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Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Collage of Nonsense

Warming temperatures teased me this weekend into a lovely spring like frenzy. I went for a long walk at a local state park on the trails next to the river. There I met bikers, rednecks, college students, and people of Walmart. It was an interesting mix. Most everyone moseyed in groups or pairs. I'm not sure if that was just a coincidence or for safety in the woods. There are not many independents around here unless you are a runner. I am working on becoming a runhole: that person who irritates everyone about running, who runs all the time, and takes running selfies. Not really. I just plan on finally getting my fitness goals going on track. I was almost there last September and then uterus happened. So off I go again. Poop shit.

Speaking of poop shit...

Most of my day on Saturday was knee deep in "sludge" what plumbers have nicely named a substance I call poo goo. After three hours, the plumber along with my assistance got the drain pipe fixed in my house. Now I have to let the basement dry out so I can clean up the shit pit and Chlorox the heck out of the basement. Talk about the shit hitting the fan. It was a poop pipe explosion. Egads.

Maybe I won't and instead I might make it a horror feature attraction, charge an entrance fee, and create a new gimmick with real life danger. Just kidding. That's gross. Who would do such a thing? Geez.

The presidential election campaigns continue to plague me with feelings of melon collie. (melancholy). Not really. It's boring and expected right now. Trump continues to trump the GOP side in the polls. And South Carolina coined Trump as "Uncle Donnie". Whoa boy. I have to chuckle about that one.

I really don't understand how Evil Hillary is still in the race and the email scandal has again slipped right off her back. I swear she belongs to the same family as Gumby and Pokey

She and Bill would be Dumby and Gropy.

And someone trimmed the bushes. Not your house. Not your lady garden. Jeb Bush. He suspended his campaign. I think that was expected. Really there only remains three. The other two should get a clue and save their money, bow out, and eat cake.

It does kind of surprise me that The Establishment is rallying around Rubio and not Cruise. Is it because Cruise is too far right? Not sure. Or maybe The Establishment thinks the people want someone more Middle of the Road.

No matter how this pans out, the Republican Party needs to update their platforms and regroup the party because it reminds me of a bowl of Lucky Charms. Erg.

The new president is going to have to be good at scrap booking. What? What you say, Fargo?

Yes, the country is divided and is truly in a social mess. You need glue and collage skills.

Stay tuned for more regular posting...just like my poo schedule now.

My life has simplified. I'm just training for races and trying to maintain my household. In between that I am working on the new book and editing the old.

Spring is in the air. I get excited about working in the garden and running the local races. I am no where near ready for either. Boy howdy.


Cheryl said...

I wouldn't want to be a plumber no matter how secure there jobs might be. Everything about having to deal with sewage (poo poo)makes my stomach roll.

As for the campaigns...I am baffled how any of the top tier (according to the polls) would make a decent president. I understand why so many people want a non-career politician but seriously Trump is an egotistical hot-head. There is something to be said for being level headed when you have the responsibility to decide the direction of the entire US. Cruz is too far right for my taste as well. Sadly, I think some of the people that either dropped out or decided not to run would of been the better bets.

Sheena-kay Graham said...

Being President is tough and only few will truly run a full campaign for that position. In Jamaica elections are only three days away and I'm glad our polling station is a basic school a two minute walk away from my house. That way I can vote then get back to my work from home lifestyle. Yay. Had plumbing issues with the toilet and it running on us multiple times. Thankfully no poop. Finally was fixed by another plumber on Saturday.

Momma Fargo said...

Cheryl, sadly I agree with your assessment of the campaign. Sigh. Will you run? I will vote for you! I think my poo problem is really not solved. I think he didn't do a bang up job. Erg.

Sheena-kay Graham, being president is a tough job. I don't want it. LOL. I can imagine the stress when I look at how they start and how they end. It ages them quite rapidly. Oy. The plumbing problems we have! Nuts! LOL. Glad you got yours fixed. I am not sure mine is.

lotta joy said...

Did someone of tremendous girth plug up your toilet? Did sewage back up in your basement or just waste water. Is your basement finished? The reason I ask is because I want to make sure that someone else is having a shitty life and it's not just me.

But I'm usually a nice person....honest.

Momma Fargo said...

Lotta Joy,

The shit is the life of me. LOL. It's all up in there and the basement is 125 years old and not finished. Chlorox and clean up when it dries out. PU.

Old NFO said...

Glad you got that 'worked out'... And cleanup sucks! Glad to hear you're back writing too!

Bob G. said...

Momma FArgo:
One thing I learned from living in INDIANA - basement floods!
(or as I prefer to call them "Indoor Water Features".)
Not nice, always an RPIA, and it takes days (literally) to dry everything out.
(several BOX fans on HIGH work wonders)

As to the election cycle?
Should be called the election CIRCUS.
Nothing but sounds bites, one-liners and lots of name-calling.
Whatever happened to SUBSTANCE, and SOLUTIONS to America's problems?
(we could USE some of those)
Very good post.

Stay safe down there, dear.