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Monday, February 29, 2016

Nuts of the Same Shell

I would rather die standing up for the weak and fighting the wolves, believing in something greater than myself, than be dead known for nothing.  -Momma Fargo

The world is upside down today.

While Prince William's Officer Ashley Guindon was killed on Saturday, first day on the job, by an Army soldier (staff sergeant) stationed at the Pentagon, Hollyweird geared up for the long anticipated "white" Oscar award show.


Isn't that about the most ridiculous sentence in the world? But is it truth? I hate to say, sadly it is. Besides it is long and windy, it captures all that is wrong in this nation. What to do? What to do?

Oh, let's go watch the Oscars!

It's funny how life goes on without missing a beat while LEO killings become just another day and mass tragedies are nothing but a thang. It really makes me sick. I have to refocus myself. I suppose that is what the country does as well, seemingly unaffected by these social problems.

I really have tried to wrap my head around some solutions, but I come up with no way as to make or even motivate people to have better parenting skills, coping skills, care about their community, do something nice for their neighbor, etc.

So...we tune into Hollywood which is similar to Calgon...take...me....awaaaayyyyy.

Speaking of Oscar...I didn't watch the show, just snipits after the fact.

Odd how Chris Rock didn't mention Asian or Native American bias, or anything else except black versus white. Were those fake or forced smiles and laughs from the crowd? His monologue appeared to be in front of a tense crowd.

And how many were watching? Probably millions. Whatever entertains you, you should watch those things and I won't be judgey about it. Unless, you watch Honey-Boo-Boo, then I will judge.

I stopped watching the Oscar's long ago when it got away from the glamour and grandeur of great acting and brilliant movie making and shifted to political and industry agendas.

So what was I doing? Being perplexed, mostly. Of course, I was watching The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead proved to be another strange version of events. Sex everywhere. Everything is winding down to basic needs: shelter, food, sex. I think Carl should be the next to go. He isn't worth much now that he can only see with one eye. His character really has no appeal and whomever is writing for him sucks at it right now. That's my two cents. My kiddo stopped watching last season and leaves the room. She is that pissed off about the boring story line and character changes. She calls it full of "repeat dumbness." I can't help but agree most times. It's like a train wreck though, I can't look away.

And my life in a nutshell. Pretty uneventful. I like it that way. But what can we do even if it is one small thing for the world to turn the corner on peace, love, and harmony?

I got it.

We all need Viking horns.


Because they are cool.

Be well and may the odds ever be in your favor. Rest in peace, Officer Ashley Guindon.


Cheryl said...

As usual...I totally agree. I used to watch the Oscars but now they seem to irritate me. Such an overt display of over indulgence and an industry that is so glaringly ego-driven. You make a good point about perhaps it is the "escapism" factor that has people tuning in, but I have to say that this cultural tendency to worship celebs while being unaware and apathetic about important issues, also irritates me. OK..so it would appear that 97 percent of everything pisses me off these days.

The Prince William's Officer that was killed is so tragic. My heart breaks a bit more every time I hear this type of report.

I have never watched Walking Dead but I have noticed the increasing use of sex on even network channels. I am still not used to the networks and their partner stations like TBS, USA using the word bullshit and ass regularly. Not a prude and don't care but it seems odd to hear any type of swearing on series types of shows.

Sheena-kay Graham said...

My train wreck show is ShadowHunters on Freeform. Knew it would be crap from the start but I am still engaged watching it the day after on Netflix. I still watch the Oscars but yeah sometimes we blacks do the same prejudice pushing our racial agendas then tell while people they're racist for doing the exact same thing.

Momma Fargo said...


I think I go through seizures when the family network shows use anything remotely curse words. Not that it bothers me either, but it is shocking because they were so strict about it. I even was shocked that I heard the word "prick" used as a slang slam in a show. I think it might have been Daryl on TWD but I can't remember. I hope, however, they leave most channels clean so my child doesn't have to be screened from everything. Well, she isn't screened from me. Oh, well. Baby steps.

Sheena-kay Graham,

I have not seen Shadow Hunters but my daughter keeps wanting me to get it. We have Netflix and she is constantly picking shows for me. LOL.

My daughter is obsessed with Hollywood glam and I wish there were more role models like when I was a kid. Or maybe we were just shielded and the public didn't know because media is so different nowadays. I think every race of people, every color have some quips or agendas or things that come out based upon life experiences but I don't fault them. No one is perfect. We can only try to be better. I thinks sometimes people say things and don't mean to offend, but we also have gotten so sensitive, we can't talk about real things anymore without tip toeing. Not sure that will help.

If people are standing up for what they feel is right, then they have that freedom to do so, of course. Chris Rock just tries to say it in humor and sometimes offends. I think he has a raunchy sense of humor like Rain Wilson. I, myself, enjoy some of their comedy.

I agree that no matter what color we are: black versus white there are racist issues thrown around on both sides. I don't like them from any side. I am not perfect either, but I do love people and value them each and every one. We also have humor and ways of explaining situations which is sometimes being taken as having lack of respect, racist, not politically correct, etc., and I don't know how to get past that.

I know my daughter gets really upset about social issues and racial tensions and I am super proud of her. She said to me the other day when she came home from school bc they had talked about social conflict in her class as part of the discussion, "Mom, I don't even see color. You raised me to treat everyone with the Golden Rule even if I wasn't treated nice." It was a great thing for my kiddo to say and mean from the heart.

Maybe some day the world will right itself. I think it helps when we all speak about an injustice or try to right the wrongs. We all need to be able to talk about real things and real issues and listen to each side. I think I also need to look internally at myself many times and tone down my crazy. :)

GunDiva said...

Hey, now, don't you start peeing in my Walking Dead Cheerios! I'm thrilled with Richonne - it's about time some of them get laid.

Maggie is a badass in her own right, though I thought she should have killed Gregory, or as I like to call him, Governor II.