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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Common Sensical Is Magical

I could get wordy and super explanatory, but I like to keep it real simple.

I think our country has some how diverted off the rails. Refer to my handy dandy flow chart above. See...I am not opposed to raising the minimum wage. I think it is years behind progressing with the nation's economy. Perhaps raise it from $7.25/hr to $8.45/hr. The minimum wage was never designed to be a livable or sustainable wage for raising a single person, let alone a family. Jobs also have different wages based upon skill sets, education, and experience.

See... minimum here...(it's my forum)... means mimimum wage given for no experience, no specialized skills, no training. For those who need defining, this is defined as the starting point for anyone who has nothing but a body, a working brain... and some limited physical, social, and/or communication skills...basic 8th grade levels.  So...the minimum wage jobs are stepping stones to other job opportunities. Once a minimum wage job worker gains experience and/or education/training, other opportunities or promotions to climb the ladder appear. That's how it works.

We are not a socialist country. Yet.

When did we all start thinking that the minimum wage was the minimum required to raise a family in a certain region of the nation? I have no idea. It just appeared as a brilliant idea...like magical...one day...like the Starbucks cup fiasco. Beat me.

Everyone is so angry and offended.

This includes myself at times.

When I get derailed, it's a good thing I go upside down to shake some sense back into me.

When did we all become fascists and anarchists? I thought that subsided with the 60's and 70's. I think we need to bring marijuana back to calm the masses. If you look at history, years with "7's" are peak years. Like, for instance,  1790, 1970...egads...2017 is coming up!

Calm yo-selves. My daughter says, "Calm Your Tits." I hate that phrase. I don't even understand it. I banned it. She gets soap in her mouth. Incoming.....

Remember, minimum wage does not equate to livable/sustainable income to raise families. Well, that is unless, you plan on supplementing it with welfare and government subsidies.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

The minimum wage is a farce with 11,000,000 or so illegals in our country.

Old NFO said...

+1 on WSF... And minimum wage is for NON-SKILLED! e.g. do you want fries with that... Hell, a sergeant in the Army is over 2 years on active duty before he gets $15/hr (based on 40 hour week), but his real week is 70-80 hours...

My daughter is a paramedic and barely beats $15/hr!!! My next question is, who is going to PAY that much? Mickey D's? I don't think so, small businesses? ditto... All we're doing is pricing ourselves out of the global market to appease the free cheese crowd!!! F THEM!!!

Momma Fargo said...

Gentlemen, calm yoselves. (((gives the hands the calm down signal-pisses men off instantly when done by woman))) I am not disagreeing with you. I agree. Your passion is much appreciated. So sorry to have stirred you up. LOL

dennis hodgson said...

The minimum wage sounds like some socialist sticking plaster to help the most disadvantaged in society, but here's what happened when a statutory minimum wage was introduced in my country, the UK. The going rate for workers with skills that should have entitled them to more suddenly found their pay being cut to the new minimum wage. In other words, a legal minimum wage is a clever conservative plot to drive down wages overall so as to leave more money in the hands of bosses. Thatcher and Reagan have a lot to answer for.