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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Charlie Brown Reflections

In recent days I have come to realize Charles Schulz was my father and I am Charlie Brown, the girl version. It is a revelation which has summed up my life in its entirety.

I have always over-analyzed everything my entire life. It is a fault and recently noticed by many. Speaking of the word "notice", notice the word is a sub-word of the word: "anal". That is a fact. It makes me an asshole.

As I see it, the perfect job for me is to sit in a big room with a bunch of cold cases, face deep in documents where my mind can't rest and I make lists, plans, and strategies to open an investigation.

Or staying up all night looking at the ceiling coming up with a plan for world peace.

Are those paying jobs?

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GunDiva said...

If they aren't, they should be!