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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Little Vampires

Fishing In The Dark

It's cool. Indiana has no fishing hours. 24/7. Limits are large.

You might be surprised that I have gone fishing. It is really peaceful and nice to get away, even though here in Indiana, I can't really be alone in a wilderness setting. And weird...the water is warm, not Rocky Mountain cold. Luckily, some nice farmers have obliged for a private short retreat. Then came the mosquitoes. Ah well. What's a little misery and Benadryl and chronic itching? I took one for the team.

After my legs were swollen and beyond inflamed to hot as hell fire red, I snorked down some Benadryl and went into a deep sleep. I woke up feeling much better, but apparently also sleeping through my alarm for work.


I blamed it on the mosquitoes but my office manager was not impressed. Maybe that has never been attempted before. I'm all about breaking new ground.

You would not believe how many people are blaming these reactions to me having Early Onset Menopause EOM ( it is a disease) and my body changing. Really?

It's fucking mosquitoes! The little bastards.

Benadryl is the most powerful OTC drug ever in my humble opinion. Ok. So that opinion is based upon it's effects on me. There are many side effects. For instance, I feel like I should declare it National Siesta Day. Like.Right.Now. Worthless I am. One capsule and I am out for an entire night and next day. Slug. You can also mix it with alcohol and create your own roofies. Bonus!

What goes great with fishing? Beer. Duh. Add Benadryl. Not a good combo.

In the meantime, my house chores are not getting accomplished starting with my grass which looks like a hay field accompanied by my trophy weeds in the garden. So what do I do? Scrap all fun activities just to keep up with being neat and orderly? Nope. I am slumping into ghetto life. After all, the weeds will still be there in the morning and make new ones. But fish? I might miss the big one.

The Shriners Are In Town

The Republican Debate is tonight. Woohoo! I hope to watch it unless I get interrupted by household members. Can't wait to see and hear what goes on around the podium. Should be informative and full of entertainment. Will Trump be bombastic or tone it down? Will they have anything valuable to say or will it be filled with political fluff? Inquiring minds want to know. You know...how colorful can Donald Trump get in 45 second blips? Hmm.

Give Me Death

And in non-related news...the plague strikes Colorado. Erg. What the erpie derp? We should fly over America with a massive amount of flea spray and combat that problem. I'm all about bombing the shit out of things before they become an epidemic...just like ISIS. If you don't mess around, you tackle the problem out front. Bam. No more of that. Or we could all go on a safari and kill prairie dogs and gophers. They would only make the fleas find another host. Hmm...that might remind me of  another small issue we had...al Quaeda. See? I could be the Secretary of Defense.

In all seriousness, I think it is the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse. Television fooled us by thinking it would start in Atlanta. It really started in Fort Collins. Whodathunk?


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Oh the horror! Kill prairie dogs?

Old NFO said...

Sigh... Skeeters are a fact of life on/around the water...

Allenspark Lodge said...

You know one good thing about mosquitoes?




Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
The skeeters love 'ya 'cause you're so damn sweet!
Glad you got to go fishing, too.
Benadryl...(along with caladryl) as a kid..MUST HAVES!
((and I hate poison ivy, too)

Very good post.

Stay safe down there, dear.