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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Dose of 'Merica!

Kalimera! (Google it. It means good day in Greek, one of the words I learned.)

Did anyone watch Obama's speech to the International Association of Chiefs of Police? I watched some snipits, but the parts I watched did not contain any meat and potatoes, but just introductory fluff which was pleasant and not offensive to me. Yet it was mostly an extension of sympathies for the current state of law enforcement. If anyone saw it in its entirety, please comment on what you thought of any solutions or progressive policies he wanted to implement or is implementing. I can't seem to find anything substantial in the news.

I really had an eye opener traveling with some liberal colleagues on our national state of affairs. They are happy as all get out with President Obama and LURVE him. I'm not exaggerating. I was the only one who had a different view. With their steadfast thoughts I entered a mode of observation and open ended questions because I really didn't feel like getting into a fist fight or debate which would have happened. They were a bunch of badgers about their standpoints and I do respect that, I just don't agree. Most of them are suffering from anxiety about Trump and voiced that Hillary will be elected which pleased them beyond a Cheshire cat smile. This part still floors me that people can set aside her lies, crooked tactics, and evil personality. But hey-I'm not one to push the fat girl down in the mud. I just want her to be seen for who she is and what she stands for, not this facade. OR...I guess she is and people just choose not to worry about it.

While I was in Greece, I did spend a lot of time talking to local intellectuals and you know their biggest question for me? Why does America disregard global warming and why not take away all guns to solve violence? You can imagine my lack luster responses. I just tried to be polite and stated different strokes for different folks. Eh. I didn't want to get into a big debate because I don't think the two cultures could come to an agreement just like the Greek economic crisis can't find workable solutions.

I do have to snicker that when "global warming" was rejected as was Al Gore's big visual movie disaster and conservatives coined it "climate change" that now it is referred to as climate change and the phrase is taken over by liberals. Yet, liberal still beat conservatives up over that issue.

This is the most divisive I recall the Democrats and Republicans to be. It seems we have drifted to far left and far right with no middle of the road considerations. But--I believe most Americans are middle of the road. Our outcries are ignored. Sometimes I join in by poking fun of both extremes.

I feel America is circling the drain. We need to get a hold of our nation, foreign politics, and our resources. Get a hold of yourself, America!

So without further ado...let me give you some ordinary funny stuff that happened this week and stray away from politics before we are all crazy in the head...OH WAIT TOO LATE!

While at physical therapy...

I was answering questions from the receptionist, a 60 something woman, pleasant lady. I coin  her Annie. That is her stage name. It might have something to do with her hair. Just a clue.

ME: You are a Virgo, yes?

ANNIE: What? (acting startled and weirded out)

ME: You are a Virgo? Your class ring on your index finger has sapphire. You also went to school when it was customary to get your ring in gold, not alloy. Very nice. (Yes, I guess in a way that was poking at her age. Gah. Big mouth)

ANNIE: Oh. Yes. I am. (relieved I wasn't actually reading her mind)

ME: Me too!

ANNIE: Oh. What day?

ME: The 13th.

ANNIE: Me too!

We were like soul sisters. I can't shut the police crap off. I try. It doesn't work.

And today...I was in a lunch and learn workshop and one of my coworkers actually told the person running the nutrition class that she just walks around with tape on her mouth or a mask to prevent herself from eating bad things. I kid you not.

There wasn't a big enough hole to hide in nor could I conceal my mouth drop and big eyes.


Coffeypot said...

I'm a Libra(Sep 27th) and my birthstone is also sapphire. I am also amazed that the blindly following Obama and loving Hillary. But then, you are traveling with academics, those who couldn't make it in the work force. They need to be taken care of because they cannot think for themselves. It has to be a back-slapping majority of nothing. Like the Oscars in Hollywood. Just rewarding themselves because no one else will. Henry Kissinger said: "Academic Politics Are So Vicious Because the Stakes Are So Small." So is their mindless following of Liberalism.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I;m a Leo-Virgo cusp (my parents were both Virgos...go figure).

I can't imagine eh "culture shock" you must have experienced in Greece.

As for Obummer and his speeches...sorry, I, but I've tried everything from the MUTE button to drinking games like "Count the lies" (the latter did not end well, but I didn't care...lol)

As for Clinton...I will NEVER live long enough to figure out HOW so many people can be utterly and totally DUPED by her and HER lies (won't even attempt a drinking game with her).
Guess we've more SHEEPLE than SHEEP DOGS in this country.
We need to fix that.
Good post.

Roll safe out there, dear.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

One of my liberal friends, female type, defending Shillary. "She has always been there for women and children". Doing what, pray tell? Crickets.

Old NFO said...

I can only admire you for NOT lighting off on those idjits... :-) I'm afraid I would have been gleefully girding for battle! And killing them with facts, as opposed to their 'emotions'... :-)