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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Off Road Driving

I have not expired on some side road by the hands of a serial killer in case you were wondering. My life plate is full right now. Edits to all the old books are in order and occupy much of my time as does my social calendar. What am I going to do with them when they are redone? I don't know. It will make me feel better.

Bug's birthday was yesterday and now we coast into the next holiday. Only so many days before Labor Day. Gotcha. You thought I was going to give you one of those Christmas plugs.

On the way to work today for some reason my mind started wandering about court testimony. Weird. I have no idea what goes there. Perhaps it was an idea which generated in my head about my next serious post (yikes boring topic) for the site I write for. Or maybe it is a sign I am going nuts. You pick.

Then, when I got to work, I got the computer rolling, all that morning prep stuff and checked my personal email. I know...bad me. I had offered to help my friend's son (33 yr old) choose a profile pic for his online dating adventure. We discussed cropping the pic to make it nice without the background stuff. And...I offered to help write his blurbs so he possibly attracts a NICE girl instead of a ho. So...directions...clean up...put a nice shirt on and take a selfie. Yeah. Don't send Auntie Kathryn your penis. And wear pants. SMH. I swear. No off road driving with Fargo. Come on.

I might be able to see where the evolution of ho's comes into play.

My life. Extraordinary. It's what's for dinner.

Not the penis.


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I kinda like whenever my mind wanders...fortunately,it always remembers where it LIVES, so no problems-o.

As to the help with friend's son's pics...yeah, that's a BIG one with today's "youts".
Dad always said "people WILL judge you by what they SEE", so that means if you LOOK like a slob, THAT is EXACTLY how others will see you...period.

Technology has spawned a LOT of problems...a lot more than when I was that age.
And, if we;re not careful, it will cause even MORE.

Good post.

Roll safe down there, dear.

Old NFO said...

LOL, another good post, and 'informative' as always... Good luck trying to help the guy out. :-)