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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Vigilance Hours: The New Age of Police and ILLfacts

We should be more connected to the issues at hand in the nation plaguing our police officers. On average, one police officer dies every 58 hours. In the month of August, can you give me the number of how many were killed on duty? 14. Since August 26th? 5. Yet, the nation as a whole seems remotely aloof and continues on a disconnection path to the changes we are seeing in human behavior and mental breakage. Only those close to us know the real danger and horrifying truth of the matter.

And where is the president? Why hasn't he made a statement?

Am I surprised? No. Do I think he is anti-law enforcement? I think that might be a leap, but I am concerned he has an agenda which is not to publicly support the fallen officers' and their families nor rally for law enforcement... but to rally for fallen black citizens. What does this mean?

I can only give you my opinion since I can't read his mind. I am very talented, but I don't have ESP, only ESPN...which I discontinued because well, I cut off a lot of cable to downsize my television package to save some money. Anycrazyleadership, I think he wants to portray himself as a president who put civil rights and black lives matter movement above everything else. Maybe he places himself in a catagory with Martin Luther King.

*Record scratch. *

Erch. The wheels on the bus don't go round.

I am a naysayer and say his place in history would be more along the lines of Al Sharpton where a skewed view of right and wrong override the actual issues. The false narratives begin to take place and are dictated to the masses in a media viral rampage to make a statement of illfacts. That's a new word.

ILL=bad, imperfect, wrongly

Facts=reality, genuine or true

So in a general sense, it means bad reality or wrong reality...bad truth.

How do we combat bad truth? How do we retain law and order amongst the people? The only answer is to act. 

If you are law enforcement, you must be vigilant. You must lead by example. You must be alert. In the words of Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, you must be a "sheepdog."

As a police officer, your hightened awareness will possibly save you. Why are you being less than 100? I don't know. You can't afford to be. Why are you being negative, Fargo? Because right now, ambushes can happen in a matter of seconds and are unprecedented in numbers. Your career is more dangerous now than it was a year ago....five years ago.

People you think you might be able to read or thought you knew, are no longer readable. Be alert. 

Back your fellow officer on calls, stops, and report writing parking areas.

Patrol diligently.

Train tough. Train mean.  What do I mean by this? Don't half ass your training. Don't sleep in class. Get physcially fit. Learn or brush up on martial arts. Wear your vest. Carry off duty. Have all your gear in proper working order and top quality condition. Don't settle for broken down or mediocre.  Spend some money on you. It could save your life.

Make sure your vehicle is maintained and in top working order. That doesn't cost you a dime. It's all on the people.

Can you really afford to eat that donut? Assess yourself.

Go home to your family every night and be proud in uniform.

What have I done for law enforcement support? Not enough. 

(1) I pray every day for the safety of our law enforcment officials (2) I have placed a St. Michael's medallion inside an officer's vest when he lost his. Did I tell him about it? Yes. Is it silly? No. Every officer should have one. (3) I have put things on social media. (4) I have spoken out against those naysayers in person and on the internet. (5)I proudly display blue lights and flags at my home. (6) I teach my child to love and respect officers and obey the law. (7) I thank them in public for their service. (8) I respect them in private and public. (9) I donate to their charities and to the fallen by my service to their organizations, an item of need, or even a little monetary donation on occasion when I can.

If you are a citizen, you can promote through marketing of yourself and others the rights and not allow the wrongs of the situation. Executions of officers are not acceptable. To anyone. They should not be.

Citizens must unite to show support. However it is done...through an editorial in your local newspaper, Facebook, social media, letters to our national leaders, holding a sign on the street, talking to the news, decorating your house, your car, etc. You can do something if you feel compelled.

Or you can choose to do nothing and watch future events unfold on the news.

And why do we sit on our hands?

Oh, it's true that some across the nation have taken up in arms against this nonsense, but not the majority. Why aren't you out there shouting, protesting, spreading a message against this violence? Why are you silent? That is all I inquire.

Why are we silent?

We must not be anymore. We cannot afford to sit idlely by and hope for the best. We have to make positive change and try to prevent or reverse further damage to our country's state of mind.

And you must believe that if all good men do nothing, evil will prevail...because it will.


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

*Wow* that post is one of your best...I really don't know how things will shake out, but I do know that it will take several generations to undo the damage done by this president and his believers if we have that kind of time. I fear for the republic. I have seen some of the video's on youtube of cops misbehaving and I believe that this is a microcosm of society, many police dept's have lowered their standards and let some marginal people in that 10 years ago wouldn't pass a psych eval or a background check. I always wanted to be a PoPo, from the days of watching Adam 12 to the present but I seriously doubt that a 50 year old guy could pass the physical requirements for the job. Oh well I will just have to support the PoPo and know the job they do is rough.
We all gotta watch our backs.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I worry about my relatives in law enforcement now more than I worried about my son in Afghanistan (and he was a medic). No real answer but to keep vigilant when you see a police officer doing their job.Have their back.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Mr G. nailed it...as did YOU.

This post is BRILLIANT!

Make a damn fine "Letter to the Editor" of some newspapers, so get typing, Kiddo.

I could not agree more with your call on this.

(Oh, and there are very few donuts I will pass on...as long as the metabolism can take it...lol)

Again, well said.

Roll safe down there, dear.

COPS: Behind the Badge Podcast said...

Great stuff. One of the few LEO updated blogs. I'm over here: