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Monday, December 21, 2015

The Force Awakens: Only With Coffee

Bug and I were treated to the new Star Wars movie last night. We went with "others." Sounds Sci-Fi doesn't it?  I will give no spoilers, but it was very entertaining and brought up all the greatness of the original movies, then left an opening for another series. Booyah!

It is being celebrated as the largest money making blockbuster weekend. Duh. Who didn't figure that one.

She didn't understand it much. Yeah. I am a loser mother because I didn't force the FORCE on her. She never had an interest until now. I guess she will see the series in reverse.

It's been a long time since a movie has surged excitement and craze over a large mass. I think we as Americans still like the nostalgia of the old greats. When they make an addition like Star Wars with the brilliance of George Lucas...well, there you go. One thing they did do....they made the Storm Troopers a little smarter. They were unusually dumb in the first series. Still stupid, they carried on their same habits only with a little less rigid personalities.

And even at 73, Harrison Ford is still a hotty. Who doesn't adore Han Solo, right? He doesn't look like this anymore...but still. He has aged pretty well.

And he makes his home in Wyoming, so I feel I could call him Harry.  I suggest you get out there and see it. You aren't a Star Wars fan? I can't talk to you anymore. 

Excuse me while I go find my light saber. I set it down somewhere...

Yeah...I know...it should just come to me. Shhh. I am in training...


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

I hope to see it this weekend, and I heard some strange rumblings about "Luke Skywalker" being the new bad guy. I guess I will find out this weekend;)

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I figured you as a light-saber kinda girl...only makes me want to ask WHAT COLOR is the "blade"?
(that's an important one & it better be BLUE).

And yes, I have a light-saber as well (with lights and sound).
a 63-year old geekster...who'da thunk?
But you would have know that IF you ever stopped up here to visit...lol.
I plan to wait fir the DVD, though.

Stay safe down there, dear

May the Farce be with you...always.
(I meant to say FORCE...lol)