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Thursday, January 21, 2016


It's my world. Only I know I'm in it. Sometimes "outsiders" get me.  Many times not.

Yesterday's post shocked many and not some. What? No, it wasn't the cussing. Although, in that journal entry I had a lot of potty mouth. Shit happens. I can't be a nice princess all the time.

Let's look at yesterday's post. Was it scary? Was I crazy? No. No. I was stressed. I was out of my comfort zone. Great things never came from comfort zones. Some cops hate accident reports. Some get nervous in dark buildings. I don't like going to unsecured pens. I also know when I could potentially be in trouble with what I am capable of doing.
I always problem solve to counteract any viable or potential situation.

OMG, Fargo, don't tell people cops mind fuck themselves. Did anything bad happen to me? Nope. Cops are superhero tough and don't have doubts or arguments with themselves or get uncomfortable? You mean cops can take anything like a stone and stoic soldier?

white noise

Why am I talking in riddles? I'm just being a smart ass. Can I interest you in a little sarcasm? I actually made a meme about that today.

Here is some more riddle talk. Cops don't like to be real with themselves or release outward what goes on inward. Pandora's box does not only include the heinous images we cannot unseen, but also what we don't let others know, what scares us, what makes us insecure, our weaknesses, our darkness. Most cops surely won't admit it. It might be a sign of *shudder* weakness and loss of respect by peers. Whatever.

Cops are human. Some of these things are not a sign of weakness, but someone who has emotional intelligence and self awareness. Being alert and vigilant is having brilliance in security measures. Prepare yourself by physical practice, real and virtual training, and mind scenarios. What do I mean?

I mean always think. Always.

Don't get complacent, cocky, or close minded. She used the word "cock" in a sentence. (giggle giggle) There is a reason it is a negative word...at least in most cases. It's great to be confident and to have command presence. It is not great to be arrogant and fool hearty.

Just announcing this to the Internet World so it makes it true: A police officer can NEVER have enough training. 

If you stop learning, honing and perfecting your skills, adapting to change, or growing...you are done. Put up your duty belt and run to Mommy because you have succeeded in becoming a fucktard.

Here are 10 common things (handful of goodies) going on inside our heads during dynamic moments, ordinary moments, problem solving moments, moments out of our comfort zones, moments with a half empty beer...OK...JUST ANY GIVEN MOMENT...

1. Cops always scan the room.

2. We talk to ourselves inside our heads. Many times we answer our own questions.

3. Cops play different scenarios in our minds over and over.

4. We always look for exit points.

5. We keep our back to the wall.

6. Sometimes we face an opponent who makes us shit ourselves and then we go to plan B, but we never stop. Oh yeah, that's reality even for the big tough guys. There is always someone bigger and stronger than you. You have to train and fight smarter not harder. They probably won't tell you that if they are a big cocky asshole. That's the dangerous zone. When cocky assholitis overrides reality. If plan B doesn't work, we go to plan C. See how that works? We are always adapting to our environment.

7. Cops would sacrifice themselves for others without hesitation.

8. We always blade ourselves on and off duty.

9. We never really relax in public.

10. We are prepared to act. Anywhere. Anytime.

white noise

Those are my thoughts and opinions for today, anyway. This post was brought to you by coffee, the letter "p", and the color 9.


Coffeypot said...

For those who comment on your language, except for momma, tell them to fuck off. Momma gets a free pass on this subject.

Allenspark Lodge said...

I just can't tell you how much I love the bird meme. It touches my soul.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Sarcasm is a teaching tool. The lady cop I dated for awhile made me relearn the old advice, "Never get involved with someone crazier than you.

Bob G. said...

MOmma Fargo:
CRIPES...you musta spotted me in some restaurant, because those "ten things" are me to this day!

(amazing the things you never forget,isn't it?)

Great post with lots of "you" in the mix...fantastic.

Nothing wrong with sarcasm that a few well-placed words can't fix, right?
THEM:"You try my patience."
ME:"Yeah? You gotta try MINE sometime."

Works like a charm every time, and they don't get it that's on THEM (again, every time).

Great post.

Roll safe down there, dear.

Old NFO said...

Not much different from the military! Except bigger weapons... :-)