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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Stickz And Boehners

Occasionally, "someone" pops up in my email with great words of wisdom about the current events going on in the politics or law enforcement establishments of our United States. At times I solicit the great thoughts...other times it is random. Well, I have been picking at The Russian Bear about our GOP circus and the goings on of the world right now. Here is the start of a beautiful conversation...

Check it out...

ON BONER's Resignation:

I, myself, was very ready for this change in leadership. Here's what RB had to say...

News of Boehner's resignation as speaker was met with cheers at one of Rubio's speeches.  I think the "establishment" go-along-to-get-along surrender caucus is being challenged finally.  How much good it will do at this point?---Not much.

So, it is probably true that the change over is good, but what will really change? Maybe not much. I agree. Let's hope for the best. Optimism UP!


The Russian Bear came right out and said what many of us our obviously thinking, but keeping tucked WAAAAYYYYYY back in our heads...

The surrender caucus was more worried about having an issue to run on, than actual national security. Iran will have a nuclear weapon, and they will use it. I fully expect a nuclear bomb on American soil within my lifetime.

Yeah, I think so, too, but I don't want to think so. I want to be a mushroom...one that looks like nuclear explosion. Not really. It's just too scary in the dark right now...

My Heart Will Go On...Take Her To Sea, Mr. Murdoch!

What about America? Where are we going? Do we have a direction? Yes, The Russian Bear certainly can sum up our direction and it seems to be very vertical at the moment...

Bill Whittle made an analogy about the American Republic.  America is the Titanic. It is too late to change course, we will hit the iceberg.  The choice now is to either mash the throttle and hit it head on, sacrificing a few bulkheads. Or to continue with slow glancing blow that unzips the entire side of the ship, dooming every one on board.

Yep. I hope I get to kiss Leonardo before we go down. Just saying. 


I have noticed a shift in leadership styles and thoughts. To me, it seems like there are no more congruent thinking tanks and we are all at opposites trying to get what is best for oneself, not what's best for the masses in majority. The world leaders are trying to make statements and impact putting their mark on the world, but not necessarily making it better but making it selfish. I call it political graffiti. RB hits it like others see it: 

A book was written about the president, prime minister and pope that changed the world.  The three leaders were Reagan, Thatcher and JPII.  The world is changing again (Nuclear Iran, Massive Muslim Migration), but this time the president, prime minister and pope this time are pretty much the anti-thesis of the the former.

What? Taking Away My Chocolate Pie?

Here's something I didn't really think about. I have been changing my ways by planting more and more organic fresh food. At the same time I have noticed food prices going through the roof and skyrocketing out of my budget zone. WTF, over? Well, we can see the writing on the wall sometimes. Here are thoughts from The Russian Bear...

Are you prepared for an interruption in the food supply?  How about an interruption in the energy supply? I think my family has food for about a month.  According to my teen-aged boys there is never any food in the house, ever.  I have meat for about a year, but can only keep the freezer going for a couple of weeks on the generator.

There is a stream nearby, and we have enough firewood to last 4 weeks.  In short, my household would be okay for about 2 weeks.  Anything longer than that, and we would have to make some hard decisions.--trading thawing meat for firewood or gasoline.  Need to get on that gardening thing pronto.

Is preparing just for those silly Doomsday Preppers? Or maybe they aren't so silly? Maybe the Zombie Apocalypse is just a metaphor of a real life crisis?

We await and entertain any thoughts, comments, questions, declarations...


Anonymous said...

A bomb. No, THE bomb on American soil. That has been the fear since the 40's. 75 years we have lived with the fear, what makes it different now?

MAD - aka Mutually Assured Destruction is still a concern big enough for people to keep the bomb in their shorts... In their silos. IMHO, YMMV.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
We don't really need a nuclear bomb ON our soil to render this nation 1700-ish.
All we really need is a nice properly placed EMP (above) - let that take down our power grid, and PRESTO...living by candle light and riding horses (when not eating them).

We've seen that America's infrastructure NEEDS upgrading. But no one wants to do anything to make that happen, at least not in the scope that would inhibit such a disaster, or minimize one.

People are too damn concerned about transgender bathrooms...or confederate flags, or something else that's just as trivial.

We DO need some direction, because if we DON'T hit the iceberg, the best we can hope for is more "going in circles".

Very good post.

Roll safe down there, dear.

RussianBear said...

Anon.--The difference is that MAD is not a deterrent for those who welcome death. Nor is it a deterrent when one side (ours) has shown it won't commit.

The communists of the Soviet Union, China, and North Korea are held in check by a pragmatic worldview that the United States would retaliate in kind to a nuclear attack.

The ideologues of Iran do not take such a pragmatic view and doubt our resolve to retaliate at all. I'll bet there is non-zero number of Americans who would even say we deserve it. (See Evan Sayet:How Modern Liberals Think.)

Anonymous said...

RussianBear, it is always interesting how one side may preach that they welcome death, but when it comes down to it, almost all the time the upper parts of that group are only expecting the underlings to go find those virgins in heaven.

I still don't like how easy we are making it for them to obtain the weapons.