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Friday, March 25, 2016

Dream Crushah

You can't get the song out of your head with the new words, can you? Hah! And the only words you know are Dreeaaammmm Weavah....nah nah nah get me through the nighthight! It's been too long. Like since 1972.

Yes. I thought so. You're welcome!

Entitlement. Those silly yoots. We have a wonderful study abroad scholarship program. Apparently, I crush dreams. Why? Because some students were not chosen for an award by our committee or we didn't give them enough money and they expected more and things.

We give out thousands in US dollars for study abroad programs to our students each year through endowment foundations. Somehow students have it in their minds that we give money to everyone in buckets and we throw fairy dust too. Egads.

It's an award. A super nice wonderful thing. They are chosen based upon GPA, merit, essay contest, letter of recommendation, financial need for funding, etc....blah blah blah. You earn it by following the rules and writing good and getting good grades and if you need funding. Why? Because we don't give extra money for them to make money. It's for a good cause. If you already have the funding through scholarships and grants, you don't get your souvenir money provided by the university. Duh. I love them all. They are really good academic students. But... SPOILED.

Love Hurts...wah wah.

All I'm asking is that they be grateful and not entitled and not spoiled. I know, it's a lot.  But I can offer consolation cookies to the losers. Every one gets a prize!

We do have our grateful nice mannered ones and they make all the oh shits and crushed dreams go away. 

Yes, that is a selfie in front of the wash machine.
Yours truly taken by myself with an Iphone 3, still partially working and not totally antiquated. Nice grainy picture, no capability to send as a picture message. See it. Love it. Deal with it. It's paid for and I'm too cheap to get a new phone until this one completely dies. You get Fargo fuzz. Don't worry, it's not your vision going to hell. 

It's Easter Weekend! What does that mean to us Christian folks? Jesus is sprung, He is riz! 

Yes! Go, God! 

Easter is super special for me, not only because of Jesus, because I have always felt closest to God during this time. I don't know why. Ever since I was a kid. Yes, I do enjoy Easter Bunny specials including Cadbury Creme Eggs and especially my new nifty rocket. 

It has also been my church tradition to attend all the holy week services. My maternal grandmother passed on Easter at the age of almost 95. I think that was for a reason. Not that she died, but that she went on Easter. She always brought me closer to God in her non-forceful way but by showing love. Her kindness and world teachings- I will carry with me forever. 

And now on to some other non-fun and non-Easter-time news...the reign of terror has begun! Yikes! ISIS (pronounced iz iz) has made a muck of things. I was told today by my liberal friends that a nuke plant was supposed to be targeted (had not heard that yet in the news) and many arrests are going on around the world. Well, I kind of know the secret spies work while we sleep. Thinking about safety around the world really gives me a headache. None of us are really safe any more. These strikes could happen any where at any time.

Prepare the horses! We ride tonight! 

Ok. Maybe not quite yet. 

I'll go back to hammering out a groovy looking shield. 

I'm all feisty because I was treated to Batman v. Superman in 3D last night. It got me pumped up. I'm ready to rumble. Great movie. Loved it. It was very complex. There are several cameo roles by famous actors and actresses in here. Good stuff. Fargo approved! So see it if you dare.

Have a very Good Friday and a very Happy Easter! Go God!


Cheryl said...

I agree with you...there is a lot of people out there feeling that the world owes them. It's a rare day that I don't hear someone complaining that they didn't get their just rewards for something.

I am happy that you love Easter. It is such a joyful time for Christians. I used to go to all the Holy Week services but have slacked off a bit. Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services make me incredibly sad. BUT THEN...Easter morning...what a wonderful joyful service.

Hope you have a Happy Easter, Enjoy your nifty rocket and your Cadbury eggs. I will be going after the malted milk Robin's eggs.

Old NFO said...

Amen to that!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
NO arguments "up north": when it comes to entitlements.
I see the evidence (and resulting bad behaviors) from it EVERY day.
Yes, you EARN it, and that requires something called WORK (application to the task-at-hand).
Being SPOILED doesn't begin to cover it.
Love your take on Easter...same here (He is "RIZ"...LOL)
Never quite heard it put THAT way, but it's wonderfully "Fargo"!
Glad you got to see BVS (and in 3D).
Looks to be a good action flick and it HAS to be "complex". Wonder how many viewers will skull that one out?
BTW, you're quite cute WHEN YOU SMILE...!!!
(hint: more smiles please)

Very good post.
Roll safe down there, dear.

Happy Easter to you & Bug.