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Monday, February 29, 2016

Nuts of the Same Shell

I would rather die standing up for the weak and fighting the wolves, believing in something greater than myself, than be dead known for nothing.  -Momma Fargo

The world is upside down today.

While Prince William's Officer Ashley Guindon was killed on Saturday, first day on the job, by an Army soldier (staff sergeant) stationed at the Pentagon, Hollyweird geared up for the long anticipated "white" Oscar award show.


Isn't that about the most ridiculous sentence in the world? But is it truth? I hate to say, sadly it is. Besides it is long and windy, it captures all that is wrong in this nation. What to do? What to do?

Oh, let's go watch the Oscars!

It's funny how life goes on without missing a beat while LEO killings become just another day and mass tragedies are nothing but a thang. It really makes me sick. I have to refocus myself. I suppose that is what the country does as well, seemingly unaffected by these social problems.

I really have tried to wrap my head around some solutions, but I come up with no way as to make or even motivate people to have better parenting skills, coping skills, care about their community, do something nice for their neighbor, etc.

So...we tune into Hollywood which is similar to Calgon...take...me....awaaaayyyyy.

Speaking of Oscar...I didn't watch the show, just snipits after the fact.

Odd how Chris Rock didn't mention Asian or Native American bias, or anything else except black versus white. Were those fake or forced smiles and laughs from the crowd? His monologue appeared to be in front of a tense crowd.

And how many were watching? Probably millions. Whatever entertains you, you should watch those things and I won't be judgey about it. Unless, you watch Honey-Boo-Boo, then I will judge.

I stopped watching the Oscar's long ago when it got away from the glamour and grandeur of great acting and brilliant movie making and shifted to political and industry agendas.

So what was I doing? Being perplexed, mostly. Of course, I was watching The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead proved to be another strange version of events. Sex everywhere. Everything is winding down to basic needs: shelter, food, sex. I think Carl should be the next to go. He isn't worth much now that he can only see with one eye. His character really has no appeal and whomever is writing for him sucks at it right now. That's my two cents. My kiddo stopped watching last season and leaves the room. She is that pissed off about the boring story line and character changes. She calls it full of "repeat dumbness." I can't help but agree most times. It's like a train wreck though, I can't look away.

And my life in a nutshell. Pretty uneventful. I like it that way. But what can we do even if it is one small thing for the world to turn the corner on peace, love, and harmony?

I got it.

We all need Viking horns.


Because they are cool.

Be well and may the odds ever be in your favor. Rest in peace, Officer Ashley Guindon.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Home On The Range

Today, I want to go home. That is all.

One of my students asked me what Wyoming looked like and I showed her various pictures of the prairie, Jackson, Wind River Mountains, Cirque of Towers, Cody, Buffalo, North Platte, Lander, and even the bland areas and times of year where grey and brown seem to plague the land. She was overwhelmed. Then she asked where I had lived. I showed her this...

She cried and said it was so beautiful she couldn't imagine leaving that place. Blah. Yeah, I know.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Collage of Nonsense

Warming temperatures teased me this weekend into a lovely spring like frenzy. I went for a long walk at a local state park on the trails next to the river. There I met bikers, rednecks, college students, and people of Walmart. It was an interesting mix. Most everyone moseyed in groups or pairs. I'm not sure if that was just a coincidence or for safety in the woods. There are not many independents around here unless you are a runner. I am working on becoming a runhole: that person who irritates everyone about running, who runs all the time, and takes running selfies. Not really. I just plan on finally getting my fitness goals going on track. I was almost there last September and then uterus happened. So off I go again. Poop shit.

Speaking of poop shit...

Most of my day on Saturday was knee deep in "sludge" what plumbers have nicely named a substance I call poo goo. After three hours, the plumber along with my assistance got the drain pipe fixed in my house. Now I have to let the basement dry out so I can clean up the shit pit and Chlorox the heck out of the basement. Talk about the shit hitting the fan. It was a poop pipe explosion. Egads.

Maybe I won't and instead I might make it a horror feature attraction, charge an entrance fee, and create a new gimmick with real life danger. Just kidding. That's gross. Who would do such a thing? Geez.

The presidential election campaigns continue to plague me with feelings of melon collie. (melancholy). Not really. It's boring and expected right now. Trump continues to trump the GOP side in the polls. And South Carolina coined Trump as "Uncle Donnie". Whoa boy. I have to chuckle about that one.

I really don't understand how Evil Hillary is still in the race and the email scandal has again slipped right off her back. I swear she belongs to the same family as Gumby and Pokey

She and Bill would be Dumby and Gropy.

And someone trimmed the bushes. Not your house. Not your lady garden. Jeb Bush. He suspended his campaign. I think that was expected. Really there only remains three. The other two should get a clue and save their money, bow out, and eat cake.

It does kind of surprise me that The Establishment is rallying around Rubio and not Cruise. Is it because Cruise is too far right? Not sure. Or maybe The Establishment thinks the people want someone more Middle of the Road.

No matter how this pans out, the Republican Party needs to update their platforms and regroup the party because it reminds me of a bowl of Lucky Charms. Erg.

The new president is going to have to be good at scrap booking. What? What you say, Fargo?

Yes, the country is divided and is truly in a social mess. You need glue and collage skills.

Stay tuned for more regular posting...just like my poo schedule now.

My life has simplified. I'm just training for races and trying to maintain my household. In between that I am working on the new book and editing the old.

Spring is in the air. I get excited about working in the garden and running the local races. I am no where near ready for either. Boy howdy.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Snarky Reposition



It's dusty in here.

I've been busy and busier. During that time I have also begun to piddle diddle with another book.

When I first wrote The Boogie Man Is My Friend, or compiled it, actually, (as most of it was in my journals,) I was in a snarky mood. Reading it now, I think I seemed angry, compassionate, and burdened all at once. The burdens were the ones I carried all those years from my kiddo cases that are internalized by cops. Plus...I wrote all over the place, very disorganized...just like a real live serial killer. Maybe I was playing the part in my mind. Mwahahaha! If you can imagine all those emotions running through me, you can imagine a red hot candy laced with chipotle sauce and dipped in chocolate.That's what I was like.

That sounds kind of good, really.

Whee doggies. My mind channeling is all over the place at random times. If you can say anything about Fargo...it's that she is random and snarky. In case you haven't noticed, I don't have a filter.

The next book might not be for all. 
It's going to be small.
You can't buy it at a mall.
If you hate it: drop it down or just drink more alcohol.
Pleasing everyone is really not my protocol.
But pleasing some...
...brings better results and income.
Maybe I should write porn?

Yep. I am a born again poet. Here is the book in Haiku:

  • A warm feeling
    covers precious you in repose
    but only a dream

I am not ready to reveal the book right now. It's full of Fargo. And that's all I'm going to say about that. Just hope and pray I edit myself better.