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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Garotte Techniques By The Government 101

I am back on American soil which brings back reverse culture shock and processed food. Bleck. Not to mention, I suffer from extreme jet lag which is worse than normal jet lag...

Some pictures will surely be posted of the highlights. There are so many, it might take a while to choose. Plus I need to review a book and put up some fall hunting excursions. Whew. Now we take a break for a nap...


I'm back but not for long. It's off to more physical therapy for my broken neck as now I have pinched nerves on top of jet lag, and I seem to be experiencing a bit of what the initial onset of being stoned by Medusa felt like one arm out of use at a time.

Beat me, isn't it fun getting old?

Apparently being out of touch with US news meant I missed nothing. We are still bickering over the same things and the GOP polls are mostly the same but Trump is whining more. I find it unbecoming. Halloween is fast approaching and I believe he should dress up as big girl panties. 

Again, I repeat...I don't think the Republicans are showing the people one strong candidate. Erg. I mean my fear is that Evil Hillary gets voted in and I can't tell you how nervous I feel. There are so many supporters of that nasty woman and I can't figure out why? WHY? Republicans, please grow some balls and have good policy ideas at the same time! Also, could you please reinvent the Republican party to modern times and have strongholds which make sense. I hate far right and I hate far left. Can we have that? 

(((shaking my head))))It's probably a pipe dream. 

One thing that does amuse me is HILLARYGATE. It seems that no one cares about the truth behind her emails or Benghazi. UNLESS.....it could have been resolved within a month of the incident. Americans are so 6 second blip. Now they don't care about the truth and just move on to the next news. I notice the comments on mainstream media are quite negative that Republicans are just after a witch hunt but no one seems to care about what the REAL TRUTH is. Do you really think their only agenda is to push the fat girl down and rub her face in the dirt? Please. The truth, people, the truth! Will we ever know? Probably not. I just wish she wouldn't lie but that is like asking God to drop a couple million dollars in my lap within in the next 24 hours. 

And what about the FBI director calling out The Ferguson Effect and labeling the war on cops as worrisome and problematic. I felt he spoke from his heart and for the truth of the matter even knowing it was probably not favorable. Shortly after his press announcement, the WH spoke out in opposition. 

Well, wouldn't you know that Obama is going to reveal his 21st Century Plan for Police today. I'm just dancing in my pants awaiting the announcement, at the same time I am cringing not knowing what to expect. Will it be political fluff to appease the demonstrating masses? Or will it actually have good workable solutions and funding? Yeah. That. Do they even go together as a regular business practice of the federal government? We shall see.

Don't forget about the recent four NYPD cops who have committed suicide. The nation should weep at our current state of law enforcement, the pressures they face, and the unresolved tension in the public. It feels like the time machine is slowly transcending to 1964. I know, I 'm exaggerating, but we are going backward and not forward as a nation. Yes, that's my opinion.

Here's something hot off the press. What do you think? Do you agree or disagree?


Old NFO said...

Welcome to 'my' world... Just work through the jet lag, that's the quickest way to overcome it. Re the hiring procedures, good luck with that. By the time you get through all the fed/state/local rules/regs, it's damn near impossible to hire ANYONE, much less a truly qualified candidate! Your best bet is an officer disaffected with his department, looking for a change.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

Welcome back to the land of OZ. I am glad to see you "back":) Your FB postings of the many pics was awesome! As far as the stuff in the USA goes.... I have little faith that we can vote our way out. There is a movement to get a women in the white house..and Hillary seems to fit the bill pardon the pun. By some reason of her gender. It doesn't matter that she is untrustworthy...it doesn't matter that she is a craven opportunistic politician..it doesn't matter that it is all about her....all that matters is that she has boobs and a box. The American election cycle has become a popularity contest and what is "fair".
As far as the PoPo stuff, it will get worse I hate to say...the Police are under a lot of pressure from the "youtube" generation and the 15 minutes of fame that people have. They don't realize that they are tearing down the pillars of society in their quest. Anything from .gov is suspect...it will be filled with "feel good" fluff to be totally worthless and waste a lot of time and money.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Hope the jet-lag goes away - ditto for the neck pain.

21st century police "plan"...(disband local agencies for a NATIONAL POLICE FORCE (which is what Obummer wants).
Big Brother with BIG boots and millions of rounds of HP ammo (for the citizens).
Sure don't want to see any of THAT.

Meanwhile schools are being urged to recruit ILLEGALS and their relatives...when did the world turn upside down, and why aren't we all "falling up"?

LEO suicides never get the "press" THEY deserve and it's a problem that needs to be addressed.
Same goes for officer assassinated in the line of duty.
This nation needs to stop with all the PC-BS and let the officers do the job we're paying them for.

Good post.

Stay safe down there, dear.