Then it happened.


"Yeah. So."

"It's amazing. Isn't that the coolest thing?"

"Who cares about butterflies? Did you see that rock area on the bank? Prime fishing holes."


I chose to ignore the triteness.

As I watched, the butterfly brigade reformed into a glob on some more rocks. I snuck up on them like Elmer Fudd. I braced myself for another tornado effect.  I did this over and over again. Apparently, it did not amuse man cops who could not appreciate such a natural wonder.

"Here I am so excited about a great fishing spot and you are fiddling with butterflies."

"Excuse me. This is magic. Look. One just landed on my boob."

"Not impressed."

"With my boob or the butterflies?"

"I really think when we bring our poles down I am going to work that bank with the rock ledges."

"Oh wow. Look at all the different colors!There's an orange one and a blue one..."

"You are like oh let's go...fishing! and SQUIRREL!"


Not that I wasn't excited about fishing because it is good for the soul and one of my favorite things to do. BUT...how often do you get tornadoed by hundreds of butterflies in the wild?

I think I had been wound that tight at one time when everything had to be according to plan and just so. If any off road driving occurred, the car was derailed. What a bitch I must have been.

Yep. I'm pretty sure I acted like a bitch.

Note to self. Take a moment to enjoy new things and gifts put in front of you.


Coffeypot said...

Venus and Mars. Enjoy your butterflies. You can fish anytime, even 5 minutes later, but how often do you get to experience something like that? On the other hand, fishing is a means of frustration to me. I cannot just stand or sit and fish. Something had better happen soon, or I am going home. If I want to relax, I have a great recline and a nice TV.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

Coffeypot is correct, you can fish 5 minutes later...Stuff like having a butterfly tornado and having one land on your boob is a symbol of the miracles of nature...the butterflies...not the boob, although I am sure that also is a wonder;) Enjoy the "now" such things happen all to rare in this world and it reminds us to enjoy the life and the experience. I have a similar story, back in the gulf when we were fixing to launch the ground invasion of Kuwait and Iraq, I was taking a break and had taken off my "boonie" hat and had put it down next to me and a big butterfly landed on it and stayed. Well I was entranced by the beauty and of the "now". It showed me a piece of Gods beauty in this world. I enjoyed the reminder, I knew we were fixing to attack and for all I knew..I would be dead in a few days. I left the hat and the butterfly on it and just watched it. After 30 minutes the butterfly flew away and I felt at peace. I still occasionally remember that event and it reaffirmed my faith in a better place and to enjoy the moment.

Allenspark Lodge said...

That must have been WONDERFUL!

I have been swarmed before, but by bees.

Not so wonderful.


Old NFO said...

Pictures??? Hopefully??? That had to be a magic moment! And not all of us are wound that tight... Back in the day, sure. We had jobs that could and did kill you. Today, not so much.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Congratulations, Kiddo.
You have begun to notice ALL the things we usually pass on by in our hectic "run and gun" (former) lives.
Damn shame you didn't get some photos.
Wifey & I try to attract butterflies...you need to bring yourself up HERE (all of you...ROFL)

(all EIGHT of them - we always save the BEST ONE for last...lol)
And you've taken a step into a much larger world.

Good post.

Roll safe down there, dear.