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Monday, August 24, 2015

Vodka Moms

There is so much action and chaos at the Harry Potter House on school mornings.

It overwhelms me.

First, I try to get up before anyone else so I can enjoy my morning cup of joe and get my game face on before getting into the shower. Murphy is lazy and tries to talk me into staying in bed longer than my alarm tells me. Moose usually goes to Bug's room.

Oliver is Oliver. He starts all the drama.

His morning starts off with nabbing the discarded panties from Bug on the bathroom floor and running at full speed down the stairs keeping them from Murphy who wants the other end. This pretty much sounds like a herd of Fat Bastards. Usually, this starts a tug of war and wallah! The panties become sling shots and strands of cotton.

Which is all followed by a screaming teenager and buckets of tears.

I think it is actually an effective learning tool of picking up clothing items and putting them where they belong...LIKE IN THE HAMPER.

All this.

Whilst I drink my coffee watching the news or a recorded show. My peace interrupteth.


It's like living in a house full of kids.

And only one speaks English...but very LOUDLY. She has no inside voice.

Ring ring. Phone. Answer.

Man cop, "I caught a robber! Woohoo! Whatcha' doing? Getting ready for work? Gas station. Girl victim.Gotta go."

For a moment, I got a jolt and it wasn't from my coffee. Was it adrenaline? Surprise? Anxiety because it wasn't me on the robber thingy? Or just too damn early in the morning to absorb things?

I choose the latter.

Yep. Grand Central station.

At least I am entertained.

It is fully understandable why some mothers get committed to the funny farm and have to wear white jackets or drink Vodka at 6:00 AM or pop pills with Vodka at 6:00 AM.

Although...I'm not considering it...it is something I comprehend.

Perhaps it would have helped me to have some empathy on the job when I dealt with Vodka Moms. Lesson lost.

This looks particularly refreshing....

I am now accepting products for reviews on any type of Vodka or wine.


Old NFO said...

LOL, she'll either learn to pickup after herself or start going commando... And honestly I don't miss mornings trying to get kids out of the house. Not at all. Just remember, all good things (like peace) come to those who wait (18 years)...

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Heh, I can picture it now...you sitting there, nursing that java, while all this blurs past you...and the only way you acknowledge it is by a shifting of the eyeballs in the direction of that last "fly-by"...LOL.

Hood stuff.

Roll safe down there, dear