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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Shenanigans and Other Big Words of Mischief Describing Pantie Thieving Dogs

It's the 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon Fargo nonsense post.

I can't even keep up with yesterday let alone begin to think about today or cry me a river about tomorrow. As if any of that makes sense to anyone except a procrastinator or someone overwhelmed with life's events. Much to catch up on fo sho.

The press continues to gather the facts and distort them as much as possible or at least bend them to their liking. I don't even know what the truth is anymore. As Jack Nicholson said in  A Few Good Men..."You can't handle the truth!" That's probably it right there.

If work isn't changing faster than a mother changes a newborn's diapers, I don't know what is. We have some major moving and shaking going on as far as workload, job descriptions, forward progression, and deadlines. It all makes students crazy like a full moon makes shit go bad on the streets for the PoPo.  Egads, man, the aliens have landed! I never thought the world was short of shrinks, but we need a lot more to handle all these nonsensical emotional calamities. I mean, seriously, our kids are not able to cope and expect us to solve the world's problems in 2.5. 

Speaking of 2.5...it is not appropriate to tell a student the only thing you can do in 2.5 is fart Yankie Doodle for them. Just saying. I like to pass on free learning experiences when I can. 

Panties continue to fly by me at lightning speed at the Harry Potter House. I have no idea how those little shits get our underwear out of our drawers, baskets, etc. so fast. Damn dogs are crotch detectors. Hmm...maybe that is something we should take note. I would spray pepper spray in there to deter the dogs, but well, you know. I don't think I could handle the hoohah on fire all day. But, Neds, what do we do besides beat them to get them to stop using panties as a sling shot or tug-o-war game piece?

Commando is not just for Arnold. It might be the way of the world for two chicks in a historic house somewhere in the Heartland. 

Besides my underwear falling apart, so is my body. Off to more doctor visits and retests. Sad to say, but my rotator cuff is about shot thanks to police work, fights, and landscaping overexertion. I am prolonging surgery as long as I can but I need to get something to relieve some of this constant numbing effect and painful bursts of WTF-just-happened-when-I-reached-for-my-coffee moments. 

So...without further ado...I'm going to be posting some political chaos with new spins and inner thoughts from The Russian Bear. BE READY to be MIND BLOWN!!!


Anonymous said...

about time you are back

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
"You can't handle the truth"...LOL.
We MUST be channeling one another (yikes!!!)

Sadly, we have at least ONE generation that has some "issues" with many of the SOCIAL skills...thanks, technology.

Gonna take TWO generations to change that back to what we remember as NORMAL.

Ahh, crappy rotator-cuff...yeah, I I have some of that goin' on also.
But I no longer SHOULDER open any doors, either.

Regarding the dogs, try making a "sweat-sock toy" for them (stuffed with discarded undies and old socks knotted at the end)...just a thought and MIGHT keep them OUT of the GOOD unmentionables.
Worth a shot, anyway, hmm?

Very good post, Kiddo.

Stay safe & stay strong down there, dear.