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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Welcome, Tribe Of Banded Weirdos

It's inevitable I might hit a nerve or two and of course; not everyone agrees with me. Imagine that. Sometimes I'm very opinionated. Sometimes I am just informative. Both times I would hope most who frequent this blog would feel they can tell me off or have a discussion. Apparently, that is not the case. I do encourage opposition because you can't have a good discussion without it. But then again, that's why it's my blog. It's me. It's my opinions. It's my life. If you don't speak, it's a little one sided.

Last night I received a Twitter notification of a tweet from a reporter type person:


At first I favorited it, then I was going to retweet it, then I decided against that. No sense being a smart ass and I thought I should just let it go.

For some reason the author has since deleted the tweet. Maybe because it was really mean. Bwhahaha! It's OK. I actually am grateful for the words.

Oh come on, you knew I would bring Elsa into this. 

This tweet was surely spurred by my post I SEE BLUE. I did edit out some of my ghetto attitude for the sake of being nicer because my "Grandma G" came down from heaven and scolded me for being so ugly and vulgar. I also added some paragraphs explaining some gaps which were missing.

There are few who will understand what the police go through and what they sacrifice for their community. There are even less who will appreciate it. Overwhelmingly, the majority of officers are very good people and fight to keep evil at bay. We're pretty lucky in the USA. Not so appreciative, though. Boobs.

She said "boobs." 

I suppose it is the same response for all first responders including the military. Except firemen. Everyone loves the firemen.

Alas, I'm feeling like a Nazi today and "NO LET IT GO FOR YOU!" Besides, it makes for good blog fodder. One clarification- I don't think The Boogie Man Is My Friend is quite like Nazi Germany. That's a little extreme, but maybe ANerbovig was angry.

I think this blog...is...well...it's more a gathering place for my tribe of weirdos.

"Dissenters are demonized." I actually agree this happens sometimes. I see it on other blogs as well, so it's not just a "Fargo phenomenon." You have followers of the same opinion, and so they might leave comments much the same and maybe with more passion. I read blogs with differing opinions than my own, but I don't usually follow them. I follow ones I like to see in my feed. It doesn't mean I don't get outside my little box.

Does it mean I might change my mind by listening to those with differing opinions? Sure. It might. It might not. That's why people have communication and problem solving stems from those conversations many times. It's positive discussion.

I am steadfast on a lot of moral, legal, and ethical viewpoints and of course...my conservative values.

Anyone is welcome here.

Welcome, my tribe of banded weirdos! 

Disclaimer: If you agree, we open our arms and rant together. If you disagree...we throw *record scratches* and *blink blinks* out there. Be warned. But welcome anyway.

Update: Nazi Germany has now been blocked. 


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Too many people spend too much time with people who already agree with them, IMO.

Coffeypot said...

You want opposition? How about quit apologizing for saying shit. Say what you want, if it offends someone it is their problem, not yours. Apologizing makes you sound weak and appeasing. I know you are strong, but worry too much about what people thing. You write about what you thing or feel then apologize for doing it. STOP IT!

And you never comment back to your commenters. I personally don't need it, but I get very curious about what you thing about some very good comments. No more hit and run...

BUt I still LYLT and like your boobs.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I'm with Coffey & WSF here.
SOMEthing will always offend SOMEone at SOME time...that's the "nature of the beast", and been that way since the model came out.
Not gonna change that kind of STUPID that easily...lol.

If I say something that bugs someone, I might apologize...as in I'm sorry THAT THEY DIDN'T COMPREHEND what I said to them (or anyone else)...(bwahahahaha).
I only speak ONE kind of English - PLAIN!

Just say what you mean, and mean what you say.
Can't ever go wrong there.

Very good post AND comments.

Roll safe out there, dear.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

We like being part of your tribe of weirdo's. On a serious note...that person with the twitter feed just did the SJW version of "crapping on somebody's else litter-box" then running. We tend to run with those that are like us. We run together...the BLM jerks run together....different tribes...different values. I have posted things occasionally that I was sure has offended people. But to be crass...this is your blog...your rules, you are the headmistress with the whip...and yes I do like that analogy....so there;P If you truly offend one of us...we would tell you. We as free spirited with free will will not always agree...but we as a group have alligator skin...But I am trying to use "dove" to soften my skin....but so far...no luck.
Seriously though, you are you and we like you the way you are...so be "you". Be the Fargo...Release the Fargo...embrace the Fargo.

Old NFO said...

THey don't like it, screw 'em... Adults CAN talk and don't have to resort to screaming fits or painting everybody as RACISS... sigh Er... Nazi's... Sorry... Wrong train of thought...