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Monday, November 9, 2015

Geronimo Hotshot by Robert Blake Whitehill-Review

Have you ever wondered about the travels of a book? How about the places it will go-Indiana, Canada, Germany, Greece? Books are like old friends.

Robert Blake Whitehill's newest release, Geronimo Hotshot, traveled with me to many countries this last few weeks. In between flights and on rainy days, I found the book to keep my interest and cause me to stay up late because I had to know what was on the next page. The last Blackshaw novel I read was Tap Rack Bang and as you may recall, it was also a page turner. 

Geronimo Hotshot doesn't hold back any action with it beginning in the first chapter. Blackshaw finds himself in a pickle of problems with his wife's life on edge in a coma and a falling out with his best friend. To my liking, this all happens with a western flair, occurring in the western half of the United States-where my heart is, of course. Whitehill's 4th in the series involves a storyline with white supremacists and unique characters added to the mix. 

It keeps you on edge. 

Whitehill adds many things for Blackshaw to figure out and includes twists and turns to keep you reading. Any avenue of police work, hot current topics, or specialty police assignments appear at different places in the book. You will be intrigued with issues such as immigration, murder, racial tensions, WMDs, and the complication of working with multiple agencies and unlikely partners. 

The creation piece I really liked the most is when Blackshaw questions himself. Most officers do question themselves possibly more than once in their careers. Police keep the darkness at bay and fight for the greater good. But what if the darkness gets too close?

Blackshaw is bound by his conscious keeping him in check, but with all the personal tugs and criminal elements pulling at him, he gets edgy. Of course Blackshaw has many reasons to question his thoughts and deeds. In this instance, Blackshaw has a case which turns into multiple which keeps leading him to linked crimes. It takes him on a journey which most of us would call a "dream case" involving danger, mystery, intrigue, and the thin blue line. 

If you like graphic details, then this is for you. Whitehill paints a clear picture. 

Not only is Geronimo Hotshot a mystery with many pieces to the puzzle, but it is a mission of survival and righting many wrongs. The topics are right in line with today's current events. I highly suggest you pick up the Blackshaw series. Each one gets better. 

Bravo, Mr. Whitehill for another success!

About the Author:

Robert Blake Whitehill is a classically trained actor, a critically acclaimed novelist, and an award-winning screenwriter. He has earned film festival wins at the Hudson Valley Film Festival and the Hamptons International Film Festival, and has written many highly rated episodes of the Discovery-Times Channel’s “The New Detectives,” “Daring Capers” and “The Bureau.” 

Whitehill is an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Grant winner for his feature film script U.X.O. (Unexploded Ordinance), and he served as the vice president of independent film acquisitions for the groundbreaking Centerseat.com, developing and managing their independent film channel. 

He lives in Montclair, N.J., with his wife and son, and when not cruising on the Chesapeake, or knocking around the sky over Tangier Island in a Cessna 152, Whitehill blogs and posts on Twitter about his home waters, and has crafted a number of articles for Chesapeake Bay Magazine.

Check out his website: http://robertblakewhitehill.com/


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Sounds like a nice find.
I like good, honest characterizations when I read that genre.
And many times, the authors HAVE spent some time behind the shield, seeing and dealing w/ the REAL world, and not Hollywood's versions of what they think it is.
(might have to check this out)

Roll safe down there, dear.

Old NFO said...

I'll check it out, thanks!